Simple Home Improvements

Simple Home Improvements

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2018 is finally here and there is no time like the beginning of the year to make changes and improvements to your humble abode. If remodeling your home is on your mindset, check out our home improvement tips. We know that there are many constraints such as budget, location and size that limit your home improvement options. However, Decor Aid’s lead designers have come up with five simple home improvement projects that will deliver the upgrade you’re looking for this year.

Paint the inside of your bookshelves

paint bookshelves as home improvement

Painting the inside of your bookcases in a subtle yet eye-catching way is a great way to wake up one room without overshadowing the other decor in the room. Just painting the edges of the shelves makes it look more subtle. Both options attract visitors and bring a sense of novelty to a space that needs fresh air.

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Make something new out of something old

Do-it-yourselfers use something old again

With the New Year comes the urge to get rid of the old, but one effective home improvement tip is to reuse, recycle and reuse. Check out all of those passive spaces in your home (attics, closets, basements, etc) because you never know you could turn that old dresser into a fancy bench. This decorating idea will help restore the functionality of that forgotten piece while creating a sense of overhaul that is reflected throughout your space.

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Install cell phones

mobile and kinetic sculptures do-it-yourselfers

The year has just begun and it is already preparing to find decor trends that add warmth and personality to a home. Cell phones are not only intended for kindergartens and children’s rooms. Despite popular belief, cell phones can add a touch of whimsical sophistication to your home. Recycling old things and creating your own unique cellphone is an amazing way to combine two of our designer tips, and it’s fun to do a DIY project too.

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Unexpected art placement

Hang art in unusual places as a handyman

If you didn’t already know, most designers will tell you to hang your art at eye level or six inches above your furniture. While this general rule of thumb can help you achieve a balanced look, one of our lead designers says if you want to redesign your space right away. One idea for a home improvement decor is to use picture rails or forget about context and make a big statement by leaning a group of paintings against a wall.

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Paint your ceiling

Home improvement ceiling paint

The recent trends in home decor have spurred the popularity of statement ceilings in recent years, and this year the trend continues upward. Creating a statement ceiling is cheaper than painting the entire room and makes an equally bold statement in your interior. That one tip that will instantly transform a dull and lifeless room into a great room with chic style and character. Our designers agree that painted ceilings will make your room appear taller and attract every guest’s attention.

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