Room Dividers

Room Dividers

modern elegant room dividers

Room dividers can make a huge difference in redefining the areas of a room, whether you live in a sophisticated studio apartment or a home with an expansive open floor plan. Finally, room dividers can help with the design and use of any room in your home.

For example, using wall dividers to separate your kitchen and dining room can help create more intimate areas or hide certain aspects of a room. To get the most out of room dividers, consider these brilliant room divider ideas chosen by our decorating aid decorators.

Back to back furniture

Room divider

One of the easiest ways to create a room divider in a large room is to arrange the furniture in a row. A tall bookcase can also be used as a partition for the areas in a room. This way you have a personal library that doubles as a room divider.

In addition to a bookcase, there are several other types of furniture that you can use as a partition, such as B. a console, a desk or a table.

DIY fabric room divider

DIY room divider

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a partition for your home because sometimes it just takes a certain ingenuity. There are tons of easy DIY room divider ideas that you can create yourself. When trying to create an office space in your living room, create fabric covered boards as a partition.

These boards wonderfully separate your home office from the other areas in your living room. The sky is the limit. So be as creative as you want in creating a stylish and multifunctional room divider without spending too much money.

DIY rope wall

Rope room divider

Another idea for a DIY room divider wall that you can easily make yourself with a rope is a graphic rope wall, especially with thick jute ropes. You can easily find ropes at your local hardware store, and they cost around $ 1 per linear foot, which is incredibly cheap.

Rope walls ideal for homeowners who don’t want to spend a lot on wall dividers. Simply attach thin wooden beams to your ceiling and attach a rope to the beams. While this DIY partition wall may not create a complete visual block, it should be enough to separate certain rooms in your home.

Foldable fabric divider

Fabric room divider

If you do not choose to do it yourself, consider buying ready-made room dividers such as a foldable solid divider or a printed fabric divider. There are also fabric-covered moveable walls of various styles and designs so you can choose something that goes well with the overall look of your home.

You can also make your own moveable fabric walls with curtains or any other fabric that will grab your attention.

Half walls

Half-wall room divider

If you prefer your partition to be more permanent, consider building half walls for your home. The best thing about a permanent wall is that you can install windows in it or create an enclave where you can place some decorative items like picture frames etc.

With half a wall, you have an open space with subtle partitions and decorative borders that allow separation for the different areas of your home.

Furniture used as a room divider

Furniture room divider

For temporary room divider ideas, a piece of furniture can do the trick. An elongated shelf can also be used to separate the living room from your kitchen. Even a TV console can be used to divide rooms. If you have a tall bookcase, just stand it perpendicular to a wall to divide your home and add valuable storage space to your living areas.

A bookshelf doesn’t necessarily have to extend to the ceiling. For an additional illusion and more storage space, however, you should opt for tall bookcases as room dividers. This idea works best for those who live in a studio apartment or in a small space and are not allowed to build a permanent wall.

Plant walls

Plant room divider

If you want to bring nature into your living space, why not use plants as room dividers? Potted plants are a great alternative to furniture and permanent wall dividers. You can use a plant wall as a partition to divide large indoor spaces into small sections.

They offer flexibility and privacy without having to spend a lot of money building solid permanent walls. There are several houseplants that you can use as room dividers. You can also opt for synthetic plants that are almost easy to care for and maintenance free.

old wood

Ideas for wooden room dividers

Another way to save money on wall dividers is to use scrap wood. You can use different types of wood to create warm wooden room dividers and divide a large room in two. You can paint a wooden room divider any color you want.

Vertical steel bars

Room dividers made of metal rods

Using rods is another stylish way to divide a space. Indeed, steel bars are a stylish option when it comes to modern room dividers. When it comes to rods, there are several styles to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve for your home.

As mentioned earlier, steel bars are great for modern spaces because they leave a polished, visual impression. For rustic-themed houses, opt for dark wooden poles. If you want a minimalist look for your interior, white bars are best. Remember, with room dividers, it is important that you choose something that goes well with the overall style of your home’s interior.

Graphic wood

Room divider made of wood

A wooden room divider in cages splits your living area and kitchen area in a wonderful way. These movable walls fit well in a room if there are several other wooden elements in the room or if you are trying to give your home a rustic look.

You can also hang plants on the divider to make it look more organic. There are many ready-made wooden cage room dividers that you can buy at furniture stores. You can also have a custom order made. It may cost more, but it’s definitely worth it.

Steel room divider

Steel room divider

Steel room dividers are ideal for modern and contemporary homes. You can also work for industrial style houses and apartments.

Depending on the design, these room dividers can look great and elegant, especially if you go for the ones with gold metallic color. A gold-colored steel room divider can harmonize well the refined features of a modern, modern home.


Curtain room divider

An easy way to divide the rooms in your home is with a curtain. Chic curtains are a great way to reinvent spaces in your home without having to go through major renovations or renovations.

Depending on the type of curtains you use, you will be surprised how elegant your home will look. The best part about using curtains as room dividers is that they are so easy to install and inexpensive.

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