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Home Exterior Ideas

Home Exterior Ideas

Home Exterior Ideas

Who doesn’t want their exterior to look stunning from the roadside and exude a ton of inspiring curb attractions? Whatever your motive for updating your home’s exterior, whether you’re looking to sell your home, or it’s just time for a refreshing makeover, we reached out to Décor Aid’s interior designers and renovation experts to bring you some key exterior ideas Delivering Your Home Update the outside of your home with ease.

Because we sometimes forget to maximize home appeal when it comes to the best home exterior ideas, sometimes it pays to take a traditional way of keeping your home’s resale value constant and as high as possible. Even so, there are plenty of brilliant and creative approaches to making your home even more unique without costing a fortune.

A lighter front door

Coral entrance decor ideas

Repainting your front door or frame in a unique color is the perfect update to the exterior of your home if you want to increase your curb appeal without having to spend a small fortune or hire someone to come in . If you’re working on a budget, painting your front door is definitely an effective way to freshen up the exterior of your home, as it only takes a can of paint and about an hour to start lifting your front door. Choosing a lighter color of the front door will draw attention to the facade of your home while making it stand out from the other houses on your street.

You can even do this yourself by quickly sanding and cleaning your front door before you start. Try to move away from the popular pastel shades and choose something bold like living coral, the color of the year, to really make a stylish statement. Painting your front door can also take the eye away from other areas that you may not like or that you cannot afford to update.

A completely new front door

Doorstep home exterior ideas

If the condition of your front door is so deteriorated that it is impossible to return, all the ideas for the front door color and the exterior of your house are of no use to you. When you invest in a new front door, the exterior of your home will be completely redesigned instantly and you will be reaping the rewards in no time. Choose a sturdy front door that matches the style of your home. The worst thing you can do is throw off the look of your home with a white PVC door on the front of a Victorian style house. If you go for a more minimal front door, the look generally remains timeless and sophisticated.

There are a variety of home door options that are smartly weatherproof too. Therefore, choosing the best residential design ideas for your home shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. And when buying a ready-made front door, remember that a warranty is essential as front doors are often exposed to extreme weather conditions and age quickly.

Grow a dramatic wall of ivy

chic living ideas

Allowing a creeper to cover your home is a stunning and affordable way to make the most of the exterior of your home while giving it an idyllic sense of beauty. Yes it will take a while, but the varieties of English ivy can grow quickly so you will soon be rewarded with stunning green and pretty flowers that stretch across your home. Choose an ivy with lots of green and blooming flowers to make your home look stunning in the warmer weather.

English ivy looks great when installed around porches, along porch railings, and around garages. This will increase your curb attractiveness in no time and give your home a memorable romantic feeling of refined nostalgia .

Accent entry light

Accent lighting home exterior ideas

Updating the exterior of your home is a great opportunity to explore the freedom of choice that architectural updates provide. A new accent entry light is a great and useful idea to add to your list of home exterior ideas. Design your home with a vintage-inspired entrance light (Art Deco lights are breathtaking) or get a very modern look with an entrance light with clean, minimal lines and subtle details.

If you want to go for something a little more luxurious, install your new outdoor lighting on a chain to hang them low instead of pegging them to a wall or ceiling as this adds extra drama and makes your stunning exterior look all the more beautiful at home – judged and worth investing.

Update porch railing

Porch railing home exterior ideas

Porch railings can make the exterior of a home feel dated and in need of renovation (especially if they extend across the front of your home). Create eye-catching visual interest in the front of your home with some unique porch railings that feature many finely crafted details. A refreshed railing on the porch enlivens the front of your home and gives passers-by something they should take note of.

If your porch railings look a little rough around the edges, take some time to top them up with some TLC and a fresh coat of paint with weatherproof paint. That said, porch railings and fences in general can be expensive to build and maintain, so do plenty of research ahead of time to get the most bang for your buck. Again, look for options that have the limited warranty.

Keep it neat

decent exterior living ideas

Just like you do inside, it is important to keep your front yard or facade tidy and organized for a charming roadside appeal. Keeping the exterior of your home neat and tidy may not be the most luxurious idea for the exterior of your home, but it sure does make a world of difference if you put little effort into it. Don’t let household items clutter your porch and make sure children’s toys aren’t visible.

Keep shrubs and grass cut and in healthy shape, as an overgrown front yard will naturally make the exterior of your home look unattractive. And if you don’t have a green thumb, add some easy-care shrubs, plants, and the species to bring it all together while creating an inviting sense of comfort.

Become decorative

stylish ideas for the exterior

When it comes to creating stylish exterior ideas for your home, they are not that much different from the way you decorate an interior. Add adorable decorative touches like Chinese garden stools and beautifully painted pots and vessels to bring your home to life while showing off your taste and good eye to make your porch feel unique and well judged.

Add plants

Home exterior ideas plants

There is nothing more calming than plants to decorate your porch, because just a little green can make a home look more inviting in no time. Adding plants is a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to add appeal to your home, while interesting pots and vessels only add to the alluring decor. Bring plants with lots of green as they can also distract the eye, e.g. B. When trying to cover up peeling paint or stains. Go for bright colors and bold flowers when trying to brighten up your exterior and make it look more energetic and inviting.

In terms of home design ideas, you are sure to get a favorable payout with relatively little effort or expense on flora and plants. Rows of hanging plants with lush flowers are also sufficient and can be brought in during the colder months of the year.

Customized exterior elements

Custom home exterior ideas

When you go for a bespoke exterior design, the luxury exterior ideas will make your home all the taller, more unique and desirable. There is no better way to make your home stand out and for the ultimate curb appeal than with well-judged elements that cannot be seen anywhere else. Design your own custom tiled porch or have a beautifully handcrafted wooden porch and add unique and vintage accents to make it feel truly unique .

Custom-made outdoor spaces to handcrafted planters are sure to add value to your property and inspire nearby neighbors to follow suit.

Wake up your sidewalk

Walkway home exterior ideas

Bring your home back to life by discovering unexpected walkway home ideas that are unexpected and full of immersive visual games. Since simple concrete slabs can look monotonous and boring outside your home, you leave a lot to be desired on the way to the front door. Don’t let your walkway ruin your home’s exterior appeal and instead use your walkway as a stylish element to update the exterior of your home. Brick is a timeless sidewalk material if you have a more traditional home, or sturdy stone slabs are another option for more modern exterior ideas for your home. Light up your walkway so it is easy to cross at sunset and trim it with plants and shrubs,

Creating an experience while someone walks to your front door is one of the best exterior home ideas that you can do to really improve the appearance of your roadside home. It’s also an investment that, if properly maintained, will last for years.

Paint the exterior facade

Home exterior paint ideas

Painting the exterior of your home can be a huge task that you must do yourself. No wonder homeowners avoid it for much longer than they should. We get it, it takes a long time and a lot of effort, but the reward for a freshly painted home exterior is well worth it when done well and in a classic color. The peeling paint will look tired and can damage the foundation of your home. A fresh coat of paint instantly brightens the exterior of your home and makes your home look much more attractive and well-kept. Avoid darker colors as it will make your home smaller and harder to sell, and choose a light and light color to update your home.

You can even choose two different contrasting shades and paint the facade recesses of your home a different color for something unexpected and modern.

Add in some fascinating art

modern backyard sculptures

Usually kept for large mansions with sprawling courtyards, it is not often that you see outdoor sculptures adorning the front of a house. But when it comes to inspiring ideas for the exterior of a house, something as simple as a minimal sculpture can work wonders when it comes to creating a memorable roadside appeal.

Do a similar thing and get yourself a large-format outdoor sculpture or wall hanging piece to add to the cool factor of your home while adding an unexpected conversation starter.

Think of a water feature

little backyard ideas

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a home next to a calming pond or body of water, as the home described above does, a more favorable view of outdoor water features is sure to add value to your home while increasing its attractiveness endlessly.

From a simple fountain to a bird bath to a shy fish pond, a neat water feature will highlight your home and inspire your everyday life even more. It’s also a relaxing area to entertain or read a good book by yourself.

Simple symmetry

modern living ideas

Never underestimate the power of calming symmetry when it comes to your home. By making your exterior ideas for your home more symmetrical, you are sure to see a huge difference to the effects of your roadside home. Place oversized lantern lights on either side of your front door and make sure your porch area is balanced without too much clutter on one side or the other.

Keep your plants even and well-groomed when you have a front yard (crooked shrubs are sure to be off-putting) and when you have limited space to work with, centralize things as much as possible – like a light above the door instead.

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