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Sad Lamp Design Ideas

Sad Lamp Design Ideas

People in the UK and Ireland suffer from seasonal diseases that are a depression they face every winter. With the arrival of spring, depression passes. People suffering from this disease have been instructed to sit in front of particularly bright light for a time each day. This light is known as Sad Lamp. This usually stands before people in the winter because there is darkness in this season. When it is dark, the brain produces more melanin, giving rise to irritability, depression, low sex drive and drowsiness. To get over this sad lamp is used which gives the feeling of daylight.

The best lights to alleviate this problem

Sad Lamp is available in various varieties to help people suffering from this problem get relief. Lifemax Sad therapy light, it is a basic daylight lamp that uses blue spectrum instead of strong white light. It has soft glow and does not dazzle. Valkee bright bright headphones are another device that is the size of an ipod that gives light therapy to the brain through the ear canals for 8 to 12 minutes which is enough to brighten the long day. Philip Energy Up Intense blue which is a small unit with a stand that can fit into a handbag. It gives blue light to relieve the syndrome. There are many more such devices that help people suffering from this problem get relief.

The effect of SAD on Normal Life

All human bodies respond to the light as a result of our bodies being set to light to continue the normal daylight functions. There are some rhythms that our body goes through called circadian rhythms and if our body does not get sunlight then put problems in and Sad Lamp is needed