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Living Room Renovation Ideas

Living Room Renovation Ideas

Ideas for renovating the living room

If you’re considering a living room renovation and looking for inspiring design elements and money-saving ideas, you’ll find inspiration in these living room refresh hacks, drawn from the wisdom of the interior designers at Décor Aid. Here’s everything you need to know from smart ways to hide that bulky TV to checking your ceiling.  

Unique mirrors

unique mirror living room renovation ideas

Mirrors are relatively inexpensive and come in unique shapes and scales. Plus, your living room will feel well-lit, bigger, and more luxurious. And when you have interesting architectural features to work with, add them to your  living room renovation budget and think of ways to install them in more unique ways rather than just hanging them on a wall.

Rethink the living room floor

Living room renovation ideas flooring

When it comes to the basis of ideas for the renovation of  going living rooms, it is always worthwhile to start with the flooring. From a fresh coat of paint to layers of lush carpeting, setting up from the ground up safely will help you simplify the course.

Create conversation vignettes

Conversation ideas for renovating the living room

When you have a major  living room renovation ahead of you and lots of space to work, create a cozy environment by grouping the furniture together to create intimate conversation areas.

Rethink your ceiling

Ceiling living room renovation ideas

Often neglected or completely forgotten, rethinking your ceiling can make a world of difference and shouldn’t cost a small fortune. Sheet metal ceiling panels on easy to install strips, painted graphics boards to freshly exposed beams, there are endless possibilities for renovation of  residential areas when it comes to create a unique ceiling treatment.

Coffee table alternatives

No coffee table living room renovation ideas

If you are dealing with a limited footprint and little solutions for the renovation of  have living rooms, then who says that you really need a coffee table? Instead of taking up the visual space you need with a bulky table, opt for glass top nesting tables that are easy to move and store.

Everything white

all white living room renovation ideas

Nothing is more timeless than a completely white living room renovation. If you paint your room white it will feel a lot bigger and the space will feel modern, timeless and relaxing.

Emphasize a white living room here and there with neutral hues and make sure you create texture games for visual interest. Add colorful accents to your personality to prevent the space from feeling too cramped or spartan. And if you’re on a tight budget and have other ideas in mind that are easier to justify when considering the cost of renovating the living room, a fresh coat of white paint is an inexpensive and easy way to create a stunning impact.

Pattern plays

mismatched furniture living room renovation ideas

What is a luxury living room without a pattern? For a rich look, when planning your living room renovation ideas, combine several patterns to make the space feel comfortable and all the more unique to you.

Patterns are sure to add depth to a living room. With contrasting patterns for your curtains, pillows and upholstery, you bring your living room design to life with lots of personality.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

Floor to ceiling built in bookcases living room renovation ideas

Built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves will make your living room feel like a calming haven. Not only do they offer you additional storage space, but they can also be designed to create the depth and personal flair you need.

Floor-to-ceiling bookcases add a comfortable and cozy feeling to your living room, even if they are a grand gesture, and make your living room renovation look all the more luxurious and expensive. Have them installed along a main wall for added drama or in the recesses of a fireplace or corner to make the most of space. Large bookcases also don’t weigh on your budget as they can be added relatively cheaply while adding value to your home. 

Brave furniture

bold furniture living room renovation ideas

It shouldn’t be big news that you can instantly add color to your living room renovation ideas with fresh furniture – since color doesn’t always have to be reserved for your walls. Choose a light and neutral color for your walls and make an impression with eye-catching furniture, whether it’s a bold velvet sofa or an interestingly colorful coffee table.

Create visual games that bring your living room to life by contrasting the space with different colors, textures and materials to ensure a living living room that is vibrant. The key here is to bring colors and patterns into this chant for you and your personality as you don’t want the room to feel awkward or taxing – as always, the perfect mix is ​​about finding a brilliant balance.

Wood paneling

Wood panel living room renovation ideas

Wood paneling may sound like an unprofitable option, but opting for a simple design in a dark shade can look hyper-elegant while also being a great way to add interest and focus to an otherwise plain wall.

As an alternative to fresh paint or wallpaper, wood paneling can make your living room renovation all the more dramatic while looking more adult and luxuriously warm. You can opt for a natural wood or paint your cladding (a dark shade works wonderfully here, as does optical white). However, wood paneling can be expensive and require more maintenance. Therefore, it may not be the best route if you are working on home renovations on a budget.

Add green

Living room renovation ideas plants

We have said it a thousand times and we will say it again. Adding plants to any room is a great way to brighten up your home and give nature an organic nod. And like many of the ideas on this list, if you’re looking for ideas for a quick living room freshen up that won’t add to your budget like living room renovation ideas, adding fresh plants to your space will make an instant difference.

Use air purifying plants to fill in a corner that will become the focal point of the room, and use them to add color and liven up your space. This is also a great idea for an inexpensive living room renovation as it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Invest in interesting art

Living room renovation ideas art

Art is a bold way to brighten up your living room and make the space your own with unforgettable personality. Art is personal and you can use your walls to reflect your personality and experiences.

Install impressive paintings, prints, and drawings that matter to you (you are less likely to get bored feeling a connection with them). Opt for a gallery wall when you have a lot of art to display, or take on a wall with a large oversized piece for a truly stunning statement. After all, a dramatic living room renovation doesn’t always mean a fresh coat of paint or new furniture.

Retro style wallpaper

Living room renovation ideas wallpaper

Retro-inspired home design has made a comeback at the latest interior design shows and only makes sense if the industry’s love of mid-century modern furnishings never seems to wane. And when it comes to inexpensive yet groundbreaking home renovation ideas, graphic vintage-inspired, trendy wallpaper can make a huge difference.

Embrace your love for vintage style elements and choose eye-catching retro-style wallpaper to liven up your living room. Use it to create a feature wall or be brave and cover the entire space. Balance out a heavier, retro-inspired wallpaper print by using more minimal furniture and upholstery to keep your living room renovation looking modern for years to come.

Smartly hide your TV

minimalist ideas for living room renovation

When it comes to a beautifully realized living room, there is nothing worse than seeing a television as a starting point. Sure, it’s handy to consider entertainment purposes when planning a living room renovation, but practicality only goes so far when it comes to everyday elegance.

However, with a little ingenuity and intelligence, you can hide your TV in a sleek cabinet that is closed when not in use. Or, if you’re on a budget, a clever built-in storage unit can add value to your home while reducing the impact of a TV. But if hiding your TV isn’t enough, there are plenty of ultra-slim, attractive TVs on the market.

Fireplace announcements

Fireplace living room renovation ideas

From ribbons to ribbons designed to look almost completely hidden. If you are thinking of updating your fireplace during your living room renovation, there are many high quality, highly functional, modern fireplace styles out there. And while they can be an investment, they will also help increase your home’s resale value instantly.

And if you have a fireplace in your home that you don’t or never will use, you can make the most of the niche space by using it as a decorative display area. Paint the inside of your fireplace a contrasting color and make it special by stacking colorful art books in it. You can also place a number of extra-large candles in it or make it the perfect place to highlight collectibles. Whether in use or not, a  fireplace offers you a real design option that you can use for your home renovation. In addition, having an unused fireplace is an affordable alternative so you can keep your living room renovation budget well within your budget.

Pendant lamp

Lighting living room renovation ideas

Pendant lights in a living room can add an instant touch of elegance without costing a small fortune. If pendant lights are installed so that they hang low, you can make your living room look cozier and more intimate and at the same time become a defining feature and distinctive focal point.

If you want an unforgettable impact, choose some lantern-inspired pendant lights or lighting alternatives that will better suit the style of your living room if you just want to add more intimacy and warmth. Any living room renovation will be judged more completely and better by the addition of a pendant light, especially if your coffee table is framed multiple times.


Chandelier lighting living room renovation ideas

A statement chandelier is a surefire way to add unexpected elegance to any living room renovation. And with modern chandelier iterations, they don’t always have to be filigree and crusty. You can have one installed to create a more glamorous living room design, or use a chandelier to capture more light during the day if you are working in a darker living room.

And while it can be an expensive addition to a living room renovation, it can also pay off when looking to resell your home. Don’t limit yourself though, as chandeliers come in all shapes, sizes and styles, from traditional to modern. Even better if you’re working on a major living room renovation and adding more than one to make the space pop.

Embrace darker colors

dark living room renovation ideas

Darker, more moody colors continue to be on trend when it comes to home renovations, and for good reason. Painting your living space a deeper shade will naturally make the space feel more comfortable and intimate, creating a relaxing space for you to chat and use to your advantage.

Opting for a rich and indulgent dark color, even if it’s a khaki like the one above, will make it easier for you to tie all of the furniture in your living room together and make everything look more expensive. However, if you are dealing with a small room that is not getting a lot of light, you can also tailor your living room renovation ideas to reinterpreting the floor in a deep shade, such as a bathroom. B. in a glossy black to capture light. A dark color also helps make a living room feel less disjointed (especially if you have challenging nooks and crannies or doors, breaking the walls, or worse, the room itself).A fresh coat of paint is also a practical alternative to get the most out of your living room renovation budget. 

Accentuate existing architectural features

architectural living room renovation ideas

It may seem like an obvious way to go, but making the most of the architectural features you already have in your living room will make it feel all the more unique and help you control your decorating process. Don’t let these sometimes strange features disappear or remain untouched – turn chimneys, beams, exposed bricks, niches and recesses into room-defining features.

Play around with the perks you already have in your space and let these whimsical elements help make a statement when you renovate your living room. Working with what you already have can cut the cost of living room renovations. And you’ll have fun finding creative solutions to what doesn’t normally work elsewhere.  

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