Basement Renovations

Basement Renovations

best ideas for basement renovations

If you’re looking for inspiring clues in contemplating the best ideas for stunning basement renovations, we reached out to the Décor Aid renovation experts to share the key basement remodeling jobs, rather than help you clean up your space change.

Before going into their pointers, however, there are a few key points that you need to consider before you really invest in basement renovations so that you get the right appearance. What are you going to use your neglected basement for? Who will use your basement? How are you going to get effective light down there? By answering these three questions, you will be well on your way to setting a course on some great basement renovation ideas before choosing the perfect ones for your home. So let’s get started, shall we?

Who is the room for?

Renovation of the kitchen cellar

Think about who will be using this area – the users and usage will help you determine the layout, lighting and content more accurately and easily. Are you going to use it as a fun space? Considering a bar area and cooling facility, maybe a kitchenette? Or do you use it as a guest room for overnight guests? If so, you also need to think about the installation so that you can provide them with the right plumbing. If it’s a playroom or playroom for you or kids, consider creating a smart floor plan with storage space and a soft, safe floor.

Whatever you are using for your basement space make sure you have taken the time to think about it as it is much more difficult to make drastic changes once your basement renovations are complete. And that’s simply because over time it becomes more difficult to justify costly renovations when it comes to adding on your home when it’s not a must.

What will your basement be?

Family room basement renovations

Since you’re working with neglected, empty space, which often has an expansive open floor plan, it’s important to keep the purpose of your investment in mind – and not just to increase the value of your property. Because when it comes to brilliantly executed basement renovations or an upgrade of your home, it is always worth planning in advance to save time, money and the many problems that can arise if a renovation is not planned on time.

With that said, our top picks up on various cellar remodeling ideas that are worth considering as inspiration and stylistic elements so that you can make the most of your efforts.

Children’s playroom

Children's gallery wall stair ideas

As you probably know by now, children can take up a lot of space, as can all of their toys and activities. Therefore, creating a special place for your children to play is an excellent idea when you are thinking about your basement remodeling plans. Choose bright lighting and colors that are eye-catching and that you will be satisfied with after they outgrow the room. Investing in a soft, padded floor that you can play comfortably and safely on is a must. Make space for your handicrafts and have plenty of storage space, built-in or free-standing, so that everything can be easily put away and organized.

Children’s playrooms are easy to create without having to spend too much. This is ideal if you need to complete your basement renovation on a budget. And even better when you remember that your zone has its own floor where everything in your living room and upstairs common areas is out of sight. Just make sure everyone is in agreement on which design direction you are going as every time you step into your basement you want to be visually satisfied and think about the time, planning and costs that went into creating your basement renovations .

Chic bar

minimal basement home bars

Forget the kids’ playroom – this is an adult-only space. If you enjoy entertaining and a glass or two of wine every now and then, creating a beautifully stylized personal home bar has to be one of the best ideas for a basement renovation. Exposed bricks, dark wooden floors and soft, atmospheric lighting create a chic and intimate bar design.

Install a sound system and flat screen TV on a main wall so you can invite friends over to watch movies and choose timeless bar stools to make the most of your new counter. Make the most of the space by bringing some low-slung tables and chairs or couches so you can divide the area into sections to create intimate conversation areas. Our interior designers also suggested that you keep the overall look consistent, sophisticated, and mature so you don’t run the risk of your basement renovations appearing too playful or poorly thought out.

Guest room

Basement renovation lighting

If you often have guests or relatives out of town for a stay, a beautifully designed guest room is a perfect addition to your basement remodeling plans. Keep the decor timeless, minimalist, and relaxing, with plush carpets and comfortable chairs, and plenty of storage space to store your luggage. To save money on flooring, our interior designers recommend bringing in thin carpets for extra warmth and comfort.

If you want the space to be self-contained, add a kitchenette and small bathroom so your guests don’t have to go to the main levels and use the bathroom. Plus, everyone has their own private area which can come in handy as your kids get older and want their own area too.

A personal oasis for a short vacation

chic basement renovations

You can also create a personalized space designed just for you so that you can get away from the rest of the world and spend time relaxing and doing what you love. Whether you love reading and want to create a relaxing reading nook and mini-library, whether you care about your music and want to make this a place to listen or play, or you just want your basement to have a calming one Oasis is nobody can disturb you, the design corresponds to your taste and lifestyle.

Whatever you want from your bespoke basement renovations, stay true to yourself so you can get the most out of it over the long term. However, we recommend staying away from themed or obvious things as you want your basement renovations to add to the value of your property instead of being too unique which makes it a tough sale.

A well-rated playroom

modern basement ideas

If your home currently has room for all of the things you need from above, a smartly designed playroom can be a wonderful idea when you are considering basement renovations and unique additions to make your home stand out. Consider adding a large retractable projection screen for a wall that you can use to watch movies or play console games.

Combine it with some comfy chairs and couches so you and your guests can sit back and play in comfort (once your basement renovations are done – yes, sometimes you have to wait for the games to start). Or how about a well-designed pool table to the back and an old-fashioned arcade game if you fancy something nostalgic? We also recommend a full fridge with a mini him bar and a snack station so that you don’t have to repeatedly go up and down the stairs to get items.

A real laundry room

Laundry room basement renovations

Another helpful idea in groundbreaking basement renovations is creating a proper laundry room where you can clean and iron clothes in a space that is much larger than a regular laundry room.

Plus, it helps to keep dirty clothes in their own area, which makes the work day all the easier as you can also create a clothesline downstairs so you don’t have to go in and out of your house to hang your delicates dry.

A home gym

Renovation of the fitness room in the basement

If you’re into daily fitness exercise, the plans to remodel the basement to create a well-reviewed home gym are sure to work to your advantage. Keep the decor minimal and be sure to include a mirrored wall with a bar mounted on it so you can work on your tech and make your basement look bigger and brighter. Make sure you have enough extra space for cardio machines and weights, and choose the best flooring for the exercises you do the most.

And don’t keep your basement renovations to yourself – offer your neighbors, friends, and family members to use your gym so everyone can benefit from your stunning and excellently planned basement renovation. And maybe your new home gym will inspire you to exercise more often.

Let’s talk about the lighting

Inspiration for basement renovations

Getting enough light into a basement can be difficult. Getting all the way through your basement renovations and still feeling like the room is dark and dingy is not a position you want to be in. This is why getting your basement properly lit is of the utmost importance – light takes a basement from an impractical and unusable space and makes it a place to enjoy your time. So let’s talk about some of the lighting options available for the basement remodeling.

Natural light:

Natural light is like the Holy Grail in a basement – it’s very, very hard to come by. If you are lucky enough to have natural light falling into your basement, you are one of the chosen few. Make the most of the natural light you have with reflective surfaces like mirrors, high gloss surfaces and bright colors – don’t let it go to waste.

Recessed ceiling lights:

If you have the option, recessed ceiling lights are a great alternative for your basement renovations. You can have as many on the ceiling as you want and let out lots of light while illuminating your basement so that you feel as well lit as possible. This also gives you the option to install a dimmer switch. This is especially useful if you have a multifunctional space with layered lighting as one of your basement remodeling ideas.

With this option, you will not lose visual space and ceiling height either. So if your basement ceiling is on the underside, you don’t always bump your head against protruding lights.

Wrongly lit window:

If you don’t have windows in your basement and want it to look and feel like another room in the house, an improperly lit window is an interesting approach. Have a window frame or two installed in your basement and paint the wall behind it white. Using fluorescent lighting, insert some fluorescent lights into the gap where the window frame is.

Cover it with a transparent window treatment that lets a lot of light through and no one will ever know you don’t have real windows – this is a clever idea that is amazingly effective and works for a basement renovation on a budget as long as it looks tasteful and as little DIY as possible.


If you have a low-ceilinged basement there are many ways you can get around it without spending a fortune. When it comes to basement remodeling, there is only so much you can do to make your ceiling appear higher. So take the ceiling height you need to work with and use uplighting to add to the cozy feel of a lower ceiling. Use soft light to create a relaxing ambience where you can make the most of your ideas for remodeling your basement.

Also, one of the great things about uplighting is that the shadows it creates are less harsh than when downlighting.

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