Wednesday , 28 February 2024

Michele Varian

Soho storefront

One of the highlights of the Decor Aid studio’s SoHo location is our proximity to one of New York’s top home decor, Michele Varian. It’s a modern curio shop with unique, handcrafted finds from around the world. Varian initially opened the store to showcase the decorative silk pillows she made, but she valued the work and craftsmanship of other artists so much that she began displaying her work alongside her own. Since then, Michele has outgrown that first place on Crosby Street and moved a couple of streets to a much larger room on Howard Street. She has also gone beyond cushions and designed everything from lighting fixtures to upholstered furniture. When not in New York, you can still get Michele Varian’s experience online. Here are some of our favorite picks.

Gold side table

golden side table

More a sculpture than a side table, this piece is handcrafted from solid maple wood with a gold metallic finish in Detroit by Alex Drew & No One.

High back sofa

High back sofa

Ferris wheel made of wood

wooden ferris wheel

Mini tribal pot

Tribal pot

Mirrored wall lamp

mirrored wall lamp

Wall hook made of leather and wood

Wall hook made of leather and wood

Graphic wool carpet

graphic wool carpet

Brass wall mounts

Wall bracket made of brass and marble

Brass Disc Mobile

Brass disk mobile

Copper pendant

Copper and gold pendant lamp