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Sofa Styles Interior Design

Sofa Styles Interior Design

how to choose sofa styles

Although we often take everyday decorative furniture for granted, it has some interior decorating visual value that you can take advantage of when you want to recharge your interior design scheme. Take sofas, for example, which act as effective focal points in every living room and at the same time offer comfort, warmth and conversation areas. But with such an endless variety of sofa styles, how do you find the right one for your living room without having to opt for a complete room freshener?

And since there is a wide variety of the best sofa styles to choose from at any price, it pays to buy sofa styles with a solid idea of ​​what to look for when choosing a new sofa, be it for a bedroom, den, or living room . To help you define the best sofa styles for your home, we reached out to Décor Aid interior designers to share their approaches to choosing the right sofa styles for your living room.

Look at the scale

Mid-century modern sofa styles

Given the different types of sofa styles you can choose from, deciding which one to go for may seem daunting at first. The best way to start your search is to consider the size of the sofa you need as well as the room it is in. If you have a spacious living room, a long tuxedo sofa may work best for you. Functional, flexible, and exquisitely detailed, these overcrowded sofas will suit any decorating style, from traditional to eclectic.

You should also consider the other furniture that you plan to combine with your sofa. Are you planning a coffee table? Would you also like to include chairs and sofas? Our Décor Aid designers recommend the Lawson style sofa for those who need a traditional sofa that can serve as the focal point of a classically designed living room. This sofa is known for its three back cushions and arms that are lower than the back.

Before you start shopping for sofas, measure the space they will be placed and make sure you are sure the dimensions are coordinated and leave room to walk. Also, check the dimensions of the stairs and doors through which the sofa will pass upon delivery.

Think about your lifestyle

modern family room sofa styles

When it comes to the arrangement of your sofa, our interior designers recommend analyzing your lifestyle. What do you usually do the most in the room? Are you someone who loves to spend most of your time in front of the TV? If so, look for comfy sofa styles to arrange around your TV.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who loves hosting guests and has a group of friends from time to time, consider a sofa style that offers more seating, such as a sofa bed. B. an L-shaped tuxedo sofa.

Determine which shape best suits the room

unique sofa styles

In addition to the sofa styles, the shape is also important. The shape usually depends on how big you want your sofa to be and how you want it to be arranged in the room. Sofas come in every shape imaginable and some of the most popular shapes are rectangular and L-shaped. There are also semicircular sofa styles that you can arrange around a coffee table, such as: B. the bio sofa above.

If you want to share an open space with your sofa to separate your living room from the dining room, our designers again recommend choosing a traditional classic L-shaped sofa. A rounder sofa is better suited for small rooms that are intended to serve as a meeting point for small groups of people and also serve as a media room.

Choose the right upholstery

modern upholstered sofa styles

Aesthetic directions are, of course, another important factor when deciding on sofa styles for the living room, as entertaining guests with a good looking sofa is a great way to make a first impression. In addition to aesthetics, functionality must also be considered when choosing the upholstery for your sofa.

Popular since the early 80s, most homeowners prefer classic sofa styles in white for simple elegance. They may look refreshing and plush, but they can also be scary, especially if you have young children and pets, which can seriously damage the making of white couches. A leather tuxedo sofa, especially in darker hues, is always stylish and generally wears well over time. And if you prefer something that is pretty easy to clean, leather is one of the best sofa styles because it’s sturdy and durable.

Choose a style that compliments the space

modern sofa styles

When deciding on a sofa style, the important thing is to choose something that will suit the room in which it will be placed – of course. It can be difficult to determine your personal style, but follow your gut instinct when choosing the type of couch that will naturally fit well in your living room. You can also refer to a sofa style guide for different upholstery designs to choose from.

If your interior design is modern and elegant, choose types of sofas that have clean lines with dramatic hues and patterns. On the flip side, a Lawson style sofa made from brightly colored fabrics could be a great alternative if your living room is an eclectic mix of colors and designs. For those whose decor is a little more traditional, a classically textured tuxedo sofa with heavy duty fabric should work best. In addition to a tuxedo sofa, there are other traditional sofa styles that work well in a traditionally designed space.

Choose the right color

Ligne Roset modern light sofa styles

Color is an important consideration when deciding on sofa styles. Don’t be afraid to choose something with a unique, fun and colorful shade or print. Sofas are usually the focal point of any room and, depending on the type of sofa styles, can potentially change the look of the entire room. If you’re afraid to experiment with bold colors and unique patterns, you can always opt for a light-colored tuxedo sofa. It gives your living room a subtle sense of diversity, especially when you complement it with tonal and textured pillows and throws and combine it with a classic coffee table and chairs.

Also, don’t go for trendy patterns as they will age and you will be bored too soon. Our interior designers suggest choosing a simple color for your sofa styles and reintroducing the pattern into your living room through pillows, throws, and other accent elements.

Invest in a good framework

modern sofa style frames

A solid sofa frame is another important factor when it comes to sofa styles. Invest in a quality framework. Although they are more expensive, they last longer despite regular use. Check the warranty before buying.

Some manufacturers of high quality sofas are so confident in the frames they make that they offer a lifetime guarantee. A tuxedo sofa with a solid hardwood frame is a great option. Softwood like pine is cheaper, but can warp or wobble after a few years. Whichever sofa style you choose, make sure the frame is durable and sturdy so you can get the most out of your budget over time.

Now that we’ve looked at the best types of sofa for each room, it’s important to use these sofa buying tips when you start sourcing your own. Since you’ve covered the notes about your sofa styles, here are a few important things to consider before you secure one.

  1. Although there are an infinite number of different sofa types, no frame should wobble or creak. Your new sofa should be sturdy, well made and sit right on the floor. A wobbly or creaky frame means less stable joints, which means that the service life is significantly shorter than with better quality.
  2. The corners and frame should be padded as much as possible. For a quick test, rub your hand firmly over it to see if there are any inconsistencies. A properly padded frame will not stick out through the padding, which also means that the fabric covering the frame will be less abrasive.
  3. Check your sofa styles from the back and run your hand up and down in the middle to make sure it isn’t hollow. Although there are an infinite number of different sofa styles, none should have a sacred center. And there should be absolutely no lumps or bumps to ensure a comfortable fit.
  4. If you are considering a sofa bed or sofa bed, make sure that all mechanisms are in good working order. Daybeds and convertible furniture can be more expensive, so it only makes sense to double-check that these features do what they are meant to do without the hiccups.
  5. Your sofa seat cushions should be lush but firm and resilient, fit well with your sofa frame, and be easy to clean and maintain. Good sofa cushions are often wrongly neglected because they are the most worn out. You should be able to maintain your shape immediately once you and your guests get up. After all, padding that flattens like a pancake when pressed down looks flat after just a few months of daily use and ultimately looks sad and feels completely uncomfortable every time someone sits on it. And upholstery that doesn’t fit properly quickly loses its shape, making the overall look of your indoor sofa look like it needs a skilled upholsterer.
  6. Sitting should always be as comfortable as it is stylish. When it comes to daybeds and sofa beds, they should stay comfortable no matter what position they are in. After determining how much visual space your sofa should take up, carefully choose deep or shallow seating, depending on its size. And look for patterns and prints that match on each seam. Mismatched patterns and prints automatically give furniture a cheap, unfinished feel.
  7. Patterns should always be centered with all seams evenly straight. Uneven seams and a general pull on only one side are a clear giveaway for the upholstery being poorly sewn.
  8. When it comes to fire safety precautions, look for sofa styles with a gold UFAC label, which ensures your sofa has been manufactured and designed to strict UFAC standards. The United States’ Upholstered Furniture Action Council was established to ensure that upholstered furniture and its frames are as fireproof as possible, which makes them all the more secure.

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