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Entryway Decor

Entryway Decor

Entrance area decor ideas

Entrance ideas are often about practicality and function, but many people forget that they can also be stylish. Entryway decor doesn’t have to be boring, and entryway decor ideas should be as stunning as the rest of your home. Remember that your entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your house and the last thing they see on the way out. Therefore, your entrance foyer design must leave an unforgettable impression. Celebrate your style by decking out your hallway to impress with these savvy designer ideas that will help you highlight the interior design of your home entrance while also making a statement.

Use what you have

Entrance area decor ideas 2019

When it comes to smart entryway ideas, you may not have to make new purchases all at the same time as you may already have everything you need to decorate a beautifully finished entryway.

Take a quick survey of your home and find out what to use for your foyer. The first guests in the area get an idea of ​​when to enter your home to live in style. These can be trays for keys and mail, a mirror in the warehouse or a rug that is too small for a large room.

Make the room look bigger

Entrance area decor ideas 2019 color

Like you would in a small bathroom or kitchen, paint a smaller foyer in softer, lighter shades to make the space larger and more luxurious when you want to maximize small space entry ideas.

Get inspiration from the pocket-sized dramatic decor ideas for the entrance area with an ingenious, unexpected ombre wallpaper that gives the tiny area sufficient depth and an increased cooling factor.

Mix it up

Entrance area decor ideas 2019 versatile mix

For a layered look that influences transitional styling, create an intriguing game by mixing together rich patterns and textures, as well as dynamically unique furniture.

And mix the old with the new, the expensive and the inexpensive – just like when you get dressed – in order to adopt the design ideas for the entrance area that will certainly make your foyer even more unique and expressive.

Make the room softer

Entrance area decor ideas 2019 carpets

Whether you’re looking for entryway decorating ideas for a small or large room, use rugs to soften the look of dark hardwood floors and make the area bigger, brighter, and more complete.

Carpets also allow you to experiment with pattern games and colors while creating a sense of comfort and an area for guests to dust off their shoes before walking through your home.

Create a spontaneous foyer

Foyer decor ideas 2019

Do you have little space or no special foyer to use these clever ideas for the entrance area? Don’t let that stop you as you can use a screen or room divider to create a suitable foyer.

A screen gives you privacy from everyone on your front door, is easy to fold up and get out of the way, is inexpensive to find, requires no installation, and is best a great way to add color and print to your home.


Entrance area decor ideas 2019 artwork

For a well-studied interpretation of the entrance decor, starting works of art and sculptures as a foyer is one of the most-viewed rooms in every house. And works of art with an unexpected size or silhouette will also make your home stand out among your neighbors while adding depth and character.

Paint the ceiling

Entrance area decor ideas 2019 ceiling

Are you looking for affordable entry-level ideas that are stylish and unique? Why not consider painting or covering your ceiling for a dramatic, ultra-luxurious effect?

A patterned ceiling is also great for small entrance decorations as it gives the illusion of a larger, larger room and is calculated so that everyone will want to steal the look.

Go for a topic

Entrance area decor ideas 2019 decoration motif

For a studied and consistent decor in the entryway, create a central theme to tie everything together and make the decorating process easier and less random.

As with inspiring design ideas for entrance areas, the best, as for any room in your home, should have a common thread for a sense of harmony.


Entrance area decor ideas 2019 wallpaper

When researching entrance ideas, keep in mind how heavy the traffic can be in a confined space. And since white walls are only there to highlight scratch marks and daily wear and tear, consider adding vibrant wallpaper to hide stains and skin with a nice pattern.

Mail sorter

Entrance area decor ideas 2019 mail sorter organizer

Use collection bins and mail sorters to keep keys and mail tidy, organized and clearly arranged in a central zone. That way, you’ll always know where your keys are before you have to search your entire house for them.

Make a statement with flooring

Entrance area decor ideas 2019 flooring

Another unexpected take on unique entryway ideas, just like ceilings, the floor can often be overlooked. And for small entrance decorations, like the foyer shown above, a graphic marble pattern can work wonders to make the area feel more luxurious, thoughtful, and interesting.


Entrance area decor ideas 2019 console table

A console table is perfectly designed for entrance furnishing thanks to its slim silhouette and the height of the countertop and is one of the most important pieces of furnishing for brilliant ideas for furnishing in the entrance area as they are functional and add a sense of beauty to your foyer.

Bring in a mirror

Mirror entrance area decor ideas modern foyer

Add dimension and make your hallway look bigger than it is. Mirrors are perfect for small entrance wall decorations; reflects the light and space and brightens a small area. A mirror also makes it look a lot bigger and they can be eye-catching and interesting too. Mirrors also work just as perfectly in larger foyers and entrances as they do in entrance area ideas for small rooms, as they can be made in any size.

Go for a bold statement mirror when you have the space – large round mirrors look stunning, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors are great for one last look at your outfit before you head off. Since mirrors can be obtained inexpensively, they result in interesting decoration ideas for the entrance area if you install one with a unique silhouette, such as the foyer shown here.


modern foyer entrance area decor ideas

In your entrance area, focus on the pendant light for a truly dramatic entrance. If you don’t want your pendant light to be too intrusive, opt for lighting with glass surfaces. If your entrance area is dark, make sure your lighting shines as much light as possible by opting for clear glass.

If you really want to make a bold statement with chic entryway ideas, there are also great lighting options, from stars to cubes to industrial ceiling lights, that will bring your front entryway decorating ideas to life.

Personal gallery wall

Entrance gallery wall decoration ideas

The gallery walls are stunning, but how about staying personal with photos of your family and pets? This idea works great for small front entrance wall decorations. It doesn’t take up space, it livenes up your walls and your guests will love looking at your souvenir photos.

As entrance decor ideas go, this one is also inviting and fun. If you have a small space, keep it minimal with black and white photos and white frames, or go for different styles and colors of frames and scatter them around. Or you can opt for more lively decoration ideas for the entrance area with a lively mixture of collected art and illustrative prints for a rich and unforgettable statement.


dramatic entrance seating

Go bold and extravagant with an interesting chair because sitting to tie your shoelaces doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Make a statement with an interesting seating arrangement to spice up your entrance decor.

We recommend investing in a beautiful high-back armchair for the ultimate in luxury in your entry foyer, as the best entryway ideas are often based on traditional, time-tested approaches.

Dramatic color

The entrance foyer paints ideas

Breathtaking ideas for the entrance area do not have to be left to anyone when it comes to dramatic statements. If a more modern entrance foyer design is your style, go bold with color. Add to the drama and choose a bright orange, pink, blue, or even black.

Dark colors work, which you can compensate with furniture. White furniture goes great with black and blue, and dark wood surfaces go great with pinks and oranges.

Concealed storage

Ideas for storage in the entrance area

Sometimes storage units can look unsightly, just like shoes and bags cluttering your entryway design. When designing entrance areas, keep decorating ideas in mind to keep your storage out of sight.

Be it a built-in unit, a console with storage baskets underneath or a beautiful cupboard, when it comes to important decoration ideas for the entrance area, even in the largest rooms, almost everything should have a highly functional purpose and at the same time remain aesthetically pleasing.


Entrance area decor ideas with pants

If your hallway is white or neutral, bring pops of color with plants. This is an inexpensive way to add color, especially if you’re looking for small front entrance decorating ideas that aren’t intrusive.

Add a palm tree in the corner in a luxurious deep green or a white calla lily on a table for something more femme. Succulents and cacti also look great and are perfect when you don’t have room for a large planter or when you don’t have space to bypass palm fronds to avoid a busy and crowded design of the entrance .

Stylized coat hooks

stylish coat hook for the entrance area

Turning your coat into art is a fun way to mix style and practicality. We all need a place to hang our coats, but thinking outside the box when it comes to hardware will enliven your entrance. You can opt for bright colors and bold patterns or play with scaling to create a focal point on the wall.

This makes for perfect entrance ideas for small entrance wall decorations as you don’t lose any space or functionality. Match your coat hooks with the rest of the room for something more understated and elegant. Notice how the hook pictured here enlivens any entrance design, even if it’s not in use.

Painting tricks

Ideas for wallpaper in the entrance area

How about a few color tricks for entrance area ideas for small spaces? Painting the wall at the opposite end of your hallway a dark or contrasting color will pull the eye through the hallway, making it appear longer. Painting vertical stripes is the perfect entryway decorating idea to make your ceilings feel higher as they pull the eye upwards.

Opt for a white entrance decor if you don’t want to clutter your space with color as you feel like you have an endless entrance. Alternatively, you can choose an aggressive, bold wallpaper print for small entrance wall decorations. In such a small space it won’t look overwhelming and everyone will be jealous of the interior design of your house entrance.

Welcome mat upgrade

modern entrance mat

Upgrade this unkempt welcome mat with a gorgeous patterned rug for the ultimate entryway decorating ideas. The livelier and more colorful the carpet, the fewer stains you can see in this busy entrance area.

When it comes to smart entryway ideas, a carpet will feel lengthways rather than horizontally, like the hallway inviting you in, while looking larger, and a pop of color will brighten the space. Think of a light Moroccan-style carpet and plain walls for a beautiful, modern entrance foyer.

Add a bank

Ideas for seating in the entrance area

A bench offers storage, seating and style all in one. If you have little space and are looking for ideas for the entrance area in a small space, a bench is essential for the design of your entrance area. It gives you storage space for shoes and bags under the seat, you can have coat hooks above and a place to sit and put on your shoes.

Choose a light seat cushion for a more playful decor in the entrance area or a muted tone for more traditional ideas for the entrance area.

Stylish storage

Ideas for storage in the entrance area

One of the most stylish decoration ideas for the entrance area that we have seen with storage is the dynamic cube unit from Ligne Roset. It looks great and is perfect to boot, while also making for an ultra-functional entryway design.

If you’re looking for entryway ideas for small spaces, this probably won’t work for you. But if you need a large room that needs an entryway decor TLC, it will create a stunning effect. However, when it comes to entryway ideas in a smaller space, floating glass floors are a great, inexpensive alternative without being visually distracting.

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