Pinterest Home Trends

Pinterest Home Trends

Top Pinterest Home Trends 2019

Are you looking for new design elements to update your home in style? Or do you need inspiration to easily freshen up every room in your home? Would you like to see what will be at home in every style-conscious, decor-oriented person for the coming year? Look no further than Pinterest, everyone’s favorite visual resource has just revealed the top home trends for 2019. After considering the interior designers from Décor Aid, these are the 10+ that caught our eye.


maximum pinterest home decor trends 2019

With minimalism being so trending over the past decade, it was only a matter of time before we saw a shift in the completely opposite direction as customers continued to opt for bolder, more expressive designs.

With maximalism, you’ll find a lot more freedom in exploring decorative options, which makes the design process that much easier. The key to getting the look right is getting tight editing and visual balance so your home doesn’t look as persistent or overly stimulating.

Contemporary fireplaces

modern fireplace pinterest home decor trends 2019

With searches increasing 763%, modern fireplaces ranked second on the list for good reason. A contemporary fireplace always looks timeless and enhances your property.

Best of all, with new innovations, chimneys that also take up less space become easier to maintain and use.

Geometrically painted panels

geometric wall color pinterest home decor trends 2019

When it comes to interesting painting ideas that add character-building charm to every room in your home, geometrically painted panels look fresh and stimulating to say the least.

To achieve the right look, go for a symmetrical look with no more than three complementary colors for a clean and sophisticated update.

Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow pinterest home decor trends 2019

While it was the color of the year a few years ago, Pinterest users continued to gravitate towards mustard-yellow decor for fresh inspiration.

Use it to add a pop of color to your home through accessories or even a painted accent wall.

Bold wallpaper

Wallpaper bathroom ideas 2019

Add instant style to your home with bold and expressive wallpaper ideas that will remain unforgettable long after guests leave.

A fascinating background image will make your home even more unique and better judged.

Textile art

Tapestry wall decor ideas 2019

While our interior designers agreed on their disdain for all-too-common macrame wall art, there are plenty of brilliant options to bring the trend into your home.

Instead, opt for something abstract and pop-inspired to add instant personality to any room.

Tin interiors

Tin interior pinterest home decor trends 2019

Although they haven’t been used in decades and continue to have a vintage-inspired feel, sheet metal is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add tonal texture to your home.

And while we all know how good a sheet metal ceiling looks, tin also makes for ultra-chic backsplash ideas.

Vertical gardens

vertical garden pinterest home decor trends 2019

With sustainability and environmentally conscious design in mind, a living plant wall is an interesting way to add more green to your home.

And with kits available immediately, you can create your own plant wall easily and cheaply.

Cactus arrangements

Cactus arrangement pinterest home decor trends 2019

Over the past year, searches for cactus arrangements has increased 235%, and we can see why. They are easy to care for, inexpensive and available in an infinite number of sizes.

Natural swimming pools

natural pool pinterest home decor trends 2019

Natural swimming pools are designed not to use chlorine while respecting natural landscaping. They are a wonderful investment for your home as they create an idyllic setting that will be enviable for years to come.

Painted floor tiles

painted floor tiles pinterest home decor trends 2019

Of all of Pinterest’s top home trends, painted floors were undoubtedly the most wanted design images, with a whopping 1276% increase. Which makes sense since painting your floor is one of the most cost-effective improvements that will have a big impact on your home. And it’s a great idea for transforming unsightly linoleum.

Images via Pinterest