Girls Room Decor Trends

Girls Room Decor Trends

Girls room decor trends 2019

When it comes to the trendiest take on girls’ room decor for 2019, there are plenty of inspiring new styles that have surprised our team of interior designers for good reason. And not just because of a simple new shade or an increasingly popular print. Instead, the interior design world seems to have finally caught up with the tastes and lifestyles of a younger generation endowed with the benefits of an open mind and curiosity for the unexpected.

From the classically pretty and pink fit for a princess to a soft, cozy, and soothing decor with a totally independent spirit, there is a lot more freedom in exploring decorating ideas for girls’ rooms than you might have expected. To give you a better idea of ​​all of the top girls ‘room decorating trends for 2019, we’ll show you the best settings and illustrate clever routes to get the most out of the best girls’ room decorating trends that they will love for years to come to use.

Go Scandinavian

Girls room decor trends 2019 Scandinavian

For a modern approach to girl’s bedroom decor that never goes out of style, an all-white, Scandinavian-inspired bedroom will keep the space inspiring and tidy for years to come. When space is tight in your room, it looks all the bigger in a color palette.

The key here is to keep the look minimal and simple, with hints of the unexpected like contemporary graphic prints and playing with soothing texture. Imagine how different and smaller the narrow room pictured above would feel if it were overflowing with bold colors and prints and patterns. It would immediately turn out to be small and clumsy, rather than neat and serene as it is now.

Add fascinating background images

Girls room decor trends 2019 wallpaper

Even if it’s placed on a single accent wall, bring intriguing background images that will keep you curious, informed, and exploratory, like the graphical world map pictured above. As with the modern design of girls’ rooms, there are many clever approaches that will help them open up to the possibilities of the outside world.

We love how the interior designer of the room above used this visually weighty wallpaper to juxtapose even more play of print and color for a really rich, eclectic feel. Also, notice the two simple cameos above each bed. They are easy to make yourself, won’t break the bank and, best of all, your kids will treasure them forever.

Go gender neutral

Gender neutral girls room decor trends 2019

Who says everything has to be pink and ultra-girly when it comes to picking up on modern trends in room decor for girls? Instead of furnishing your bedroom in an overtly sugar-sweet robe, opt for a gender-neutral environment that will keep you happy longer than an all-pink palace feel will ever do.

The key here is to keep the look ambiguous, as shades of gray and plaids aren’t particularly masculine if the rest of the decor is a traditional design style.

Highlight their hobbies

Ideas for girls room decor trends 2019

Perfect for bedroom ideas for girls in small spaces. Using wall space to highlight their passions is a clever way to personalize their room with treasured items they already have and love.

Whether it’s brushes, drumsticks for a drum kit, or a collection of vintage ukuleles, have them graphed and installed in a prominent and easily accessible location like the colorful arrows shown above. They take up little visual space and, above all, weren’t an additional decorative feature to indulge in.

Be playful

artistic girls room decor trends 2019

Just like in any room in your home that is reserved for adults, think about how you can make your girl’s room decoration completely unique for an unforgettable experience.

Take the room shown above, for example, with its bold but elegant wallpaper, oversized stuffed giraffe, and plush sofa as it all comes together to enhance the effect of a well-judged girl’s bedroom. Just think how different and lifeless the girl’s room would feel without her. Follow example and bring the unexpected for the ultimate decorative touches that will make conversation.

Create a music area

Play area girls room decor trends 2019

With a modern sensitivity to their passions when it comes to trends in girls’ room décor, you are sure to give them the much-needed confidence boost as you use their hobbies to set the direction of their bedroom design.

We love that the upstairs bedroom has both an inspirational blackboard wall that keeps her occupied for hours and a mini in-home studio that her friends love to use for an impromptu jam session.

Keep it grown up

chic girls room decor trends 2019

To get the most out of your girls’ room decor, work with them in the best ways to keep them timeless while remaining kid-friendly. We’re not saying we should control every aspect or determine your own design style, but rather that we don’t decorate your bedroom with youthful finds that you leave behind in no time. Why not think ahead and work with what you envision for more than just having fun? just a fleeting moment?

To get the look right, work with them on color schemes, decor options, and furniture placement so everyone is happy with the end result. Even better when you see them all enjoying the look into their adult years. Plus, you teach them the joy of appreciating adult sophistication and great design at a young age.

Treehouse-inspired bed

interesting girls room decor trends 2019

Do you remember how much fun you would have had as a kid building fortresses with friends? For the ultimate in entertaining bed concepts, a tree-house-inspired bed remains the culmination of serious coolness. You can have a tree house-inspired loft bed that looks authentically made of wood, or you can opt for something more minimal and Scandinavian in white. You can opt for a bed that stands high above the floor and has a cute little tree house ladder leading to it – this is a good idea as you can incorporate additional storage space into your girl’s room decor below.

Alternatively, you can look a little closer to the ground, but also with a cute woody feel. To make the whole look stand out, add some natural-themed comforters to enhance the natural feel.  

Upholstered headboards

colorful girls room decor trends 2019

Upholstered headboards are always a smart investment and there are no exceptions when it comes to trends in decorating girls’ rooms. Upholstered headboards come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for a girl’s room of any age as they instantly add everyday elegance to any bedroom.

Velvet headboards are also very trendy right now and form a breathtaking focal point for every girl’s room. Even better in lush jewel tones that lie against a wall in a contrasting color for a subtle yet sophisticated effect.  

Paper walls

Gender neutral girls room decor trends 2019

Brilliant wall coverings are back, creating a breathtaking interpretation of girls’ bedrooms. The livelier the better when it comes to bringing the 2019 girls’ room decorating trends to life, with small, abundant patterns defining the neighborhood.

Pastels are also seen heavily in patterned wallpaper right now, with the bold and lighter prints of the past taking a backseat.

Canopy bed

cenopy bed girl room decor trends 2019

When designing a room for a little princess, a dramatic and romantic four-poster bed is a must. There are a multitude of different types of four-poster beds to invest in, from luxurious four-poster beds with swaths of material hanging on them, to canopies where all you have is a cute canopy-style canopy frame with some gauzy, sheer material to make the princess bed of your dreams to accomplish.

Four-poster beds are always perfect for decorating ideas for girls in the bedroom, especially since they evoke a sense of unexpected elegance and do not cost a fortune.

Tea-pee area

Library ideas girls room decor trends 2019

If you haven’t seen a tee-pee bed before, you’ve missed out. Tea-pee beds are great additions to any room and can be as pretty or as playful as you want them to be. Add floral bedspreads and fairy lights for a relaxing and girly space, or add bold or geometrically patterned bedding for something more modern.

You could even wrap some cute fake flowers around the top support beam or a brightly colored flag to brighten up your girls bedroom decor. In addition, pull-out beds are installed in many tee-pee beds, making them perfect for overnight stays.

Geometric pastels

Bedroom colors girls room decor trends 2019

Pastel colors are perfect for decorating girls’ rooms. What better way to incorporate pastel colors than into a geometric pattern? Use it on a wall (so it’s not too intrusive) and go for a pretty pastel color scheme like pink, purple and gray – we love the wallcoverings with gold metallic details.

Wall treatments like this are perfect for a girl’s room decor that is a little older and looking for something a little more sophisticated.

French white furniture

Furniture girls room decor trends 2019

If you want to create a pretty bedroom decor for girls, white French style furniture is always a timeless winner. They have an elegant feel to them while being pretty and romantic at the same time, making them easy to work in their room as they grow up.

They can be styled with lots of pinks and flowers for a really soothing bedroom, or modernized with cool grays and whites for a room with a little more understated elegance.  

Fluffy carpets

Bedroom ideas girls room decor trends 2019

A fluffy carpet under your feet makes every room a paradise when it comes to decorating girls’ rooms. A small addition of a fluffy rug in the decor of a girl’s room makes all the difference and turns it from a standard bedroom to something more comfortable and cozy. They look classy and luxurious and will raise a dull bedroom floor in 2019.

No matter the size of your bedroom, there is a fluffy rug that will suit your needs. Hence, they are perfect for bedroom ideas for girls in small spaces. If you have a little more space, how about carpets for a homely feeling with that extra twist?  

Stripes in bold

striped girls room decor trends 2019

Stripes are a great way to add a graphic feature to a room, whether you want bright and sunny colors to brighten up your girl’s bedroom decor, or something softer and more that is in line with current trends in girl room decor.

Horizontal stripes are great for making a room appear wider, and vertical stripes are great for making a wall appear taller. Use shades of gray, pinks, and whites to be on trend or a pretty aqua blue white for something fresher and brighter.

Cute fairy lights

chic girls room decor trends 2019

Who doesn’t love a string of lights? Light chains give every room a pleasantly soft, girlish feeling and soften sharp colors such as white. They look great paired with soft and neutral colors and add a cozy element to your girl’s room decoration.

They look pretty to make a cozy reading nook with a comfy chair or to drape your four-poster bed to make it look like you are sleeping under the stars.

Gray and pink

modern girls room decor trends 2019

Gray and pink are a cool color combination that makes them ideal for girls’ room decorations. Gray and pink go great with white furniture and light wood – especially if you prefer a more minimalist Scandinavian feel.

They’re also a stylish alternative to the traditional pink of a girl’s bedroom. Girls ‘bedroom decor can have a tendency to be overly girly (which is not to everyone’s taste) and this takes some of the “pink” of a traditional girls’ room.

Crown head part

best girls room decor trends 2019

If a four-poster bed is too imposing for you, how about a crown headboard to satisfy girls’ room decorating needs? A crown headboard is going to make a serious impact in a bedroom and you can get as big or bold as you like.

Do it all with your girl’s room decor with a glamorous headboard made of gold crown, or opt for something a little more reserved with a gray or white transfer. Make this the focal point of your room and create the ultimate princess interior that will rock the room decor trends for girls 2019.

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