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Flokati Rug Design Ideas

Flokati Rug Design Ideas

Flokati rugs are probably the most comfortable item in your living room. The fluffy structure and wool print make it one of the finest and coolest parts of your living room or wherever you are. Your kids and even pets love to roll on it and you agree that your feet love the comfortable feelings of it too. We are all in love with flokati rugs

FLOCAT RUGS is the most desirable part of our homes:

Flokati rugs, especially those handmade are woven with such efforts, love and perfection that show when you have them in your hands. These carpets have long been a part of our homes and are a symbol of tradition for many. For the most part, these rugs are natural white but you can get them colored in any color, which corresponds to your choice and demand.


Flokati rugs can be used in any area of ​​your room. In the corner with a single sofa (or chair) with small table or in the middle with a coffee table on it and so on. You can also use more than one flocati rug in your room as well in different colors but not overlook the aspect of creating balance and harmony. The only problem these carpets have is about their cleaning. Avoid washing them, rather getting them cleaned and they will remain a fluffy partner of yours for a long time.