Tuesday , 27 February 2024
Photo Prints From Instagram

Photo Prints From Instagram

Ceramic barn photo molding

From Instagram selfies to Facebook vacation pics, we’re taking more photos of ourselves, our friends and family than ever before. But most of us never take the time to push the button. Our designers say filling your home with photos is a great way to make it feel personal. So they suggest going through these online photos, printing out your favorites, and creating photo ads throughout your home. And if you think your best photographic work comes with an Instagram filter, print this out!

Here are some companies that allow you to turn your Instagram favorites into wall art:

  1. Social Print Studio – Turn your favorite social media photos into anything from tiny squares that fit in the palm of your hand (perfect for a collage wall) to large format images. You can even print a poster collage of your favorites.
  2. PostalPix – This app-based service promises additional convenience. You do everything from your phone. You can print out your Instagram pictures as 4 inch squares for just 33 cents. For simple, tiny Instagram photos, this is a fantastic choice.
  3. InkDot – A family business that promises to deliver high quality prints. You can print your favorite Instagram photos in small squares or print them on metal or wood for a completely unique effect.
  4. CanvasPop – Promises to be gallery-quality prints of your favorite Instagram images. The resulting image is printed on an archive-quality matte canvas that has a slight texture. Below are some ideas for creating a stunning wall display with personal meaning.

Big statement photo wall

Instagram collage statement wall

Make a great statement with a completely covered photo wall. It will surely give you something to talk about once there is a break in the conversation. (Pro tip: using painter’s tape will not damage the walls.) About House & Garden UK.

Photo collage coat advert

Instagram photos grate over fireplace

Photo bar

framed art on shelves

Don’t forget objects

framed prints on shelves

Vary the size of your photos

versatile wall art

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