Best Phoenix Interior Designers

Best Phoenix Interior Designers

best interior design phoenix

Since great interior design can really be life-enhancing by the day, we seek the best interior designers in Phoenix to inspire and educate you if you want to upgrade your home in style.

From Paradise Valley to Scottsdale, we’ve researched hundreds of interior designer portfolios to help you find the right talent for everything from a quick room refresh to a major home renovation.

J and J.

best interior designers phoenix

Of all of the interior designers in Phoenix whose portfolio we looked through for this guide, J and J’s were clearly the most fascinating of all thanks to a modern mind and fresh take on interior design.

Her portfolio is full of projects that are absolutely on trend and yet are classic, unlike all the other Phoenix interior designers we have encountered.

Decor aid

Decor help interior designers Phoenix

Décor Aid has enhanced the art of interior design across the Phoenix metropolitan area through a seamless approach to projects large and small. As one of the country’s leading interior designers, Décor Aid has changed the industry by making luxury design effortless and accessible.

Starting with a free personal consultation, your interior designer will help you define your needs and offer you their wisdom on best practices to move forward with a detailed quote and no minimum purchase. Our world-class team of experienced interior designers have been selected from among the most respected firms in the country and bring an unprecedented level of expertise and personalization to every project.

Customers in the Phoenix area also have full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive deal-only discounts, which can be up to 50% off the retail price. These cost savings often exceed our flat design fees.

Décor Aid’s inspiring renovations have been hailed as life-enhancing works of art by the best interior designers and featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Magazine and others.

Jaimee Rose

established interior designer Phoenix

Jaimee Rose is another of the leading interior design firms in Phoenix. She masters various design styles from French Country to stimulating Californian casual chic.

And when compared to more traditional Phoenix interior designers, her designs prove that she has a keen eye for mastering current trends that, thanks to her visionary approach to decor, are sure to never feel out of date.

K and Q.

inspiring interior design from Phoenix

Both interior designers are a full service practice with over 30 years of experience and have worked on a variety of projects with a portfolio that provides a warm and comfortable environment that is wonderfully decorated to reflect the needs of a realistic everyday life.

Together, the duo represents one of the most famous interior design firms in Phoenix with great designs that are meant to last a lifetime and beyond.

Friedman and Shields

Luxury interior design Phoenix

Friedman and Shields, one of the more classic interior design firms in Phoenix, are superior at bringing the Southwestern style to life with panache.

And their portfolio is rich in luxuriously layered rooms with interior design that highlights the beauty of some of the splendidly realized homes in the region.

Mackenzie Collier

best interior designers phoenix

Mackenzie Collier is one of the few interior design firms in Phoenix that specializes in sustainable and functional design. We work closely with clients to create personalized, hassle-free design experiences and a beautifully executed decor that not only looks good, but also supports their lifestyle for today and beyond.

In addition, the portfolio offers some incredibly warm and welcoming spaces designed in a stunning yet subtle style.

Janet Brooks

Top interior designers Phoenix

From a stunning luxury residential project in Scottsdale to an Asian-inspired office, the Janet Brooks team offers elegant alternatives to interior design Phoenix.

As elite interior designers in Phoenix, their understanding of interior design ranges from contemporary to southwest, creating spaces that are richly layered and unique to themselves, with a decidedly minimal spirit.

For the best Phoenix interiors, find a decorator who offers a dynamic perspective to bring you to life seamlessly.


Interior design Phoenix

Scottsdale-based IMI has more than 20 years of interior design experience in Phoenix and continues to strive to design beautiful interiors that highlight architectural features while being carefully curated to remain sophisticated yet warm and livable.

And from all the other interior designers in Phoenix, we admire IMI’s vision and commitment to transparent design intent and ethical practices.


luxurious interior design Phoenix

OwnBy is a Scottsdale-based company providing luxury interior design in Phoenix. Its goal is to transform everyday living spaces into unique indulgences that reflect the tastes and lifestyle of its customers.

For the best Phoenix interiors for your home, it is important that your vision informs your decorator, and not the other way around.


Find local Scottsdale interior designers

If you are looking for a company that can provide custom décor that reflects your lifestyle and passions, Vallone is a great option for the best custom interior design in Phoenix.

The team offers both commercial and residential interior design Phoenix that is stimulating and extremely elegant. A brief overview of the diverse portfolio shows how important it is to freshen up the interior design of Phoenix.

Vicki Bergelt

Top Scottsdale interior designers

Vicki Bergelt, a renowned Scottsdale-based company that provides inspiring interior design in Phoenix, has a portfolio of glowing projects that cover every design style from classic to ultra-modern.

And after over 20 years of innovative interior design in Phoenix, it’s no wonder they are consistently ranked as one of the top 25 interior design firms in Phoenix.

Elle Interiors

contemporary interior designers Phoenix

With the goal of providing customers in Phoenix with unmatched attention, quality finish, and admirable interior design, this small team takes care of both large and large indoor and outdoor projects in the western United States and Mexico.

When looking for professional residential interior designers, Phoenix does not underestimate the power of small businesses, as the best services are often provided by those who can truly focus on their clients’ vision.

Esther Boivin

local interior designer Phoenix

Esther Boivin creates a warm and soothing interior design in Phoenix by combining the best of classic and contemporary design into a truly deliberate remix that seamlessly reflects today’s tastes and design intentions, allowing a unique take on Phoenix interior design.

Est Est

local Phoenix interior designers

With a more colorful and vibrant portfolio highlighting Phoenix interior design, Est Est is one of the oldest leading companies to practice interior design in Phoenix since 1959.

And we admire that their portfolio also includes a range of luxurious design styles from traditional to modern with unexpected pops of color and games.

Cox James

Top Phoenix interior designers

Cox James creates innovative, compelling and functional Phoenix interior design that reflects the business and lifestyle aesthetics of its customers in order to achieve the very best in high performing interior design in Phoenix.

With a great portfolio highlighting the best of design styles, these commercial and home interior designers Phoenix approach any project with a common sense foundation about beautiful design.