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Single Bathroom Pendant Lighting

Single Bathroom Pendant Lighting

How creative can one get with bathroom lighting? Many people who read this are already shaking their heads and whispering under the breath. If you're among that crowd, prepare to be completely transformed. There are several ways to get lost with your bathroom hanging lighting and end up with results that make your bathroom look like a dream. The two main ideas are parade and single hanging lighting.


Couples in the bathroom hanging lights are a classic look that many people incorporate into their bathrooms, powder rooms and showers. How to use your pair of candles is entirely up to you. A good idea to help you get started is to place them both side by side on one side of your bathroom. Of course, this is different from your average symmetrical attitude but it also has its own ideal charm. If you want to go for the symmetrical placement, you do it for an evenly distributed glow.


If you can't imagine how to place your bathroom hanging lighting, consider buying a single pendant. You can't go wrong with a single pendant because it is very versatile. You can just place it anywhere and it can never go "wrong". Whether you want to place it at an angle or hit the middle of your roof, play with your choices and you will definitely end up with an idea that suits both your taste and bathroom type.