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Summer Home Decor Trends

Summer Home Decor Trends

Summer home decor trends

It might seem a bit of a long way off, but summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about bringing the top summer home decor trends of 2019 into your home for the Refresh room. Kick off the season with a range of summer home decor trends from our interior designers that will brighten your horizons in the warmer months.

From a simple pop of color to playful patterns to fresh furniture, here’s an rundown of everything to consider when looking at the top summer decorating trends of 2019.

Invigorating splashes of color

Summer home decor trends color

A splash of vibrant color is a simple yet incredibly effective way to bring the feeling of summer into your home. This season, summer home decor is all about bright, saturated colors, and you can achieve a summery decor look without spending a lot of time and money.

It could be a new set of bold, patterned pillows to liven up your chairs and couches, a lighter lampshade to stand out from the usual neutral colors, or a new piece of art on the wall. Whichever way you choose to add a pop of color to your summer home decor trends in 2019, make sure they are bright and cheerful. But if inflammatory colors don’t look right in your home, consider more sober pastels and matte finishes to keep the look relaxed yet stimulating.And fascinating color combinations that combine a sensible neutral shade with color hits also ensure a solid design direction without having to take too much risk. 

Animal prints

Summer home decor trends animal print

Although they usually evoke the calming feel of wintery layers, striking animal prints with minimal spirit are a great way to bring the feel and energy of nature into your summer home decor updates. Nothing reminds you of the sun more than a living animal print like leopard or zebra. Don’t go overboard when picking up animal prints, however. Keep them to a minimum to keep the look neat and low-key.

Think of an accent wall, tablecloth, or accessories that are playfully decorated with animal motifs. You can even opt for animal-themed wall art to perfectly round off your room with a touch of the exotic and freshen up the everyday glamor.

White wood

Summer home decor trends white wood

One of the best ways to brighten up a room and consider summer home decor trends is to swap out your dark wood furniture for fresh white options. When it’s time to swap out your furniture, choose white-painted wood instead so your home will always feel lighter. However, if you’re looking to use your current furniture, it’s time to get out the brushes and start some simple DIY updates.

When all else fails, invest in white throws to drape dark wooden sofas and chairs and give your room a boost in brightness. This also makes every room in your home bigger.

Summer patterns

Summer home decor trends pattern and printing

A sunny and summery pattern is a great way to get on board with summer 2019 home decor. Choose bright colors and bold patterns and prints so that you can bring a touch of summer into your home. From pretty flowers to lemon yellow to bold and eclectic prints and graphic geometric patterns, there are tons of options when it comes to summer home decor prints and patterns.

Consider swapping out your curtains for something a little more spirited or buying fresh throw pillows or swapping out your upholstery. Or you can spice up your summery outdoor home decor with new lounge chairs. For a more seasonal approach, however, opt for a more minimalist display of summer prints and patterns, using muted pastels, makeup colors, and calming, watercolor-inspired prints.

Sunny yellow

Summer home decor trends yellow furniture

Yellow is the undisputed dominant color of summer. Use it anywhere in your home. Don’t be shy, go for yellow upholstery, yellow accessories, and yellow wherever you can squeeze it into. From soft, light yellow tones to strong lemon tones to strong mustard tones, there is so much room for yellow in home decor trends in summer.

Yellow is the epitome of summer and is perfect for walls and entire rooms. Unfortunately, since the season goes by so quickly, the interior designers at Décor Aid recommend using only minimal spots of yellow, like on the pedestal table shown above. Its modern spirit and asymmetrical shape ensure that it never goes out of style or gets out of hand regardless of the season.

Fresh wall art

Summer home decor trends art

Art is another great way to brighten up your home. With summer approaching soon, now is the perfect time to invest in new, refreshing artwork and sculpture. Bring summer into your home with fun floral prints – the bright colors will sing and make an instant difference to your summer home decor in 2019. Maybe an abstract piece with lots of color is the way to go?

Or maybe even a series of bright and light watercolors? Art is a very personal, subjective element of decor, but keep an eye out for playful energetic pieces to improve your mind on the best summer home decor trends. You can also swap out framed prints any time of the year for an instant, up-to-date room update that won’t cost a fortune.


Summer home decor trends macrame

You may never have heard of it, but macramé is a simple textile made by endless knotting. It makes for beautiful wall hangings and artistic pieces and has a nice relaxed boho feel to it. If you’re feeling smart, there are a few lessons you can do yourself that add that extra special structural element to your summer home decor.

Create pillow cases, hanging flower pot holders, table runners, and intricate and oversized wall hangings to fill your home with one of the ultimate summer decorating trends of 2019. And if you go for neutral weaves, you can keep your settings on macrame for year-round use. 

A living door

Summer home decor trends painted doors

One fun summer home decor trend that we want more of is doors painted alive. Doors are often overlooked when it comes to interior design and we don’t want that to be the case with the summer home decor trends of 2019. This idea offers something completely different and will enliven an entire room as it is such a unique option.

Choose a vibrant green or yellow, or even something like orange or pink. You don’t have to go with a color that’s too light here as you don’t see it every day. Even pastel tones work wonders for an updated summer home decor. You can also repaint your front door to make a defining statement each season that doesn’t require a lot of time, labor, or expense.

Lighter window treatments

Summer home decor trends window treatments

With summer approaching, it’s time to throw off those heavy, insulating curtains and replace them with something lighter and more airy to let in the sunshine. You want to let the light in but still be able to block the sun when it’s hot or just a little too bright outside. Our interior designers love a floating, see-through white curtain when it comes to a savvy summer decor idea that gives you the lightness and brightness you crave while blocking the worst of the midday sun.

If you’d prefer to opt for blinds, opt for white Venetian-style blinds so you can easily control the lighting in your room while adding a textural feel for elegant drama. And the best thing about all-white window treatment panels is that they are an affordable update that never goes out of style.

The spirit of nature

Summer decor trends and ideas

Of course, when it comes to summer decor trends, don’t forget to update your outdoor space – a summer home decor needs refreshing too. Just because the sun is there doesn’t mean you should forget about it. Summer outdoor home decor can be simple. All you need to do is invest in some vibrant printed pillows to complement and freshen up your furniture and a variety of freshly potted plants and flowers.

If you want to go a step further, how about a colorful bistro table and chairs to brighten up your garden even more? And since it’s small, you can easily store it in the colder months too. But for a more elegant take on outdoor gardening ideas, we love how the garden shown above features oversized Chinese ginger jars that you would normally only see indoors. 

A spicy carpet

Summer home decor trends carpets

Who doesn’t love carpets? Replacing a tired rug with a new, vibrant rug will make a huge difference in your home this summer. Carpets are great for brightening up a room and giving it a particularly soft and calming touch. A light, block colored rug works wonderfully, as does a rug with a bold pattern. You can put your rug under some furniture so it doesn’t take up space, or display it loud and proud to indicate a change in room in an open area.

Whichever way you choose to do it, room-defining rugs are a great way to update your home with summer home decor trends that don’t break the bank. And for a more seasonal approach, white and neutral carpets make any room appear larger and brighter. 

Floor cushions

Summer home decor trends floor pillows

Affordable floor pillows look great stylistically and are perfect for extra guests who always frolic around your home in the summer. Opt for durable materials for your floor cushions, such as leather, so they won’t move around, take them outside and endure a lot of use and wear and tear.

Go for interesting patterns and designs with an ethnic twist, like Moroccan stools, to highlight your summer home decor with an eclectic sensibility.

A lighter color scheme

Summer home decor trends color scheme

When it comes to updating your summer home decor, a lighter color scheme is always refreshing and calming while the energy is revitalized. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to completely transform a room is with a fresh coat of paint.

Whether you go for calming neutrals or an accent wall with a completely unexpected, mood-enhancing color, you can’t go wrong with a fresh coat of paint. And we almost say because while getting a unique shade is great, you almost certainly get tired of it and find that it limits your other choices of summer decorations. So opt for something with a timeless look that doesn’t interfere with a possible resale of your home.

Nautical flair

Summer home decor trends nautical

While our interior designers are not a themed trend, a nautical spirit is as summery as possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to evoke a maritime feel throughout.

Instead of a persistent approach, consider something as simple as navy stripes and navy blue and white colors. You can also channel the spirit of a beach retreat with mother-of-pearl accessories and umbilical flag prints.

Ikat prints

Summer home decor trends ikat prints

Though flowers and summer home decor go hand in hand, ikat, mud cloth, and tribal prints are a refreshing alternative that is also gender neutral. And just like any print, you can easily introduce them into your home in affordable, small doses.

From pillows and throws with a relaxed and fancy sensibility to large format carpets that cover a large area of ​​a room, ikat prints and the style won’t go out of style or feel out of place in any room.

Versatile accessories

Summer home decor trends versatile spirit

Fresh accessories are another easy-to-manage and affordable update to summer home decor that adds personality and visual interest to any room. From bohemian-inspired pillows and throws to ornate accessories, add personality and a sense of whimsy to your home with accessories that evoke laid-back Californian coolness.

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