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Best Organic Furniture Brands

Best Organic Furniture Brands

Best organic furniture brands for modern eco-homes

Organic and eco-friendly furniture and accessories may not be new to the design scene, but they have come a long way since their modest resurgence in the industry in recent years. And with tons of new brands and older brands making eco-conscious furniture all the more stylish and durable, we’re looking for the best organic furniture brands to consider for your home.

Let’s call it a natural response to the rise of speed furniture and its ephemeral nature as our customers have recently been asking more and more for sustainable furniture as the quality cannot be beat. And knowing that choosing new furniture can be a challenge in itself, we reached out to Décor Aid designers to identify the best organic furniture brands based on environmentally friendly materials and processes to create their products.


best organic furniture brands inmod

‘Inmod has been hailed as one of the best organic furniture retailers online and has become my go-to place for stylish, high quality finds that are universally attractive. They use sustainable wood, bamboo and other environmentally friendly materials and create a wide range of furniture for every room in a home. Our customers are particularly drawn to their bamboo platform bed and their line of children’s furniture. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Lynn N.


best organic furniture brands Medley

‘Stem’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly furniture helps me create healthy homes for customers, and I love to tell them that all of their pieces are made in the USA from upcycled and organic materials. Plus, they don’t use any fire retardant or harsh chemicals, and all of their products are completely customizable and far from granola. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Nicholas G.


best organic modern furniture brands viva terra

“People often forget the artisans behind the pieces they purchase and the low wages they get for making furniture, and I was happy to learn that VivaTerra always pays its employees fair wages. And I like that their pieces are modern and have just the right amount of cool appeal to make them unique. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Sara S.

ABC carpet + home

ABC Carpet and Home best organic furniture brands

“While it’s not the cheapest, nothing beats the unique finds you can find at ABC Carpet + Home. And ask any interior designer what one of the best eco-friendly home and lifestyle brands and retailers is, and they will most likely name ABC. ‘- Interior design by Décor Aid Lindsey T.

Anton doll wood manufactory

best organic furniture brands germany

With a German name meaning Holzbauer, expect expertly handcrafted eco-friendly furniture made by talented local artisans in Germany. The company focuses on sustainable wood that has been treated with chemical-free surfaces and treatments, and its aesthetics are based on the clean and timeless spirit of Scandinavian design – to ensure that future heirlooms never go out of style. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Martha V.

Eco Balanza

best organic furniture brands eco balanza

‘Eco Balanza is based in my hometown Seattle and creates high quality mid-century modern furniture from non-toxic materials like organic cotton and wool. He works with solvent-free, water-based adhesives and renewable latex foam, their effects on the environment. They have been making handcrafted furniture for over a decade, with an emphasis on highly stylized, customizable sofas and chairs that are also perfect for customers with chemical sensitivities. ” Décor Aid interior designer Lara B.


best organic furniture manufacturer Myakka

“While practicing in London I came across organic furniture manufacturer Myakka and was instantly amazed by their handcrafted pieces, which cover a wide range of design styles from eclectic to minimal. My only wish is that Myakka start selling in the US! ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Liz B.

Environmental furniture

best organic furniture brands eco home

“Environmental furniture is functional works of art that, thanks to materials that are recovered, recycled and reused, or from certified forests, are the perfect homage to sustainable living.” – Décor Aid interior designer Mandy M.

Greenington bamboo furniture

“I grew up in Thailand, where bamboo furniture is basically an integral part of everyday life. I am glad that the affordable and sustainable material is finally gaining traction in the US. People don’t often realize that bamboo is stronger than many of the strongest hardwoods, and I appreciate the variety of different styles that Greenington offers my customers. ‘- Décor Aid interior designer Man Y.

Etsy Reclaimed Furniture

best online organic furniture stores for vegans

“I know it can be quite difficult to buy Etsy with thousands of new products listed every week, but as an interior designer I’m always on the hunt for the thrill and I love that the platform has a reclaimed section. Knowing what is catching your attention is sure to get an affordable, unique score that is sustainable. ‘- Décor Aid project manager Nicole I.

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