Stool Decor

Stool Decor

Cut off stool

It may seem tiny, but the humble stool offers a powerful decorative punch. Our designers say that a stool is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own. After all, what other piece of furniture can be both a table and additional seating? They are spread out around a coffee table and look effortless and casual. We like to use them to fill in the space under a console table, which often feels pretty empty. From the bathroom to the bedroom there is no room in the house that cannot stand a little love of stools. Check out how to use this little piece of furniture around the house below.

Pictured: Tom Dixon Rest stool

Stool as a side table

Coral stool hallway design

This coral red Tom Dixon stool offers the perfect splash of color in this gray seating area. It can either serve as a table, extra seating, or even a support to keep your feet up while tying your shoelaces! over Home & Garden UK

Stool as a bedside table

modern wooden stool as a side table

Stool as a table

Stool as a bedside table

Bathroom stool

Cork stool side table

Bedroom seating

Bath made of dipped wooden stool

Stool under the console

Wooden stool bedroom decor ideas