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Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Haloween Ravens decoration

If you are dressing up for Halloween this year, don’t be afraid to add some spooky decorations around the house. But decorating for Halloween doesn’t necessarily mean turning your home into a haunted house. Skip the outdated decorations that belong in the garage and dress up your home with some tasteful pieces that you want to keep year round.

Decorate with skulls

Skull mantelpiece matt black gold Halloween

Skulls are an obvious Halloween decoration, but that doesn’t mean compromising the elegance and coherence of your home. Choose a material like gold or matte black that goes beyond the usual plastic decorations.

Picture about you knows.

Painted pumpkins and gourds

painted pumpkins pumpkins halloween

Unless your home is cluttered with bright orange accent colors, coordinate your existing furniture with some painted pumpkins. An off-white color goes well with most of your existing parts without adding any scary color combinations to your home.

Image via Digs Digs.


Candles Halloween decoration Halloween

Put them in the entrance area, put them in the living room, put them in the foyer. Candles are great for any season of the year, but especially on Halloween candles can add an elegant yet creepy touch.

Image via Elle Decor.

Pumpkins made with unconventional materials

Brass copper pumpkins Halloween

Painted pumpkins work well for an elegant shabby chic atmosphere. However, if you’re looking for an alternative that incorporates more funky textures and materials, decorate it with brass or copper gourds for a refined, precise look.

Image via West Elm.

Sticks and twigs

Sticks branches table decoration Halloween

A fun twist on the old witch’s broom decorated with sticks and twigs can add a natural yet modern twist to your Halloween decorations.

Image via the V Spot blog.

Dark table settings

Dark natural Halloween table setting

Don’t go overboard with the all-black look, but don’t be afraid to bring out your darker side by contrasting some black, matte parts with traditional silver, as well as more natural white and gray parts.

Image via Pinterest.


Ravens decoration Halloween

If you want to feed your inner book nerd, bring out some decorative ravens to accompany your favorite Edgar Allen Poe stories. Stupid home accessories? Said the interior designer: “Never again!”

Image via Home Did It.