7 Signs Need Bathroom Renovation

7 Signs Need Bathroom Renovation

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Are you constantly unhappy with your bathroom and whining endlessly about what annoys you? Have you dreamed of a comprehensive, rejuvenating bathroom renovation? If you’ve been thinking about a large or small bathroom renovation, you likely have questions and concerns about how to make your remodel functional, affordable, and easy on the eyes. Do you need a permit for your bathroom renovation? What colors are there for bathroom remodeling in this era? What are your tile options? At the beginning we recommend that you ask yourself: “Why exactly do I need a bathroom renovation?”

There are tell-tale signs that bathroom remodeling and bathroom remodeling are in your future. From dated decor, accumulated damage, and heavy lighting to limited storage space, there are a myriad of reasons your bathroom might need a renovation. Decor Aid’s interior designers share the seven most obvious signs that your bathroom needs an update, and we’ve provided some inspiring options, from desirable tubs to ingenious shower stalls.

The decor is not you + is Outdated

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If there is any sign that your bathroom renovation is overdue, then the decor and colors are out of date. Maybe your tastes have changed, or maybe trends have changed. Whatever the reason, this should be the first sign that a complete bathroom remodel may be needed if the color of your bathroom has become unsightly to you.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, color is the first important decision and an inspiring starting point. Not only is it the most eye-catching element of a room, but it also reflects your style and taste. Take the time to think about your color choices. There is no benefit in settling on a color that you may not like. If you’re undecided, muted tones and neutral grays are all you need for a quick, noticeable upgrade.

The color and type of your bathroom tiles also play a crucial role in deciding whether a bathroom renovation is in your future. Old fashioned tile on the walls is the main driver behind most bathroom updates. Unique textures and patterns are all on trend, and retro looks are easy to change when some of your existing tiles are older and heavily decorated. If you want to swap it out for something more modern, neutral tiles can help you create a timeless bathroom design that can be updated as colors and styles change.

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Tight layout

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Unfortunately, most of the bathrooms didn’t have 21st Century needs in mind, with older properties with minimal bathroom space. If you are struggling with the size, layout, or organization of your bathroom, this is another sign that it is time for a restructuring. Do you trip over the toilet as you move around the room, or squeeze past the sink to get to the shower? These are items that can be fixed with the help of a bathroom renovation or remodeling.

With a little thought, a bathroom can be set up in a completely different way to completely optimize the available space and give a feeling of more luxury. There are endless beautiful space saving designs that make better use of space without expanding the dimensions of the room. You can keep it simple and reposition the organizational elements or take it to the next level by updating an older bathroom need with a newer model.

Sometimes you need a permit to complete a full bathroom renovation. When are permits required? Unless you change the structure of the apartment, you probably don’t need a permit to proceed with your bathroom remodeling. Most interior work does not require a permit. However, if you do do any plumbing, you may need to seek approval to achieve your bathroom renovation goals.

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There is obvious damage (Leaks, odor, moisture, etc.)

Bathroom upgrade guide for renovation projects

If components leak in your bathroom or you smell the overwhelming smell of mold, you need to commit to a bathroom renovation. Those looking for a less drastic route may be wondering why they need to do a full bathroom renovation instead of a fresh coat of paint, but the truth is that if there is any damage, action must be taken before it gets worse. If you are embarrassed about offering your bathroom to your guests, then you shouldn’t have to wonder if you should do a renovation.

If something is unsightly or moldy, it should not be salvaged and replaced immediately. If there is rust or lime deposits, it must be sorted. You can upgrade the faucets during your bathroom renovation to solve these problems (and save water too). Making sure your bathroom is adequately ventilated can be a try to get rid of odors in the bathroom. Proper renovations include these more technical challenges so that even the less glamorous elements of a bathroom are well looked after.

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Bad light

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When the lights are so bright in the morning that they blind you, or when you are so dim in the evening that you can barely see your face in the mirror, there is little need to ask about the need for a bathroom renovation. Proper lighting is critical to reinventing the whole feel of the room, and many DIY bathroom renovations often forget the importance of lighting to focus on more decorative elements.

Don’t neglect lighting while renovating your bathroom. The difference a properly lit room makes can be amazing, and while you may regret a work of art or paint, you will never regret having upgraded your lighting. To turn on the lights as needed, we recommend adding a dimmer so you can choose the brightness level for your bathroom renovation.

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Little storage space

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If you don’t have the space to store bathroom accessories, this is a focus that will increase your bathroom remodeling needs. A bathroom renovation can be key to creating all of the storage space you need without taking up space with bulky, store-bought organizers. When everything is in the right place, not only will your bathroom look better and feel more luxurious, but it will also make it easier for you to navigate through what may be an already small or cramped space. There are many bathroom storage solutions that you can incorporate into your complete bathroom renovation. These can become the main feature of your finished bathroom.

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It seems tiny for your needs

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How much space do you need to comfortably go through your everyday life? If you find yourself feeling cramped up doing your makeup or shaving early in the morning, you can benefit from increasing your bathroom size with a complete bathroom renovation. A layout can only be changed so much without the intervention of a design professional, and a complete bathroom renovation can add to your space. As mentioned earlier, if you are tearing down or moving walls or expanding your home in any way while remodeling your bathroom, be sure to speak to your designer about whether or not you need a permit before proceeding.

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Why a bathroom renovation pays off

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Bathrooms are a major selling point when launching your space. In many cases, selling your home means you need to renovate a bathroom. A bathroom renovation can significantly increase the market value of your home and be the make-or-break factor that can convince a potential buyer. If your master bathroom looks a little worn and in dire need of renovation, you may find it harder to sell your home. Put some work on your bathroom and see interest rise, all due to some new renovations.

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