Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

2019 interior design trends

Even though we are only three quarters of the year we are already thinking of clients for current projects and have been researching the future interior design trends for 2019 since the new year to get the most out of their spaces for life and furthermore we thought we would ours Share finds to inspire you as you complete your own summer projects.

From the materials and finishes to a surprising comeback in design style we’ve never seen, here’s a list of enviable interior design trends for 2019 that you should consider and try for good reason, plus helpful tips from our designers.

Materials & surfaces

2019 interior design trends for inspiration

Every year we see remarkable advances in the use of materials and their manufacture. However, leave it up to acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola to create a collection of tables made of tempered, lightweight feather glass with irregular veins to match those of marble.

Your fascinating series of oval tables on asymmetrical legs is dynamic and enchanting. The vein pattern of the glass plate seems to be fluid as the perspectives change. This creates a sensual and dynamic option that tops our list of interior design trends for 2019 that go beyond expecting.

The color of the year

Night Watch Hunter Green 2019 Interior Design Trends

Since we couldn’t share the top interior design trends of 2019 without considering the color of the year and our perspective, it goes on …

This more atmospheric alternative to hunter and bottle green is a nice alternative to today’s trendy matte black and looks great with high gloss finishes and elements. However, if a full room is too much, consider small but impactful ways to bring in the color, such as in the bathroom. B. a living textile or a deep green carpet on a luminous marble floor.

Convertible city apartments

Convertible Apartment 2019 Interior Design Trends

From modern iterations on Murphy beds to moving walls and multipurpose built-ins, convertible homes are one of the most sensible and intriguing trends in interior design of 2019 to grab our attention.

Who wouldn’t want a home full of ingenious, conversational designs that make the most of the smallest space with practicality, great design, and lightness?

Compact and multifunctional facility

compact furniture 2019 interior design trends

As more and more people become interested in urban city apartments, it makes sense for designers to finally realize the need for smart, multipurpose furniture that is small.

Say hello to furniture that adapts to different spaces and needs and fits into sophisticated spaces where there is no lack of style. This is a welcome trend and one of the most popular interior design trends for 2019 that is causing a stir.

Boho is back

modern boho 2019 interior design trends

Okay, the boho style really never fully faded, but its impact on the design world last had its moment about a decade ago, and for good reason. This rich, offset, layered look just couldn’t keep up with the times, when the expressive design was decidedly low-key, and its relaxed approach didn’t feel fresh either.

And as you can imagine, we were completely exhausted to find it keep popping up on every list and in every showroom, highlighting the interior design trends of 2019. For starters, it feels unexpected, is sure to make your home stand out from the rest, and the best part is that it can easily be brought into your home to create a sense of whimsical character that is so in the design scene was not there for a long time.

The return of terrazzo

Modern terrazzo bathroom 2018 interior design trends

Given the continued popularity of mid-century modern design, which shows no signs of slowing down, it is not surprising that terrazzo finishes and decorative extras had a huge impact on design predictions looking at interior design trends in 2019.

As a composite material of marble, quartz, granite and glass splinters that evokes a playful, confetti-like abstracted spirit, we have seen many ingenious ways to bring the material with terrazzo into your home, from floor coverings to lamps and even shower curtains ( i.e. in printed form).

Statement blankets

Statement ceilings 2019 interior design trends

Every year there is great excitement when Pantone announces the color of the year and new hues are released to the public. In all fairness, however, these new hues offer very little changes in tone and inspiration as we’ve all seen enough accents on walls and clever shots of wallpaper installations bored us endlessly.

But blankets? This is fresh! The last time we can find ceilings as vibrant as the 2019 interior design trends dates back to the intricately sculpted sheet metal ceilings of the 1920s.

From expressively painted to varnished to wallpapered and sculpted ceilings, there is a lot to be said about the enticing visual impact when you think about what we often dislike. A newly designed ceiling can make a room appear larger, brighter and, above all, more memorable than any conventional accent wall.

Interesting silhouettes

best 2019 interior design trend

When it comes to lighting, ask any interior designer and they will immediately suggest overlaying your lighting scheme with different sources to create a warm and inviting feeling. All the more convincing are some of the modern lamps we’ve seen recently.

Take this snake-shaped one from Fios for example. The fascinating silhouette will charm you and lead to conversations and at the same time help to illuminate a room even better. We also love the unique color.

Kitchen banquets

Top interior design trend 2019

Since most kitchens don’t have enough seating, create a warm sense of community in one of the most frequently used rooms in your home with a chic built-in layer of your lighting. This is the best solution even in the smallest of kitchens.

Whether you just have a small kitchen breakfast nook to work with or have an oversized kitchen, a nice kitchen banquet is sure to keep you conversational while increasing the resale value of your home, as long as you choose a good kitchen. built, classic style. And a kitchen banquet also helps you make better use of the space you have to work with, so you can accommodate as many people as possible in your kitchen without having to bring additional seating. Even better if you can build hidden storage space under your kitchen banquet seat.

Curved furniture

curved furniture 2019 interior design trends

Popular in the ’60s and ridiculed from then on, curved upholstered furniture made a big impression at recent design fairs as rigid lines had been in the spotlight for several decades and felt a bit routine and expected.

Notice how the purple velvet sofa above gives this otherwise masculine space a much-needed sense of sensuality and subtle play that saves it from becoming a fad anytime soon. We’ve seen curved lines on table tops and even carpets lately, but their return to sofas and seating makes it one of the most intriguing and even desirable interior design trends for 2019 that you should consider bringing into your home – even if it is in the form of a simple side chair or utility bench.

Geometric and tribal patterns

geometric tribal patterns 2019 interior design trends

While geometric patterns almost never go out of style thanks to their symmetrical harmony, ethnic and tribal-inspired prints seem to come and go about every 10 to 15 years as times and tastes change.

But what makes them feel so right when considering the interior design trends of 2019 is the warmth, familiarity, and the staggered pattern that they can easily bring in even in the smallest of spaces. And although warm minimalism has had its moment for some time, there is something to be said about bringing more life into a room as a direct response to today’s somewhat strict, restrictive and uncomplicated approach to interior design.

That said, if a full-fledged, ethnically-inspired look like the one above isn’t for you, think about little ways to highlight the moment with crisp bedding, decorative pillows and throws, and miniature framed prints that you can easily turn on Off as soon as the design scene goes on.

Environmentally friendly

eco-friendly interior design trends 2019

Since the environment is gradually suffering from a major crisis, we are always looking forward to new production and decoration approaches that are easy on the eye and have little or no impact on the planet and its resources.

From leftover materials like marble being intelligently reassembled to energy-saving appliances to living plant walls, everything you bring into your home from now on (if you haven’t already) has to follow suit and take less and give back to the planet as much as possible.

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