Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Island Ideas

best modern kitchen island ideas

Do you want to update your kitchen this year with extra storage, extra work space and general value? Whether you’re looking for kitchen island ideas for small kitchens or you have plenty of space to work, there is a perfect island kitchen idea that is right for your home.

From bold colors to smart storage solutions, here are over 20 of the best kitchen islands for your kitchen renovations in 2019 from our seasoned builders and interior designers.


asymmetrical kitchen island

If you’re not gifted with a lot of space in your kitchen, or if it is an uncomfortable space, kidney or bean shaped kitchen island ideas may be the best alternative for you.

They wrap around you and take up less space than a square kitchen island, and there aren’t any sharp corners to knock on – perfect for smaller rooms and households with kids who are prone to bump into things.

A rectangular island

Kitchen island 2019

Kitchen islands are traditionally square, but squares just don’t fit every room. A rectangular kitchen island might fit the size and shape of your kitchen a lot better.

You can put a lot more workspace ideas on a longer island. Longer kitchen islands are also great for hiding your bulky appliances (like an oven) as you can keep them out of sight. This will make your kitchen look minimalist, spacious, and stylish – which makes it one of the most effective and easiest kitchen island ideas you should consider.

A mirrored kitchen island

mirrored kitchen island

A mirrored kitchen island will look glamorous in even the most common kitchens. The reflective surface makes your kitchen appear bigger and brighter, and is also a clever way to dress up a kitchen island that takes up valuable space in the center of your kitchen.

Smaller mirrored panels can also hide dead spaces or cover drawer fronts. Mirrors provide stylish decoration ideas for kitchen islands.

Round / oval

oval kitchen island

Circular or oval kitchen islands are another great option when you need a small kitchen island. They take up much less space as there are no corners and no waste of space – they make for great ideas for kitchen islands in a small space.

Circular islands are best for giving you extra counter space and storage space, since you can barely put a dishwasher in one. Oval kitchen islands are spectacularly suitable for a breakfast bar. So use their socially appealing shape with bar stools.

Breakfast bar kitchen island

Breakfast nook kitchen island

A breakfast bar is a wonderfully social way to eat and entertain, and is perfect for more casual meals in the kitchen. A small kitchen island can be used as a breakfast bar and offers space for many people.

Alternatively, you can create an overhang on one side of your kitchen island (whatever you use it for) to create a dual-use island – a great idea for a kitchen island for a small kitchen.

Contrast color schemes

contrasting kitchen island

When it is time to introduce color to your kitchen, a contrasting kitchen island is a smart way to bring brilliant color to your kitchen. By installing a different colored kitchen island, you can contrast the color of the appliances with the rest of your kitchen.

We love autumn tones and deep blues for decorating ideas for kitchen islands as they give your kitchen a warm and inviting color. Plus, it will never go out of style or look out of date.

Pastry preparation

intelligent kitchen island

If you love creating delicacies out of pastries or bread, turn your island kitchen ideas into a pastry prep station or something more dedicated to your cooking style.

The surfaces for making pastries and bread are lower than a normal work surface, making it easier for you to work your dough. Marble is a great surface material for processing pies. So opt for a kitchen island with a marble top.

Comprehensive asymmetry

kidney-shaped kitchen island

If you have room to fill (and have a generous budget on kitchen island ideas), fill it up with a curved asymmetrical kitchen island.

This can be used to create additional seating or to create space for your sink, counter, and additional storage space. Or just use it to create a strong visual impact with a contrasting color and material.

A wine bar

Wine rack kitchen island

Big wine fan (us too)? What could be nicer for your kitchen island than using it as a home bar? Get the look by creating plenty of storage space for bottles so you can easily access them when you need them.

Add shelf space for wine glasses and incorporate a wine cooler so you can keep your wine chilled. Add an overhang for a breakfast bar so you and your friends can sit on fancy bar stools and discuss the day’s events over a large glass of vino.

Stylish basket shelf

Basket storage kitchen island

An island full of wicker storage is a stylish and practical way to keep all of your kitchen utensils together, and they make great ideas for kitchen islands on a budget.

Plus, baskets look so charming – opt for an island with a wooden top and cream-colored baskets or even consider a gray and white combo for your kitchen island color ideas.


metallic kitchen island

High-gloss metallics are a serious trend and make for ultra-chic ideas for kitchen islands that give one of your most frequently used rooms an exhilarating feeling of everyday glamor.

Choose a stainless steel for an industrial kitchen island or antique brass or gold for something warmer. The whole island doesn’t have to be metallic – with wood or marble on top to soften the look – simple kitchen island ideas that make an impact.

A kitchen island

Hob kitchen island

Free up space in your kitchen by placing your stove on your kitchen island. This frees up the original surface space and allows you to cook more centrally.

If you need kitchen island ideas in a small space, leave your pots, pans, and utensils hanging over the island, as this gives you easy access to your kitchen gadgets while you prep and cook.

Sink in the middle

Kitchen island

Moving the sink to a kitchen island turns a traditionally boring kitchen necessity into a beautiful feature. It creates additional work space and centralizes your room, even with a small kitchen island.

Make an impact with a statement tap – be bold and choose a gold tap or something ornate and interesting. This doesn’t have to cost a lot so it doesn’t exceed your budget for kitchen island ideas.

A butcher block

Butchers block kitchen island

Butcher blocks are perfect ideas for kitchen islands in a small space. They’re easy to move around (especially when they’re on wheels), they have plenty of storage space, and the added benefit of creating a warm, rustic industrial feel.

We love dark butcher blocks with traditional wood panels for color ideas for kitchen islands. They look equally good in traditional and modern kitchens.

Additional cookbook storage

Cookbook kitchen island

Cookbooks should be kept in the kitchen, but there is often no place for them, leaving them forgotten in a closet until the promise to have a dinner party is remembered.

If you have shelves on your kitchen island, cookbooks can be easily stored and kept in the kitchen with just an arm away.

Charming country

modern country kitchen island

The epitome of kitchen islands is an ode to country style – warm oak furniture with ceramic tiles for something a little different, even massive oak islands with cute gingham curtains to hide what’s kept underneath (great for kitchen island ideas on a budget).

A weathered, warm and well used look is what you are looking for here.

Multi-level surfaces

multi-story kitchen island

As you know, not all countertop levels are created equal – some work is best done on a lower level, some is best done on a higher level.

A kitchen island gives you the option of having a tiered surface so that you can easily wash and chop on one end and sit and eat on the other.

Open shelves

open shelf kitchen island

Open shelves not only keep your kitchen utensils accessible, they also create breathtaking ideas for kitchen islands. On open shelves on your island, you can store jars with spices and dried goods or dishes or pots and pans (whatever your heart desires).

They are easily accessible and make a nice feature when stylized and judged well.

Slimmed down

slim kitchen island

Kitchen islands don’t have to take up your entire kitchen, nor do you need a huge kitchen to hold one. If you reduce the traditional kitchen island to the bare minimum, you can fit it into almost any kitchen.

Looking for more storage space? Open up the space with an island on legs – stools can be tucked away for extra seating and shelves can be added for more storage space. But it doesn’t have to be big.

An extra wide kitchen island

modern kitchen island ideas

If you have enough space to work, an extra-wide kitchen island offers you a lot of additional storage space and surface space and at the same time creates an impressive effect.

And if one is not enough or looks the other way, two kitchen islands can provide an impressive feature that adds a lot of value to your home.

A waterfall countertop

Waterfall countertop

For an elegant and sophisticated look that is worth it, a waterfall slab made of elegant marble adds a beautiful touch to your kitchen island.

Just make sure you are happy with the appearance of the surface being put in to ensure that your investment will stand the test of time and you won’t get tired in a short amount of time.

Everything white

Marble kitchen island

An all-white kitchen island makes a minimal statement and makes your kitchen appear larger and brighter. Plus, we love how the crisp Stark bar stools were introduced into the kitchen shown above as they also add a subtle impact that is seriously stylish.

A versatile kitchen island

versatile kitchen island

Looking for a unique kitchen island idea? A versatile setting makes your kitchen island an unforgettable highlight like the one shown above. The overhang on the countertop keeps the overall impression calm, yet full of bold fullness and visual play.

A metal kitchen island

Metal kitchen island

Keep the look clean and easy to maintain by opting for a metal kitchen island that will add a sense of industrial cool to your home for years to come.

A minimal kitchen island

minimal kitchen island

If it seems like kitchen islands are taking up a lot of space, there are plenty of minimal kitchen island ideas out there that will prove you wrong.

Go for a clean and calm look by creating a sleek kitchen island with matte finishes for a subtle statement.

A wrap around kitchen island

wrap around kitchen island

If you have a large kitchen and entertain frequently, a massive island kitchen will benefit you for years to come. Our interior designers loved the kitchen island shown above because it really offers so many valuable amenities, including particularly comfortable seating and corners for decorative items.

A portable kitchen island

portable kitchen island

If you’re in a rental property or looking for kitchen island ideas on a budget, it is easy to find a stylish and practical kitchen island that you can take with you and move when it’s not needed. Plus, they can easily be found for just a few hundred dollars or less.

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