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Easy Landscaping Ideas

Easy Landscaping Ideas

inspiring landscaping ideas

It goes without saying that the less garden you have to maintain, the less maintenance there will be and there are tons of clever options when it comes to landscaping to achieve this.

Who has time to prune, weed and water? If a garden that requires little to no maintenance is your dream and you need proven landscaping ideas, consider these pro ideas for keeping your garden as easy to maintain as possible.


paved backyard landscaping ideas

Adding paved surfaces to your yard is a smart way to remove some low maintenance grass and plants that you need to maintain while the area remains functional, including a fun place for summer barbecues.

Uncomplicated plants

modern simple garden plants landscaping ideas

It should be a breeze to fill your garden with plants that are easy to care for, as people often make the mistake of choosing inflammatory flowers without realizing how difficult and time consuming they are to care for. Whether watering, feeding, or pruning – some plants are very careful.

Opt for perennials rather than annuals so that you don’t have to replant your beds every year. Opt for evergreen shrubs that don’t require much attention and look great all year round.

Raised beds

modern ideas for the design of flower beds

Raised beds cause less work and are the perfect addition to modern garden design ideas. By dividing the planting space, there is less chance of flower beds going out of control, and since they are raised, the weeding and death that you have to do is less of a hassle.

Raised beds are one of the simpler landscaping ideas, but so effective. And as for caring for landscaping ideas, they also break the structure in your yard and become a feature that regular flower beds don’t.

A painted fence

modern painted fence landscaping ideas

When great backyard landscaping ideas are out of scope for time constraints, maintenance or fresh paint will do wonders for your yard if you want to create a nice, relaxing space and introduce color without the landscaping. Painting fences, sheds, and summer homes in glorious shade will liven up your garden without much maintenance.

Pastel shades (like delicate greens and blues) look great, but don’t be afraid to go bold with black or a more vibrant, unexpectedly moody shade. This is a great way to come up with landscaping ideas on a budget – which, by the way, doesn’t require any additional landscaping.

Relaxation room

modern ideas for landscaping hammocks

Garden maintenance can be less stressful when you have the perfect relaxation space to relax at the end of the day. Gardening is all about the bottom line. So create a tempting area to sit back and enjoy the results.

Set up a colorful hammock between two trees for the ultimate oasis or invest in comfortable, durable patio furniture to rest on at the end of a busy day.

Potted plants

modern garden planter landscaping ideas

Pots are life-saving landscaping ideas – minimal weeding is required and you are in control of how big your plants get. You can also move pots around for a new layout to make them a flexible planting option, and you can use them to brighten up even the smallest of spaces.

Since many easy-care plants don’t produce brightly colored flowers, add pops of color with some flashy pots. Pots are also perfect for adding life to your garden for easy and cheap landscaping ideas.

Go local

native plants landscaping ideas

Consider native plants as they are not difficult to care for. Plants that are native to your area are used to the climate, so you don’t have to worry about water, light and temperatures.

If you go for more exotic options, you are sure to find that they take a great deal of care. To be easy to care for, choose plants that perfectly match your home climate for landscaping in residential areas.


Garden mulch variety landscaping ideas

Mulch is an excellent way to cover up a variety of gardening sins, saves time, and is an easy alternative for inexpensive landscaping ideas. Covering the soil between plants with mulch also prevents weeds from erecting their heads and your plants from fighting for light and water.

It also helps feed your garden when it collapses and keep the outside space neat and organized. Go for natural mulch landscaping ideas as these are environmentally friendly too.

artificial grass

modern astro lawn landscaping ideas

If you’re short on time to mow and maintain your lawn, how about artificial turf? There is no need to mow it, there is no need to water it, and once it is properly placed there is no maintenance going forward. And you don’t have to worry about it drying out in the sun, showing bald patches and having to be re-sown.

Although visually deceptive, this is the simplest of all landscaping ideas. Artificial turf comes at a price (it’s certainly not on the cheap landscaping ideas list), but if you need low maintenance maintenance and want the effect of grass, this is a smart go.

Build a deck + a plant around it

Backyard deck landscaping ideas

Decks are great for entertaining and extra solid seating areas, and are easier to maintain than grass. However, they can make an investment much more expensive.

Granted, they need painting or staining, but that’s nothing compared to mowing a lawn over time every week. Paint it a contrasting color or keep it neutral so it will blend in with the rest of your garden and act as the perfect backdrop.

Cottage garden

Cottage garden landscaping ideas

Embrace a natural look with a wildly lush cottage garden. If you allow your garden to run freely (within reasonable limits) you can achieve a cute British cottage garden look that will be the envy of you. To preserve the look, randomly plant large amounts of contrasting grasses and plants of different sheds in your garden.

The more natural and unsupervised it looks, the better. Plus, it’s the ultimate example of simple landscaping ideas on a budget and spectacularly making your garden run its course.

Gravel + stones

Garden gravel landscaping ideas

Gravel and mismatched stones make for good ground cover, require little maintenance, and make for brilliant texture for any landscaping ideas you might be considering. Plus, it’s a simple front yard landscape solution for those pesky areas that you can’t seem to get around. Create a minimalist garden feeling with gravel and raised beds for a rich, multi-layered garden design.

Loose stones are inexpensive and look great anywhere, whether you’re looking for backyard garden design ideas or front yard garden design ideas. Everyone will be jealous of your modern and minimalist garden and you will rave about how easy it is to maintain. Remember – you always need more than you think to cover an area.

Outdoor artwork

Art landscaping ideas

Have you ever thought of outdoor works of art or even mirrors? Outdoor artwork is a great maintenance free feature to bring your garden to life. If you choose framed prints, mirrors, and sculptures wisely, you can enjoy them in the long run as they always live outside when the weather is nice.

How about an interesting metal art installation on a wall for added visual texture? Or a pretty mosaic or a painted mural? Mind you, these don’t have to be major issues that require careful time and thought, as they do not need to be expensive or precious to spend most of their life outdoors.


Landscaping ideas

When it comes to life-enhancing landscaping ideas, sometimes it pays to be as creative and dramatic as possible. Transform your yard by designing a stunning walkway with an arched arbor adorned with vibrant flowers and grape vines.

You can create a bold arbor or make a statement with a series of arbors to create a romantic walkway while highlighting the gorgeous landscaping ideas that you have introduced into your yard. In addition, mandrels can be built inexpensively and quite easy to manage – even without a green thumb in tow.


Landscaping ideas

Add a sense of everyday old world glamor to your landscape design with beautifully manicured topiaries as they instantly add a luxurious sense of elegance and a considered footprint.

Topiaries are visually striking and unique in themselves. They create a layered effect and give the eye something to focus on. The trick with this is to pay attention to the scaling as it should be just the right size for a brilliant effect.

Drawn paths

drawn landscaping

Another way to define romantic garden design ideas, lined walkways are the ultimate in English landscaping chic and don’t require a lot of maintenance. By lining a simple sidewalk, you can better define it while keeping guests excited about what lies ahead.

While plants and plants lining your walkway can be added at any height, our interior designers recommend a low-lying look to avoid cluttering too much visual space.

Climbing plants

Landscaping vines

If you’re looking for some dramatic front yard landscaping ideas, a flowing sequence of grapevines and ivy may be for you because of its lush size and hanging nature. If the facade of your home can withstand the wear and tear that comes from watering and caring for plants, grapevines are a great option.

From all of the green vines to gorgeous pops of color, it all depends on how fully they can grow and how well you manage them, as they require more maintenance than other landscaping ideas.

Kitchen garden

Landscaping trends

Are you looking for sustainable landscaping ideas that go beyond your average compost kit? Why not start your own vegetable garden, because you’ll save money on groceries and you’ll be proud to see how fertile the return on your income is.

Outdoor gardens are a wonderful way to relax and be one with nature while adding extra exercise as you plant and maintain your garden. The key here is to do your research before buying any seeds as you need to know what is growing best in your area and how much work it will take to grow and manage it all.

sitting area

 Backyard landscaping ideas

To get the most out of your garden design plans, consider the best area to create a dynamic seating area where you can soak up the beauty of your garden and all of the commendable hard work that has gone into making it perfect.

No matter how small the room is, put seating and tables facing each other for real conversation. Even better if a fire pit is centrally located to really enhance the spirit of nature.

A secluded courtyard

 Backyard landscaping

Nothing evokes the discreet charm of nature like the landscaping in the courtyard, as they always evoke the feeling of an elegant private oasis cut off from the reality of the real world.

If you have ample space or are planning a new build, a courtyard will only add to the value of your home in a way that no other landscaping ideas can. However, if you are on a budget or have limited space, you can channel the feel of a courtyard with arbors installed to mimic one.

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