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Unraveling the Timeless Appeal of Leather
Chesterfield Sofas

Unraveling the Timeless Appeal of Leather Chesterfield Sofas

When browsing through online stores you will probably come across the same furniture type with different names. This is particularly common with sofas. There are typical sofas, couch and then couch sofas. Actually, there is nothing but these three names because they have the same meaning in principle. However, the difference is achieved by regional differences or roots of origin. Chesterfield sofas are sofas that are fully upholstered with arms and back at the same height level. Leather chesterfield sofas are special because they all have leather upholstery.

Aside from leather suspension, there are other features that leather chesterfield sofas have that make them special.


This is probably one of the most ignored parts of a sofa that most buyers never consider. But when it comes to chesterfield sofas, it can never go without mentioning. The chesterfield sofas are sewn with the hardest drawstrings with areas exposed to high stress, double-stitched.


Leather chesterfield sofas are usually designed with experienced craftsmen with the heritage of furniture in the heart. As such, they are designed with optimum suspension for satisfactory performance. These sofas provide several types of suspensions, including flush spring units, high quality electric bumpers and serpentine springs.


Because leather chesterfield sofas are up to strength and robustness, frames are usually made of high quality materials with higher durability. Most commonly used are beech wood to provide stable frames that are screwed and glued together to give extra stability.


Unlike chesterfields in the 19th century, modern chesterfield sofas are made to the current technology of fillings that are not only fillers but also burdensome on the comfort side.