Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Modern rustic bathroom ideas

A warm and welcoming rustic spirit never goes out of style thanks to its unmistakable charm and timeless charisma. But how can you achieve the right look in an otherwise small and challenging space – like your bathroom? As with rustic bathroom ideas, there is a surefire way to master the design style that is easier than you think.

To help you introduce a rustic bathroom decor, we reached out to Décor Aid’s interior designers for advice and inspiration so you can transform your bathroom into a rustic oasis with confidence. From rustic vanity tops to affordable bathroom accessories that add idyllic touches, here’s everything you need to know to hit the look for your next bathroom makeover.

Sweet symmetry

elegant rustic bathroom ideas

Having a completely modern home to work with doesn’t mean you can’t inject a dose of the rustic without it coming out randomly or ill-informed. It can be just the opposite when it comes to rustic bathroom ideas.

The key to remembering is that bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in any home. Since it does, you can choose unexpected design directions that will not detract from the direction of the rest of the house. To get it to work, all you should do is add a few rustic touches to your bathroom and stick to symmetry to keep the look minimal and infinitely pleasing to the eye.

Claw-foot tub

claw-foot tub rustic bathroom ideas

With nothing more reminiscent of the romance of chic country living than a glamorous claw foot bath, our renovation experts were quick to point out that they should be viewed as an essential investment when looking for rustic bathroom ideas.

And since they are classic and increasingly rare, they will never go out of style and at the same time increase the value of your property.

Black and white rustic bathroom ideas

black and white rustic bathroom ideas

Just because you want to bring a rustic spirit to your bathroom doesn’t mean you face predictable colors.

Instead, like decorating a room, opt for what instinctively feels right to you. And when it comes to timeless bathroom styling ideas, an almost entirely white approach keeps things modern and straightforward. We especially love how fresh the bathroom shown above looks thanks to its sleek black and white flooring that never goes out of style, while beautifully highlighting the rustic vanity. And as you can see again, symmetry and clean lines make for a clever way for even the most random finds to work together in harmony.

A minimal mind

Minimal rustic bathroom ideas

Even if you’re into rustic bathroom ideas, keep in mind that few elements are required to properly evoke the design style – meaning you don’t have to focus fully on themed areas.

On the contrary, we recommend sticking to a clean and calm look so that you can wear your rustic inspiration longer. That way, you won’t get tired of as quickly as you would expect from a floor-to-ceiling picking up on rustic bathroom ideas. Keep it simple and sparse, timeless and elegant.

A unique mirror

Shiplap rustic bathroom ideas

An affordable and easy-to-get mirror can instantly do incredible wonders to enhance rustic bathroom decor. Note that the mirror has a classic silhouette at the top, but the tarnished metal frame gives it a contemporary edge that completely channels a rustic spirit with ease.

Even in a thoroughly modern bathroom, a rustic mirror like the one above can serve as a juxtaposition to create a spirited country charm.

Open wooden shelves

open shelves rustic bathroom ideas

Open wood shelving is a stylish way to add extra storage space to your bathroom in an enviable warm and rustic way. It’s a casual storage option for a rustic bathroom and a great way to keep your towels in easy reach.

Open shelving is also easy and inexpensive to build and install yourself, even if you are not the most experienced carpenter in town. To get the right look, all you have to do is pick up charming old wooden planks and wrought iron brackets to secure them and make the room feel like a beautifully made rustic bathroom decor.

Mirror with a wooden frame

rustic bathroom ideas of mirror with wooden frame

Every bathroom needs a mirror. If you’re creating a rustic bathroom, we recommend choosing a wood-framed mirror to complete the look. Look for a worn bathroom mirror that looks like it has a story to tell – rustic, aged wood is perfect for evoking this.

There are many wooden framed mirrors available at affordable prices. However, if you’re struggling to find one that will suit your rustic bathroom decor, our interior designers often find stylish and unique mirrors at local antique stores for something a little more fancy in the spirit. But if you have a flexible budget to work with, we love how the bathroom wall above has been topped with an accent wall with bare wood planks to add a rustic sensibility.

Rustic bathroom vanity

Bathroom counter rustic bathroom ideas

A rustic vanity completes the look of your rustic bathroom in no time and brings your entire bathroom together seamlessly. Rustic bathroom vanities can be painted white and cream, even light blue, green, or gray if you want a more modern, unexpected color.

If you’re looking for something more authentic rustic, go for an aged wood or wood strip look as rustic bathroom vanities are sure to add a pleasant charm to your rustic bathroom decor.

Barn door

barn door rustic bathroom ideas

The perfect way to set the tone for a memorable rustic bathroom is through the entrance. In a bathroom, this means the door. Replacing your current bathroom door for a barn door is the perfect way to set the tone before anyone even enters.

Not only does a barn door add an extra level of elegance to rustic bathroom decor, it also gives it the warmth and feel for the unexpected that you can only achieve by looking outside the box for unusual notes. It also creates a playful idea that you won’t see in anyone else’s home. The key here is to look for modern and minimal sliders and hardware so as not to seem too literal.

Floral accents

floral rustic bathroom ideas

What about flowers that add an extra touch of country spirit to any room? If you want to create the perfect rustic bathroom, you can’t forget about the finishing touches. A rustic design isn’t just about being modern and minimalist. A touch of femininity can be added here and there to create a really welcoming feeling.

Whether it’s floral wallpaper on one wall, floral wallpaper on another wall, or freshly cut bathroom flowers by the sink, we believe a rustic bathroom comes into its own when it has some cozy touches like these.


clapboard rustic bathroom ideas

You may have always thought of shiplap as an exterior material that is only used to clad the exterior walls of your home. Think again, because Shiplap is a totally affordable way to add a spirited, rustic flair to your bathroom. Rustic bathroom decor doesn’t have to be over the top and obvious. You can choose a white option that gives you a touch of luxury that looks stunning behind rustic wooden bathroom vanities.

If you want to feel even more rural, choose a treated wood in a warm tone. Perfect for rustic bathroom ideas as you feel like you’ve just walked into a wooden cabin in the woods.

Transformed vanities

vanity remodeled rustic bathroom ideas

What better way to add some charm to your bathroom than with rustic vanity tops? A clever way to do this is to turn something with rustic charm into a one of a kind vanity.

We saw old fashioned dressers converted into vanities, along with barrels and pallets, and lots of rustic, worn hardware that was used for handles and furnishings. Ideas like these will make your space unique and where better to show off your creative skills than coming up with your own rustic bathroom.

DIY rustic shower curtain

shower curtain rustic bathroom ideas

A shower curtain printed to look like a barn door may not be your style. However, if you’re looking for something a little more personal, creating a custom printed shower curtain is a great and inexpensive way to master the look. Finding a design you like on a waterproof fabric can be difficult because vinyl and polyester don’t always give you the best and most desirable options.

Pick a fabric you love, like a deep red plaid, and place it in a waterproof fabric to protect it from daily moisture and use. From there, you can create your own rustic shower curtain to match the spirit of your rustic bathroom.

Plank shelves

Hallway shelves rustic bathroom ideas

Open shelves in a bathroom are a great way to display your bathroom accessories and must-have items alike. Rough industrial wood is a great choice when considering stylish, rustic bathroom ideas – it will make you feel like you are in a cabin in the woods.

Choose some vintage or vintage-inspired metal brackets that will allow you to mount your shelf on the wall, as anything too modern runs the risk of looking the other way.

Ceiling cladding

rustic bathroom ideas ceiling

We often forget about the ceiling as part of a room that can be used as an important element of your design. Don’t leave your rustic bathroom ideas on the walls, because rustic bathroom ceiling ideas can be a great way to introduce the organic into even the most modern of homes.

Create a completely rustic bathroom by covering the ceiling as well, giving your entire bathroom that rustic, cubicle-like feel from top to bottom. White paneling gives you a more modern look with a nautical touch, while wood gives you a very traditional, classic feel.

Basket storage

Basket storage rustic bathroom ideas

Storage of baskets is a charming and inexpensive way to add extra storage space and organic details to your rustic bathroom. You can choose from wicker, woven wire, wire mesh, or even cleverly molded plastic (if you want something more durable) for your storage baskets and any number of different basket foils to complete the look (especially good if you opt for gingham).

Fancy storage baskets are a stylish way to store toiletries, towels, linens, and necessities, making your rustic bathroom a well-assessed and organized space.

Glass storage jars

Glass storage jar rustic bathroom ideas

Glass storage jars are also a smart way to store bathroom products like soaps, bath salts, and cotton pads. They make your rustic bathroom feel all the more charming and rustic and give the room a calming and familiar touch.

Choose mismatched glasses and glasses in different styles for a thoroughly rustic look.

Exposed brick

Visible rustic brick bathroom ideas

We love the idea of ​​exposed brick in a rustic bathroom and we think this leads to a more contemporary version of “rustic”. Exposing the brick in this way creates the feeling of a bare and minimal space and gives your bathroom a special quality. If you don’t have the option to expose bricks in your bathroom, wallpaper is a great alternative.

You can print some very compelling trompe l’oeil wallpapers that look like exposed brick – perfect for modern rustic bathroom ideas and accent walls alike.

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