Pantone Color Of The Year

Pantone color of the year 2019

While we’re not into fleeting trends to define our views on interior design, there is inspiration every time Pantone announces the color of the year. And when we hit the world of ‘Living Coral’ in 2019, we reached out to our interior designers to share their approaches in adding brilliant color hits to a home.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, Living Coral evokes “playful expression” and our “innate need for optimism”. Best of all, the color choices weren’t just based on a random whim or trendy cues. As a tribute to environmental coral reefs, Pantone stated, “Living corals are a reminder of how coral reefs offer protection to a diverse color kaleidoscope.”

Use it as an accessory

Pantone 2019 color of the year

When it comes to quick and affordable decor updates, there’s nothing like a few fine accessories. Of course, they’re also easier to tie and can be found relatively inexpensively.

From a scented candle to bed linen and even lamps, there are endless possibilities to discover. The key here, however, is not to add more than three parts in a room in hopes of not overwhelming the eye or becoming clumsy.

Create a mix of free tones

Coral 2019 color of the year

Notice how the matte coral tone of the couch gives the space above its strongest statement. While the ice blue wall paint and patterned brown carpet work together, the eye stays on the couch where the conversation begins.

Use live corals as a visual anchor in any room as they go well with almost any color. When they are available in a darker area, it looks all the more timeless.

Make sure to wake up your entrance area

Coral entrance decor ideas

While the structure pictured above has an infinitely charming vibe, the look would be completely different if it weren’t for that eye-catching front door made of dusty coral.

Follow your example and consider repainting your door in a signature shade or bringing your entrance back to life with vibrant coral hits over a rug, framed prints, or drip trays.

Nothing is right with a small dose

Pantone Coral color ideas

Even when it comes to color trends, you don’t have to go with full force as the best moments sometimes come from subtle play of colors. How about a living wall with coral accents, coral curtains, or crisp bedding in this seriously upbeat color?

Look at pattern plays

decorate with corals

Create distinctive pattern games using corals as a starting point as they again work well when paired with just about any color. From corals replacing red in a black and white color combination to a range of hues, the color really offers so many design directions that you can make it unique to you.

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