Tuesday , 12 September 2023
What Makes An Interior Designer

What Makes An Interior Designer

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Artists are inspired by all walks of life? and interior designers are no different. Whether from a conversation, a film, a stroll through a city street or a simple sunset, inspiration can come from anywhere? and for the interior designer, it often comes from everywhere. Fashion and interior design have a lot in common and often have a symbiotic relationship. Many of the same design elements are applied to both fashion and interiors: proportions, balance, texture, pattern, and placement. An interior designer can take inspiration from fashion shows and fashion designers from all over the world – from the latest trend towards hot colors to the most tangible fabrics and textures.

Nature offers constant opportunities for artistic inspiration. A tree, a river, a falling leaf, a rain storm? All of these colors, lights and textures are waiting to be seen by the designer’s eye. Indeed, nature is the perfect place to find inspiration for an interior designer as the brightest and most interesting colors and materials used in interior design occur naturally outdoors. Things like wildflowers and tree leaves are design staples that are inspired by nature. Even seemingly mundane and ubiquitous things like this storm drain can fuel designers’ creativity. The geometric lines in conjunction with the soft organic residue and splashes of color create a lively image. Humans are also the inspiration for the design – eyes, hair and skin are available in a variety of colors and shades. Even animals – like a zebra or tiger stripe, or a leopard’s spots – have been used as patterns for designs.

Interior designers are always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration. There are plenty of design blogs out there that offer insights and examples, and many of these blogs are self-authored and share firsthand knowledge with anyone interested in decor. Decor Aid designers are no exception. They are a talented team of artists who are constantly inspired by the things around them. If you’d like the help of a professional interior designer to assist you on your design journey, reach out to Decor Aid for a consultation.