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Kitchen Shelve Ideas

Kitchen Shelve Ideas

Ideas for kitchen shelves

Less than a decade ago, wall-mounted kitchen cabinets were the ultimate kitchen cabinets, while many homeowners viewed open shelving as less refined and country-inspired. Today, however, they are a classic and increasingly popular choice for interior designers, either during a kitchen remodel or for a newly built home. If you’ve been fighting against open shelving, consider these kitchen shelf ideas for a charming space freshener that won’t cost a small fortune or detract from your home’s potential resale value.

In your endeavor to give your kitchen decor a sturdy look, these kitchen shelving ideas should come in handy. Especially when you want to display valuable finds and collectibles without taking up too much visual space. Make the most of it and update your kitchen with open shelves for a trendy yet timeless look.

But before you dive into these kitchen shelving ideas, let’s look at the pros and cons of ditching kitchen cabinets:


  • Open shelves are much cheaper than kitchen cabinets
  • You can see everything you need in front of you without searching
  • Open kitchen shelves are less bulky than kitchen cabinets – which makes your kitchen look big
  • There is simply more freedom with open kitchen shelves
  • Open kitchen shelves can also help you stay tidy as it is all about editing


  • Anything you put on an open kitchen shelf needs to be designed and edited to keep it looking easy on the eye
  • You need to regularly clean anything you place on open kitchen shelves as they gather dust every day
  • Every kitchen has random, one-of-a-kind parts like mismatched cups, and they make it all the more difficult to style open shelves to get them right

A country-style kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen shelf ideas

Open kitchen shelves in a country house style require wood panels with a lot of visible veins and a rough and rough feel. They give your kitchen a room-defining rustic look that will look timeless for years to come. When looking for open kitchen shelving ideas on a tight budget, keep in mind that a country style kitchen upgrade can cost you more than a typical kitchen renovation, and it will be a little harder to keep the look and feel natural.

This is because the type of wood that a country kitchen needs when creating floating kitchen shelves is different from standard wood that is used for shelving. But they’re worth every penny you spend on your modern country kitchen upgrade and will never go out of style.

Corner room open kitchen shelf

Corner kitchen shelf ideas

If your kitchen space isn’t big enough to have next to no idea when updating your small kitchen, then you should use your corner kitchen area to your advantage when looking for more storage space. Open shelves are best positioned end-to-end along a wall and are great for taking advantage of otherwise dead wall space. How can you make better use of your kitchen corners when considering a kitchen remodel?

You can use these hidden corners to store less attractive kitchen gadgets and place those stunning ones in the front for everyone to see. This makes decorating a small kitchen space just as easy as decorating a large room without having to spend a small fortune.

Turn your closet shelf into a pantry

Pantry kitchen shelf ideas

This idea works best for common kitchen users and large households. If you use your kitchen regularly, you most likely understand the need for a pantry in a busy home. A dedicated kitchen pantry makes it easy to cook and store items as you can easily see what to work with and what to add to your shopping list, while making it easier for you to grab and put everything back.

Even if you want to go for classic kitchen cabinet shelves, consider choosing ones with a different look for a modern feel, or you can cover each surface with vibrant patterned and printed contact paper for an inexpensive approach that will add personality to your kitchen .

Shelves above your sink

modern kitchen shelf ideas

In many homes there is enough space just above the sink so that you can create an airy feeling with a window or an open kitchen shelf. Instead of closing off the area with a bulky closet, opt for spacious floating kitchen shelves like an open shelf with just two wooden panels. This provides ample space above your sink to store items that you don’t always want to see in public.

Also, keep in mind that items stored on shelves just above your sink or stove are regularly exposed to more moisture. So you should consider the type of items you want to keep there so that nothing changes with constant temperature changes.

Remove your kitchen cabinet doors

timeless ideas for kitchen shelves

Removing your kitchen cabinet doors to make room for the shelves inside is one of the easiest and most affordable kitchen shelving ideas 2019 that is easy to put into practice. And in most households, you might not even need a professional to do this type of kitchen shelf project for you as a true home improvement project. If you remove your kitchen cabinet doors properly, your kitchen cabinets can get a transformed look with ease.

And you can make them look even better on your kitchen shelves with a fresh coat of paint and some printed contact paper. The wow factor that this handy idea gives your kitchen is that you don’t even have to go through a remodeling process to completely change the look of your kitchen. Best of all, removing your kitchen cabinet doors is free! But if you live in a rent. Keep these kitchen cabinet doors so that you can easily put them back up when you move.

Go for smaller shelves

small kitchen shelf ideas

Looking For The Best Kitchen Wall Shelving Ideas You May Want To Add Dozens Of Kitchen Shelves To Make Up For The Excess Space You Have To Work With. However, this shouldn’t be the case. In fact, too many kitchen shelves give your kitchen a clunky, busy look when headed in the opposite direction.

Consider smaller kitchen shelves that are only about the size of a kitchen cabinet in depth to keep the view easy on the eye. This is also perfect for homeowners who are looking for less dedication to keeping and cleaning up on a regular basis.

Choose all white open shelves

white kitchen shelf ideas

Think about the color palette that you want to see in your kitchen. Remember that on open shelves, all kitchen utensils are visible to everyone. A modern kitchen only looks good when all colors and elements go well together. And in order to keep the space consistent, the look of your kitchen appliances shouldn’t be too different from the style of kitchen shelves you bring into your home.

So choose a color scheme that goes well with all of the appliances and make sure your kitchen accessories match the example. White kitchen shelves with white dishes and glasses make for a perfect combination and create an endless feeling of everyday glamor. When it comes to ideas for kitchen shelves, using white will make your kitchen bigger and brighter while remaining timelessly appealing for years to come.

Think about what open shelves should look like

stylish ideas for kitchen shelves

If you love open plan kitchen shelving as opposed to cabinet shelving, then you should consider one of these fabulous kitchen shelving ideas when updating your home. The great thing about kitchen shelf ideas is that it allows you to showcase your creativity so that you can make the most of your creative senses and incorporate them. After all, there are ultimately a thousand and one ways to design a kitchen shelf, considering the hardware options that are available alone.

Regardless of what kitchen shelf ideas you bring in, don’t limit yourself to just your imagination. And are you wondering what kind of kitchen shelves you envision? Think about the aesthetic appearance you want your kitchen shelves to move into. That said, if elegant kitchen shelving ideas are within your budget, then it’s safe to try them out.

Open shelves need to be redesigned regularly

inspiring ideas for kitchen shelves

Unlike kitchen cabinet shelves, it is more fun to decorate and style open shelves as you wish. The difference is the ability to see the aesthetic beauty of your design decisions as soon as your kitchen door is opened, without necessarily having to open a kitchen cabinet. Designing an open kitchen cabinet and shelving can be both exciting and challenging.

However, the key to creating a beautiful looking kitchen shelf is to make sure that the items placed on the shelf are of different heights. This allows your eyes to be drawn across entire kitchen shelves for a more streamlined appearance. Just make sure you edit the placement and play around with it to keep the look well appraised and minimal. And, purposely leave blank spaces every now and then so the look feels expertly curated too.

Open shelves and a coffee bar

timeless ideas for kitchen shelves

A handy coffee / coffee bar is best on open shelves due to its urgency, as it is needed almost every morning for many. If you have trouble with your cabinet doors or handles making fresh coffee every morning, open shelves can save you time and help guests in your home know the exact place to have coffee.

A coffee bar can be a simple DIY project or an important aspect of a kitchen renovation project, depending on your budget and needs. You can also use your kitchen shelving ideas to create a home bar or wine storage area.

Hanging storage on an open shelf

Guide to ideas for kitchen shelves

Consider adding hanging storage space to your kitchen shelf. This is one of those kitchen wall shelf ideas that never go out of style. Hanging storage on open shelves gives your kitchen space a symmetrical and calming feel. Hanging storage also prevents your kitchen from looking cluttered and cluttered. With all of the accessories placed well, you can easily find the kitchen elements you need and look for without searching endlessly for tons of other accessories.

If kitchen cabinet shelves aren’t your inspiration, consider open kitchen shelving as an alternative. Aside from adding a sophisticated look to your kitchen shelves, they will also help you organize kitchen accessories better every day. This kitchen shelf guide is all about the best kitchen shelf ideasYou ever consider. Whether you are considering a DIY kitchen update or a more complex renovation project, the ideas presented here should help you make the most of the space you need to work with. Open shelves are the best alternative to traditional kitchen cabinet shelves. Unlike the latter, there are numerous design and styling options that will add a unique feel to your kitchen with ease. They also give you the flexibility to tailor kitchen shelf ideas to suit your styling needs and be on your budget.

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