Dorm Room Ideas

Dorm Room Ideas

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As with any small room, properly decorating a dormitory can be both fun and challenging. Especially when you are sleeping, studying, relaxing and chatting in a small space. And when you have a roommate, those challenges can double up. In the past , dormitory ideas were limited to a shelf of books, posters, and maybe some memorabilia from school. But today many students focus their interests and sensitivities on life-enhancing interior design.

Hence, it is common these days to find plenty of dorms who are both tech savvy and design conscious, always looking for cheap dorm ideas . As a student, if you want your room to look its best, you need to give it a little creative ingenuity. And luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to create a functional, practical, and stylish storm room. There are easy dorm ideas 2019 that you can incorporate in your dorm to make it stand out from the rest of the area. According to the interior designers at Décor Aid, these are some of the best dorm ideas.

Raise your bed to create more space

Ideas for dormitories in the loft bed

If your dorm can accommodate a loft bed, go for it. This is an especially smart move if your dorm has high ceilings. By raising your bed, you can create a lot of space under your bed.

In the lower area you can create a comfortable area and convert it into a lounge area, work area or storage space. You should also add space or surface near your loft bed so you don’t scramble down unnecessarily to get the data you need. Talk about an ingenious dork room hack that makes the most of vertical space that would otherwise be wasted.

Raise the bed if you cannot lay up

Boys dormitory ideas

Since most dorms are small, some rooms may not be covered. If so, consider using bed straps to lift them a little higher. This creates a few centimeters of additional storage space, which can be important for the organization and order of a single room apartment. This is also great for college students looking for girls dorm ideas as they have additional storage space on the main floor to store more clothes and bulky items.

You can easily find a cheap fabric or bed skirt to keep some of your items out of sight by tucking them under your bed. And for a DIY trick, rearrange older dresser drawers by adding wheels to the bottom and tucking them neatly under the bed. This in turn helps your dorm to look more spacious and tidy.

If you can, create an accent wall

Fashion illustration bedroom wall art ideas

While many places prohibit changing walls, all you can do is sneak into a room-defining accent wall. By painting a main wall an energetic color, you are bringing new life to the space that you have to work with.

Choose a classic tone that isn’t too abrasive and let it add depth to an otherwise small dormitory. Best of all, the fact that it’s a totally affordable way to update a dormitory, and that it can take less than an hour to paint and cover up an accent wall at the end of the year.

Use the space behind and above your door

over the door bedroom storage ideas

When it comes to clever dorm ideas, like we said before, sometimes it just takes a little creative inspiration to really use the space to your advantage.

So, install shelves and hooks to store things that you don’t always need instead of wasting that precious space above and behind your door. That way, your room will look tidy and you will know where everything is. Plus, you can do this relatively quickly and cheaply. On the other hand, our interior designers are always amazed that almost all the doors swing open, as it would make much more sense to have pocket doors to save valuable space as the space is small.

Bring nest tables

chic ideas for dorms

When it comes to dorm ideas, smart furniture can make all the difference. Think of multipurpose and lightweight pieces like pull-out beds, beds with built-in drawers underneath, tables with glass tops, and handy nesting tables.

Nesting tables are great because they give you a variety of work surfaces, are easy to move, and are great for nesting. Even better if you bring glass top nesting tables as anything with a glass top is great to make any room feel brighter and bigger than it really is.

Don’t be on a soft carpet

Ideas for dorms

Since floors are often viewed as the foundation of a space that connects everything together, you shouldn’t just rely on the usual, uncomfortable flooring.

Instead, use dorm ideas to your advantage and layer several soft rugs on top of each other. This will help redefine the space, lift it up and comfort it underfoot. A beautifully patterned rug or set of rugs will add a sense of everyday elegance to your dormitory and make it that much more unique and adult.

Give your room a personal environment

personalized ideas for dorms

The last time the room was updated, your dorm was likely converted to a predictable standard layout. But to make it your own you may have to rearrange it for a more personal feel.

Put your bed by the window, put two desks together, and move your dressers closer to the bed. You can use framed mirrors to cover an accent wall or add printed contact paper to your dresser. Mirrors are a unique way to add a sense of light and space to your dormitory while adding a stylish and glamorous touch. You can opt for decorative peel-stick mirrors if you can’t poke holes in the wall, or if you can simply prop a mirror against a wall. You should also use family photos, precious possessions, and memorabilia as calming decorative details to create a thoughtful, intimate feeling.

Coordinate with your roommate

Ideas and hacks for dorms

When it comes to dorm ideas , it’s normal for your roommate to have different opinions, tastes, and preferences. By coordinating the flow and layout of your dorm and working with your roommate, you can both prevent a visually noisy conflict.

You should both work out a plan before you move in to make sure you are on the same page. Pick a neutral color palette that will allow each of you to express a bit of personality while keeping the look reassuringly simple. Opt for single-colored beds that offer various coordination options. You should also narrow down the design style that you want to follow. When it comes to dormitory ideas, the mid-century modern is a great direction as its looks are timelessly appealing and much of the furniture is smaller than it was originally designed for small spaces.

Curate temporary wall art

Dorm room ideas art

2019 dorm ideas aren’t as focused on art as students are usually prevented from nailing or painting the walls. But are you going to spend all year looking at those boring white walls? Don’t even think about it!

In fact, there are several options available to help you add temporary murals to your dormitory that you can remove at the end of the school year. These temporary art designs come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles and you can easily find affordable art online. Alternatively, you can use detachable hooks to hang Instagram pictures or photos on a clothesline. Or create a wall with a tie rod and a piece of decorative fabric. Most dorm ideas aren’t that important or easy to subtract?

Make the clinical and harsh lighting softer

Dorm ideas lighting

Dorms do not offer the luxury of lighting fixtures typically found in bedrooms in an apartment building. And most dorms only have fluorescent ceiling lights or a desk lamp. If your dorm only has ceilings, consider expanding it and creating a comfortable lighting scheme. And a variety of lighting is a must, as you can’t leave all of the lights on to study while your roommate is sleeping. Lighting is important to both study and the style of your dormitory. Not only does this soften the harsh lighting, it also gives you more lighting options. Get a desk lamp when the overhead light is off.

Most college students, especially men, to take the idea of lighting never seriously when she Ideas for dormitories think . The truth remains, however, that light is the most important aspect of everyday interior design and should not be ignored or exploited. So bring a desk, floor lamp, and maybe even some wall sconces.

Keep the clutter at bay

Dorm ideas ideas shelves

When considering college dorm ideas , it should be remembered that your dorm clutter can look tight, messy, and uncomfortable. Avoid shrinking your storage space with unwanted items by making changes every now and then. Use baskets, containers, boxes, and trays for storage. The aim is to ensure that your storage pattern does not negatively affect the design of your space.

Hang shoe organizers in the closet and hook a commonly used item of clothing or two on the closet doors. One of the most creative dormitory ideas in 2019 is allowing you to take advantage of unused space, especially the space under the bed. And install (if you can) handy open shelving to store books and decorative items on otherwise wasted dead space.

Your bed should become an oasis

Dormitory ideas bedding

The ideas for dormitories would not be complete without a look at the beds. Let’s face it, and you want your dorm to be an ideal place to take a break from everyday stress. Therefore, you need to make a retreat zone as comfortable as possible. You don’t have to spend too much on quality papers as you probably won’t be using them after your school days. Opt for a larger bed and a fully enclosing mattress. Make sure it’s fireproof, strong, and of good quality that you can use years after you graduate from school.

If your sitting area is attached to your bed, bring a stylish pillow to make the space even more comfortable when you lean back. Also add colorful pillows to your bed and liven up the room with them. Your bed can be the sanctuary you envisioned with these simple dormitory ideas for girls and boys.

Don’t forget your reason to go there

Try out dormitory ideas

College can be an exciting experience and your dorm design can be seriously fun. But don’t forget why you’re there in the first place. If you’re serious about your studies, it doesn’t mean your dorm should be boring. Here are ideas for dormitories . You can organize your dormitory and create the unique space you need for inspiration, relaxation and learning. All night studying can be less of a chore when you add meaningful desk accessories to your workspaces. Keep items you don’t use often out of sight by using the space under the bed.

Even during your studies you can allow your personality to shine through your decor and design decisions. Think of your dorm as your new home and make the most of it. Grab these 2019 dorm ideas and bring your room to life with ease.

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