Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Spring Home Design

Spring Home Design

Spring home redesign accents

The weather is starting to warm up and that means spring is here. When you’re done with your spring cleaning ritual, be sure to quickly freshen up your space to reflect the changing seasons. Follow our guide to welcome spring into your home.


Spring house redesign of plant wall

Winter is almost over, which means nature is blooming. If you want to welcome a bit of spring into your home, you should embellish your space with a bit of green. Get a few plants from your local nursery or go full blast with something bigger. In this penthouse in Central Park West, we have installed a living plant wall next to the foyer to reflect our customers’ commitment to the environmental movement.

New art

Spring home redesign art

When renovating your home for the spring season, consider a rejuvenation. And what better way to rejuvenate your space than with new art? We love the big, bold, abstract piece that hangs over the cut in this Four Seasons San Francisco luxury apartment. It contains natural elements and gives this modern and urban living room a youthful, natural atmosphere.

Add some accent colors

Spring home redesign accents

Winter can bring out the bitter minimalist in all of us. With cloudy skies and rainy weather, a grayscale design scheme can be tempting. But now that spring has arrived, it’s time to brighten things up. In this dynamic Westchester home, we’ve added a series of primary color pillows to this living room. Along with a few pieces of wood and lots of greenery, these accent pillows brought a lot of color to this otherwise gray-scaled room.


Spring home redesign color

Rooms without natural light can feel slightly underground. Aside from blowing out a wall and installing a few windows, repainting is the easiest way to brighten up your space. The kitchen at this New York cooperative was in dire need of natural light. That’s why we painted the walls white, procured a white backsplash with tiles and installed high-gloss cabinets. Take a look at the before and after pictures.


Spring Home Redesign Suppressor

Before you start spring cleaning, consider debugging. In this Hoboken home show, we broke up the built-in bookshelves which dramatically refreshed the space. Group decorative objects in coordinating triplets and corral blankets and toss in baskets. If you can’t find a place for something, throw it away, donate it or give it away.

New window treatments

Spring house redesign window treatments

We love thick, heavy curtains in the winter months. They create a gloomy mood and can help trap the warmth in your home. But when spring rolls around, hang up some window treatments that are light and airy. In this high-rise apartment, we selected sheer white window treatments that keep the apartment feel light and airy.