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Interior Design Stylehollywood Regency Style

Interior Design Stylehollywood Regency Style

Hollywood regency style interior design

While we’ve all seen Faye Dunaway’s iconic role as Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest, we really took note of how great the actress’s home was as we came up with a luxurious take on the Hollywood Regency style that was nothing short of enviable who could boast of everyday life.

But what does Hollywood Regency style actually mean? And how do you get the look in your home?

To make it easier for you, we’ve researched the regency houses and decor in Hollywood to break down the codes of the design style so you can easily manage the look in your own home.

From everything you need to know to easy ways to style Hollywood  Regency decor on a budget, here’s a quick rundown of how to master the style to add an extra touch of luxury to your everyday life.

What does Hollywood Regency mean?

Hollywood reign defines interior design

When we think of old Hollywood glamor we often think of red carpets and the Great Gatsby era, but what about the film industry’s stamp on interior design?

Thanks to the film academy and their legion of legendary set designers for the Hollywood  Regency style – a timeless, enchanting mix of eras, styles and movements mixed with the ultimate in luxury.

The Hollywood  Regency decor is exactly what it sounds like. Everyday glamor with a high octane rating, combined with the required high-gloss lacquered surfaces, metallics and valuable fabrications, with a nod to Art Deco decadence and practical functionality of the middle of the century. Think dramatic, sensual, modern, neatly arranged and carefully edited with a mix of delicate and bold for a gender-neutral environment that is timelessly appealing.

Why are you going to love Hollywood Regency Interiors?

  • The design style is ideal for those who want to invest in classic furniture and yet want to bring a varied and lively urgency to their decor with inexpensive decorative extras that are easy to swap out.
  • It’s a design style that offers a lot more freedom of expression.
  • It’s a great alternative to eclectic and bohemian styles while channeling their energy in a more approachable and minimal way.
  • While silhouettes are straightforward, if not a bit rigid, the fabrications are luxurious and focus on comfort and a sensual touch.
  • Though full of setbacks, the Hollywood Regency decor isn’t particularly retro.
  • It is quite easy and inexpensive to bring this design style into your home.
  • Best of all, it almost never goes out of style.

How do you create a Hollywood Regency style?

how to create hollywood regency style

  • Start with a neutrally toned room and pay attention to the highlighting of architectural elements.
  • Stick to a precise central color palette.
  • Make luxury and decorative drama the main focus.
  • Go for high contrasts to shed a light on your most cherished pieces.
  • Since it in the  interior of H ollywood exclusively iconography and romance goes on the canvas Regency, you should create different mixtures of unexpected elements, because the movement has fun and freedom.

Hollywood Regency Style colors

Hollywood regency style color palette

When it comes to Hollywood Regency style  color palettes , keep it simple with two to three complementary hues to keep the heady mix of furniture and elements on a deliberately calm foundation.

In fact, our interior designers unanimously proposed a timeless, soothing color palette of black, white, and gray to highlight the metallic finishes and finishes so often associated with Hollywood  Regency decor, and are on their own in combination with sophisticated colors glamorous establishment.

For an adult Hollywood  Regency-living room, you should use black and white and bring in an additional color that is in small doses full of life, so as not to overwhelm, while adding a classic itself  bedroom H ollywood Regency style in soothing ivory and cream color concentrate should be additional convenience.

Hollywood Regency Style Furniture

Hollywood regency style furniture

Think Hollywood  Regency style with a similar approach and devise ways to create comfort keys without making it a major focus.

When furnishing a room with Hollywood  Regency decor, there are three effective tips to keep in mind to get it right. For starters, like Mid Century Modern, the design style is all about clear, appealing lines and tidy surfaces. The difference is that decorative, high-gloss accessories are full of life. Second, fabrications are all about comfort, as lush, sluggish fabrics and textures from silk to fur have power.

But unlike Mid Century Modern, you can have more fun here with a rich mix of elements like Louis IV chairs, ornate filigree Art Deco pieces, hints of mod-inspired furniture from the ’60s, and no-nonsense contemporary silhouettes.

And finally, from the  living room of the Hollywood reign to the kitchen, everything revolves around the destination. Think of mirrored, lacquered, marbled and high-gloss surfaces in order to maintain the highest level of elegance for a lifetime.

Hollywood Regency Style Textiles

Textile upholstery in the Holly Wood Regency style

Since Hollywood Regency style is all about touchable glamor, opt for plush, decadent fabrications like satin, silk, fur, leather and of course velvet in a variety of hues from subtle to strong.

And since public areas are often the best places to make an energetic statement, think about how you can use unexpected inventions to create a truly memorable Hollywood Regency  living room that looks like someone else’s.  For Hollywood Regency style carpets, use two-tone Greek key patterns like above or tonal yetti or sheepskin or a vibrant zebra print

Hollywood Regency Style Accessories

Hollywood regency interior design style

Since this design style is not limited to any particular era or movement, you should be exploratory and have fun with accessories and decorative extras for a rich, unique take on the modern Hollywood  Regency style. Go again for accessories made of crystal, marble, stone and high gloss to conjure up the right spirit.

By keeping furniture and architectural elements simple with clear lines and clear surfaces, you can use accessories to create an individual environment full of life and meaningful details. From Ming vases to mirrored pedestals to ceramic horse figures, have fun and be brave with your additions, because a perfect Hollywood Regency room should offer a layered, jewel box-like selection of prized finds that will inspire you.

Hollywood Regency style window treatments

Hollywood regency window treatment ideas

Since Greek key patterns are a Hollywood Regency style signature, take inspiration from the space above and go a similar route, or keep the look simple and invest in high quality floor-to-ceiling window panels to help design the Space to create a quiet drama appear bigger, brighter and bigger.

Hollywood Regency Style Room by Room:

To help you, the  design ideas of Hollywood Regency throughout your home to explore, learn you how to seamlessly introduce from room to room design style in your home.

From a magnificent Hollywood  Regency-living room with a mixture of elements to a soothing oasis of a  bedroom in H ollywood Regency style, you will find everything you need to know to start from the smallest details to the main attraction.

Hollywood Regency Style Kitchen:

Hollywood Regency Style Living Room

While a kitchen is a prominent multipurpose communal area where form follows function, there are plenty of clever ways to add even the smallest touch of Hollywood  Regency style to everyday glamor.

We love how the kitchen above has been updated with a touch of Hollywood  Regency decor , with a three-tone color palette, clean lines, gold accents, Art Deco-inspired pendant lights, and a covered range hood for a decidedly polished approach to the design style . If you’re looking for little updates to your kitchen, keep things interesting with new pull-outs and knobs, crystal accents, and neat countertops that only house essential kitchen utensils.

Hollywood Regency style dining room:

Hollywood Regency Style dining room

Here, too,  turns in Hollywood everything Regency decor is a lush blend that is mature and luxurious. And this picture sums up exactly what it takes to give a standard dining room a canvas polish thanks to its textured all-glass table that lets in light without taking up too much visual space, textured black leather armchairs with gold frames, and cowhide carpeting for one additional structural juxtaposition and lively sculptural metallic vessels.

Follow the example and stick to clean lines and simple shapes that are far from ordinary as the three main design elements above are all strong on their own yet work together to create a really sophisticated result that guests will come across Security will inspire.

Hollywood Regency Style Living Room:

Hollywood Regency style retro decor

If you work with a light hand, go for bold accents and hues to accentuate the spirit of the Hollywood  Regency style throughout your home and keep the era contemporary. However, stick to two to three hues and a pattern or two to keep things harmonious and consistent.

Note that the above pictured  living room of H ollywood Regency only three primary colors and a conversation starting pressure provides for a message that, but is concise yet cheerful and lively. By confining the print and pattern to just one main accent wall, the eye can effortlessly focus on different elements throughout the room without skipping a single  detail of the  Hollywood Regency decor , as there are many subtle elements to consider.

To your own  living room on the Hollywood Regency style, with authority to create , you follow the same rules as before and create a mix of decadent fabrications, metallic surfaces and surfaces, a mix of design styles from Art Deco to Asian and ensure that the glamor quotient is fun with playful add-ons that are elegant but give an otherwise calculated approach to decoration a feeling of the unexpected.

Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom: 

Holyywood regency style bedroom ideas

To create a sleek Hollywood Regency style bedroom, study the hallmarks of the Art Deco era to set the tone for the room before you begin. But don’t go overboard with setbacks – you want your design style to feel authentic to you, rather than like a museum time capsule.

Since attention to detail is a major priority for Hollywood Regency decor, use lavish fabrication, mirrored, varnished, and reflective surfaces, tassels, and trimmings while keeping the lines clean and simple. And since movement isn’t tied to any set style, bring in different elements for an eclectic touch that is rich in visual interest and suitable for a movie star. 

Seduce yourself with a moody, glamorous, sophisticated and feminine take on the Hollywood  Regency style with easy-to-get mirrored bedside tables and a dresser, an upholstered headboard, contrasting black and white hues with silver tones, and velvet and fur throws and pillows and tassel Fringed trimmings for the ultimate in retro glamor.

Hollywood Regency Style Bathroom:

Hollywood Regency Style Bathroom

If you  want to apply the Hollywood Regency style to even the smallest of spaces like a bathroom per se, stick with the glamorous drama of the style with glossy finishes and dramatic metallics that don’t make the small space feel overwhelmed or challenged. To channel the intoxicating heyday of the 20s and 30s, our interior designers recommend modernizing your bathroom with timeless white marble surfaces and a basin and bathtub on a plinth. To transform your bathroom without an A-list budget, do it great with a white and silver color scheme, mirrored finishes and details, and crystal accents for that extra feeling of simple luxury.

And because mastering the Hollywood  Regency decor is all about the smallest details, swap plastic bottles for glass bottles, bring hotel-quality towels and bedding in plain black and white, and add polished, silver-colored vanity accessories to reflect light without works taking up too much visual space.

For added depth, swap standard bath mats for Hollywood Regency-style rugs  in your powder room for a thoughtful touch that easily evokes retro Hollywood glamor.

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