Thursday , 7 December 2023
Floral Decor Items

Floral Decor Items

Black floral wallpaper

Maybe we’re just looking at the past with rose-colored glasses, but winter used to feel different. In the good old days, the only inconvenience the season brought us was relatively mild – the occasional storm; frosted windshields; the need to wear mittens. Nowadays every winter storm has its own name, the weather channel has never been more popular, and even the New York Times devotes full articles to how bad this winter was. Needless to say, warm weather cannot come soon enough. If you’re as nervous as we are about the flowers and the color of spring, why wait? Get a head start on the season by bringing the uplifting charm of nature inside with these fabulous floral decor elements. From pillows to wallpaper, there’s a touch of spring for every budget.

Aimee Wilder Wallpaper

colorful wildflower wallpaper acapulco chair

Aimee Wilder’s “Wildflower” wallpaper offers a bright, modern twist on a traditional idea.

Kate Spade Saturday chair

Kate Spade Saturday Flower Armchair

West Elm’s Anders chair received a colorful upgrade with Kate Spade Saturday’s floral fabric.

Nina Campbell Wallpaper

Black and white floral wallpaper

The darker tones of Nina Campbell’s wallpaper “Peony Place” offer an atmospheric, elegant alternative to typical flower dishes.

Elizabeth Grubaugh pillow

Elizabeth Grubaugh pillow

Designer and artist Elizabeth Grubaugh’s floral prints – from dresses to pillow cases – are full of color and throwback charm.

Hygge & West Wallpaper

Orange retro peony floral wallpaper

Wallpaper company Hygge & West commissioned Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co to create this adorable “peonies” pattern.

Conologie carpet of anthropology

Flowers and bird round carpet

This carpet from Anthropologie combines traditional ornaments and muted colors for a casual and sophisticated look.

Linda & Harriett’s paper placemats

Blue floral paper placemat

Linda & Harriett’s block paper placemats are an affordable way to add a cheerful tone to any meal – and cleaning couldn’t be easier!

Mosaic house tile

hand-painted mosaic tiles

These hand-painted “bouquet” tiles from Mosaic House make for a more permanent way to bring flowers into your home.

De Gournay’s “Le Brasil” wallpaper

de gournay scenic wallpaper

De Gournay’s panoramic wallpaper treatments like this one at the Parisian Hotel La Demeure make for a complete experience.

Marimekko “Unikko” pillow

red and pink floral throw pillows

If you’re looking for a pop of color, you’ve come to the right place with this Scandinavian classic – Marimekko’s “Unikko” print.

Ralph Lauren Watch Hill flower collection

feminine colorful flower bedding

Bedding is one of the easiest things to do in the household. Try these floral shams and duvet covers from Ralph Lauren’s Watch Hill collection for a look that suits the time of year.

Leigh Forsstrom Pom Pom Planter

    colorful pom pom planter

The made-to-order pom pom planter by textile designer Leigh Forsstrom offers a really unusual variant of the flower concept.