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Tech Inspired Office Designs

Tech Inspired Office Designs

Tech inspired office designs

When it comes to tech-inspired office designs, mastering a smart set of concepts can often be an understandable challenge for even the most seasoned workhorse. To help you create innovative office designs, we turned to Square Foot, a trusted company known for providing the best online property search and concierge services in the industry.

The modern workplace is constantly evolving, and the rise in trends in new technical office space is a typical example of this development. Startup offices pave the way for a holistic focus on employee wellbeing, loyalty and engagement. However, these trends can provide inspiration for the course of action Invigorate your workforce and achieve higher productivityThey can also show off seemingly hot fads that don’t give results.

So how do you differentiate between fashion and stay? Creating a well thought out office space means more than just more snacks and Foosball. It means making strategic decisions about how your office will affect your overall cultural vision, while being both budget and time conscious. Especially in expensive markets like NYC or los AngelesWhen office space can cost up to $ 80 per square foot per year, you want to avoid unnecessary, unpaid expenses (see: Office Kegerator).

In this role, we will review the key points to consider when revising your office space design and provide specific recommendations. We will also discuss what specific results you can expect. Even the most traditional organizations will be able to use these versatile strategies and reap the rewards.

Be flexible

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When developing your office space, it’s important to keep flexibility in mind – especially for smaller businesses looking to grow. This applies to both the type of area you have selected and how that area is managed.

When looking for a space, plan for the future by looking at turnkey office vendors and flexible leases. Externally managed turnkey offices are set up for your team to make it easier for you to expand or shrink your organization as needed. Also, find out about flexible leasing options that allow you to bypass traditional leasing contracts with terms of 5 to 10 years. Signing a long term lease is not advisable if you have significant hiring plans over the next few quarters or years. While flexible month-to-month leasing options cost a little more than a standard lease, the adaptability they give you is worth it and ultimately saves you long-term costs.

If you don’t opt ​​for the turnkey option but envision organizational changes in the near future, fill your office with easily portable furniture that requires minimal assembly (or is easy to assemble). This gives your team the freedom to move offices with less effort and less money.

Be engaged

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More dedicated employees not only better perform their assigned roles, they also contribute to the overall business needs. Measurable benefits include higher work ethic, longer average tenure, and a greater chance of recommending your company’s work environment to peers. So it’s no wonder that we consider employee engagement to be one of the most important optimization opportunities in the workplace.

While the open floor plan is becoming increasingly popular, especially in engineering offices, it’s not necessarily conducive to engagement – while collaboration is net positive, too much chatter in the office distracts and can distract focus from work. The key is to find a balance between privacy and openness.

There are two main steps you can take to achieve this balance: The first is to install free standing partitions between desks. Let them be around neck height – this leaves space for socializing if desired, but also creates a feeling of privacy that promotes individual productivity.

The second is to follow activity-based work principles by defining spaces for different types of work. Choose some areas or rooms where groups can work together without fear of disturbing others, while other areas in the office are for those who want to work quietly only. By giving employees the tools to work in the way that best suits their personal style of work, you enable them to be successful.

Be intentional

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Make sure that every office-related decision and tactic is influenced by a larger strategic goal so as not to fall into trendy traps. Whether you are choosing a new piece of furniture or opting for an activity-related workspace, it is important to work deliberately as this will maximize the value of the project and minimize the overall cost.

Unless you have specific organizational goals for the workspace, consider this general question: Is your office a space that employees want to work in? Simple ways to make the office a place that employees enjoy coming to every day include:

1) Have plants all over the office – they can hang or stand on the floor and should be low maintenance

2) Choose ergonomic chairs that maximize comfort

3) Ensure employees have spaces where they can focus and collaborate as needed

4) Keep the temperature comfortable (68-76 degrees Fahrenheit)

5) Soft, natural light instead of harsh fluorescent lamps (a bonus – you save electricity!)

While many of these improvements are small, they have a significant impact on the atmosphere in your office – and consequently on the productivity and satisfaction of your employees in the workplace.

Use these simple but effective strategies for a happier team, improved customer loyalty, and increased productivity. If you invest in your office, you can also use the space as a branding and recruiting tool, attracting top talent. While you will likely need to do some fine tuning to best meet your business needs, the steps outlined above can get you off to a great start.

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