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Best Wall Decor Ideas

Best Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor ideas 2019

We are often a neglected feature of interior design that is easy to improve. We take inspiration from the decorators at Décor Aid to help you effortlessly upgrade your living room or almost any room with the top wall decor ideas of 2019.

Whether you’re looking for kitchen wall decor ideas, bedroom wall decor ideas, or bathroom wall decor ideas, here are the best ways to have a well-rated wall throughout your home for 2019 and beyond. Best of all, almost all of them are savvy, affordable design ideas that are sure to inspire you for years to come. From repurposing a cherished printed silk scarf to an easy-to-move metal wall divider, consider these design features that are absolutely essential to consider for the year ahead.

Rich tapestries

Living room wall decor ideas tapestry

Brilliantly embroidered and printed tapestries are a great way to add color and beautiful patterns to your walls. You can go for traditional and calming for a warm and inviting approach to cozy living room wall decor ideas.

However, if you’re looking for something completely unique and an affordable alternative to a decadent vintage tapestry, our interior designers recommend framing one of your favorite silk scarves. Scarves are often characterized by bold and expressive colors and patterns, and can easily be found in any vintage store or antique market for under $ 10. 

Personalized wallpaper

modern wallpaper living room wall decoration ideas

Personalized wallpapers are the ultimate decorative elements that will highlight your home while adding value. Thanks to innovative new printing technologies, you can turn pretty much any design you want into wallpaper, whether it’s a pattern you particularly like, a piece of art, or even a photo that is used to create a repeating pattern.

Unique and custom wallpapers are perfect for ideas for decorating entrance walls because anyone who walks into your home will see your thoughtful statement print immediately.

Hanging panels

Wall plate living room wall decoration ideas

Putting plates on the wall seems like an idea from another era, and to be honest, it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying hard. Let’s call it a stylish homage to the retro vibe that we’re currently seeing on trend. Interesting patterned plates displayed on a bright and bold background are definitely a clever solution for decorating walls.

In addition, you can easily purchase a delightful selection of plates cheaply online and from local property sales and other sellers. Just make sure to display them effectively to really make a compelling statement.

Room divider

Room divider living room wall decor ideas

While you won’t be hanging these on the wall, room dividers used as artistic elements make for nice ideas for wall decor in the bedroom and for dividing up common areas.

Colorful, intricate, or dramatic room dividers are a stunning addition to any room. From nifty high-gloss Art Deco room dividers to antique, Asian-inspired screen prints, there are many stylized options that can be found with ease. 

Stylish wall lamps

modern wall lamp living room wall decoration ideas

Our interior designers recently noticed some extremely stylish updates to wall sconces that are worth considering. Another step backwards: wall lights are a clever and chic way to bring additional light into any room and create a great effect at the same time.

They look great either on the side of a mirror or near a piece of art, making for effective and practical ideas for wall decor in the living room. From less imposing to large-format, a modern wall lamp ensures elegance in every room. Our favorites are the new Mid-Century Modern-inspired black spider arm pendant lights that you can quickly move and arrange at the top.

Gold-framed art

Gold frame living room wall decor ideas

There’s only one thing about a gold frame that makes any piece of art look like an instant masterpiece. Strengthen your works of art with decorative frames and show them in the whole room, in groups or sporadically in your room.

This idea is perfect for pretty much any room in the house, but we especially love it for elegant bedroom wall decor ideas. You can also use highly decorative gold picture frames to juxtapose modern prints and minimal furniture.

Multiple mirrors

interesting mirror living room wall decor ideas

Displaying multiple mirrors in different and contrasting designs is an easy way to add a high gloss decorative element to any wall while making the room appear bigger and brighter – and best of all, more luxurious at once.

They can be of a similar style, size and shape, or they can be completely different for a more vibrant and less expected feel. This looks especially good in the bathroom (also practical) and makes for a more visually interesting change from predictable ideas for bathroom wall decorations.

A bold picture bar

Picture bar living room wall decor ideas

A conversation starter to show off your art and cherished family pictures is on a ledge – something different from the traditional way of hanging your art on the wall and it makes a memorable impression in a room.

You can opt for a single ledge to support your favorite artwork or multiple ledges for more depth and display space. This is a great idea for a kitchen wall decor as it will protect your art from possible smudges and stains. And it’s also a great way to bring together a room that isn’t entirely furnished or lacks its character-defining design.

Art everywhere

Art exhibition living room wall decor ideas

If you are an art lover, don’t hesitate to cover every inch of your space with beautiful wall art. Choose small pieces, large pieces, bold frames, and simple frames. Compare, work together, and test the limits of displaying paintings and the like – don’t be afraid to mix media.

This is a great idea for rich and expressive wall decor ideas in the entrance area. And even in the simplest minimal spaces, there is a feeling of much-needed personality.


unique fireplace living room wall decor ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, then be brave and impress with a statement fireplace. Fireplaces are perfect for creating a focal point and there are endless clues to consider. Wherever your fireplace is in your home, dare to dream and choose this as your unique answer to wall decorating ideas.

There are many routes, from mirrored to tiled to wallpapered. However, make sure that you are genuinely happy with your choices as it can be a costly investment to upgrade the way you want.

Wall sculpture

modern wall sculpture living room wall decor ideas

Wall sculptures differ from predictable paintings and prints and add definite texture, color and shape. Make sure they cannot be knocked off the wall (as wall sculptures are usually delicate). T.

Said this might not be the best idea for decorating entrance walls as these are high traffic areas – but a sculpture would make a dining room or living room look beautiful.  

Wall plants

Wall plants living room wall decor ideas

Putting plants on the walls is the perfect way to add green and a stylish element of decor. Create a succulent wall for a low maintenance green option, or hang baskets on hooks on the wall or ceiling so you can choose from a wider variety of plants.

Green never goes out of style and is inexpensive to boot so your wall decor ideas always stay modern.  

Hanging frame

elegant living room wall decor ideas

Another clever way to show your art is by hanging it on chains, cords, or ropes. This is something you won’t see in anyone else’s home and a decorating idea that stems from the way large paintings are hung to support their weight.

Hanging your art on different levels makes for eye-catching wall decor ideas.

Mirror for windows  

Mirror living room wall decor ideas

Why not go out of your way to choose mirrors that lead you to believe they are windows? Large, domed mirrors are a brilliant way to get your eye to believe you are looking out of a window – they are similar to traditional windows and we love the difference in space they make for your living room wall decorating ideas.

A fully stylized bookcase

stunning living room wall decor ideas

A bookcase that extends across a wall is a quirky and traditional way of displaying items such as books and treasures from your travels and giving you extra storage space.

Books provide a striking display of color and design. If you enjoy reading, this has to be one of the best wall decor ideas for your home.

Shared photos

unique living room wall decor ideas

Splitting a photo into two, three, or four is an interesting way to add a fascinating dimension and interest to your wall decor ideas. Frame each section of the photo in the same frame and hang them evenly on the wall. This is another retro-inspired idea – apparently the design world just can’t get enough of it.

We love to share photos for kitchen wall decor ideas as this is a safer option than painting or sculptural art when it comes to spills and stains. But even better, we love how the corner of the living room picture above looks like it has a transformed illustration – a collage cue that you should definitely use to your advantage.


Bookshelf living room wall decor ideas

It may seem like a simple idea, but you can use shelving to create a decorative and fully stylized area on your wall. Choose a pretty, ornate shelf to highlight the shelves themselves, or choose a simple shelf to highlight your collectibles and treasures.

This is also a great way to free up storage space while staying stylish at the same time. The key here is to carefully craft a number of different accessories at different scales to keep the look rich and well-judged. 

Linear framed art

best living room wall decor ideas

Art doesn’t always have to be represented in a predictably simple manner. With the right prints and frames, art looks great when it feels repetitive and symmetrical in its installation. Pick a range of prints of similar designs and display a clear grouping throughout the evening to keep the eye moving.

This concept is suitable for both wall decoration ideas in the entrance area and wall decoration ideas in the bathroom and is suitable for both brilliantly smaller and larger rooms. And for something even more unexpected, our interior designers loved the fact that the living room shown above used heirloom clothing as room-defining features that will be memorable for years to come.

Retro-inspired wallpaper

Retro wallpaper living room wall decor ideas

Retro-inspired wallpaper is the ideal wall covering to make a great and traditional statement in your home. It is reminiscent of bygone eras, is bold and has a lasting effect, with lively patterns and shapes that adorn your wall.

Retro-inspired wallcovering with a nod to the old school glamor of the past also makes for rich and extremely forgiving bedroom wall decorating ideas.

Add a ladder

stylish living room wall decor ideas

A resting ladder is a unique and fun way to liven up a dull corner with a really practical wall decoration. Whether you opt for a modern, sleek light wood ladder or something a little more rustic that you bought from an antique store on your travels, they are an interesting storage solution and are a little different from traditional wall decor ideas.

Using ladder shelves of any size in your home is sure to add a modern and fun touch that is quirky and stylish. For added visual interest, you can also add two ladder shelves for the required symmetry and extra character.

A metal living room wall divider

Metal living room wall divider living room wall decor ideas

Whether you have a large open floor plan or a studio that needs to be divided, a barred metal open room divider cleverly separates areas without the space feeling closed or darkened. Even better if you can easily move them around when not in use.

A book and album cover ad

Book art display living room wall decor ideas

Books and album covers often contain extraordinary and rich covers that are worth showing off. But how can you view several at once without looking like a heavy hand or too loud?

Add a rich touch to common spaces by inserting flat shelf ledges to display a carefully edited selection of highlights from your book and a music selection that you can easily swap out from season to season for an instant room update.

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