Home Office Storage Ideas

Home Office Storage Ideas

Glass front cabinets in the home office

Home offices are becoming an essential part of modern working life. Whether you have the flexibility to telecommute, freelance, or just need extra time on a project, it helps to have a dedicated work area (that’s not just your laptop on your kitchen counter).

The biggest challenge in creating a home office is the space required. Unless you have the luxury of a dedicated space for your office, you need to carve out a corner. In both cases, especially in corners, storage is key. Get inspiration from these areas and use these tips to create your own expertly organized home office.

Try Open Shelving with Hidden Storage

open shelf home office

The easiest way to access everything you need is with open shelves. The downside is that it can look messy and cluttered, and you don’t necessarily want to flaunt all of the important things. This office handles this problem beautifully with open shelves and a large bookshelf containing a multitude of baskets and magazine files that keep documents and supplies out of sight but always close at hand. Take a lesson from this room and buy files, baskets, and boxes in multiples to give your room a clean, unified look. Also, stick to one look per level, e.g. B. a series of baskets or a series of magazine files.

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Add Pegboard Vertical Storage

Breadboard wall home office

Punchboards are a versatile, inexpensive option for vertical storage, especially in small spaces. You can easily change the layout and add or remove items without drilling new holes in the wall or buying additional shelves each time your needs change. By keeping items like files, pencil cups, and other office supplies off your desk, your work area can be kept clear, which is especially important in small home offices. With hanging clipboards, you can easily view to-do lists and calendars, and view and rotate a collection of art prints.

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Reuse a closet

Blue Armoire Flower Carpet Home Office

For a room that makes you feel more at home and less in the office, keep your work materials in a closet instead of a filing cabinet. If you don’t have an office of your own (with a closing door), this option allows your workspace to blend in more seamlessly with the rest of your home. Closets can be expensive. So if you’re trying to set up a home office on a budget, check out the local flea markets for a piece that you can rehabilitate with paint and hardware. You can also customize the inside with dividers and bins for all of your files and supplies.

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Go monochrome

white home office magazine files

Choosing a main color for your home office, such as B. White in this area has the magical effect that everything looks even more organized than it actually is. The slim, hardware-free cabinets and drawers add a modern touch. Though the open shelf is filled with magazine files, the fact that they’re all white (with a few shades of gray mixed in) continues the clean, neat look. To achieve a similar effect, go for a neutral tone throughout and buy some sort of file box for all of your items.

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Opt for cabinets with a glass front

Glass front cabinets white home office

The glass-fronted cabinets in your kitchen are a great place to display items like your favorite glassware, a collection of vintage cookbooks, heirloom tableware, and more. In your home office, you can do the same with glass-fronted cabinets, but with pieces like sculptures and books. If you’re able to design a custom office, glass-fronted cabinets look similar to open shelves but are more glamorous. However, all of the content in your office is unlikely to be viewable. So if you’re creating a built-in unit, consider adding some drawers or cabinets that provide hidden storage space.

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