Sage Green Paint Decor

Sage Green Paint Decor

Ideas to decorate with sage green

The neutral color trend dominated the whole of 2017, but surprisingly a new trend came with the new year. The predictions are in, and it’s out with the blues, grays, and whites preferred last year and in time to make way for the red, yellow, and green of today. Sage green in particular has drawn a lot of attention for all the right reasons. This soft green shade is a great alternative to traditional neutral colors. Sage green is just as versatile as traditional neutral colors like gray and blue, and it goes well with various decorative styles, accent colors, natural materials, and metals. Follow our lead designers five ideas for decorating with sage green and learn how to incorporate this trending color into your home decor.

Sage bedroom

Sage green color bedroom decor

When it comes to bedrooms, they should be comfortable, quiet, and relaxing. That’s why designers everywhere are choosing to decorate bedrooms in muted neutral colors. Sage’s soft gray-green hue is quickly becoming a trendy replacement for traditional neutral colors like blue and gray. Sage green paint on the walls of your bedroom instantly creates a calming atmosphere, and the color is also known as a mood booster. Once you’ve decided to try out this new favorite color, our designers recommend contrasting it with warm decor like sheepskin blankets, knitted blankets, and other textured decorative pieces.

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Gallery background

Sage green color wall decoration

In contrast to other trendy colors such as clay red and burnt yellow, sage green is a subdued shade that does not overwhelm other decorative pieces in a room. Many galleries use white as a background for their artwork, but the muted tone of sage green makes the art the focal point of a room, while the pigmentation helps highlight colors around it. In other words, decorating with sage green creates an eye-catching pop of color that might not otherwise appear with another neutral like gray or ivory.

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Wise accents

Sage green accents decor

If you want to try out the new trends, start sourcing decor in bold, bold hues. But do not forget to use pastel colors, and especially sage green. In a room full of deep gold, burnt oranges, and mahogany, sage green decor accents can help soften the space of a home and counteract the overwhelming feeling that comes with more vibrant colors. Wise accents like statement pillows, table shells and carpets. The sage green decor works well in modern areas and helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests, despite the other modern, elegant decor made of stainless steel.

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A spa experience

Sage green color bathroom decor

Integrating sage green decor into your room opens up several possibilities. If you’re looking for areas in your home to try out this trending color, don’t skip your bathroom. Due to its calming, serene nature, sage green can help create a serene experience and turn your washroom into a lavish home spa. Painting the walls isn’t the only way to bring sage into your washroom, from tile to accent rugs. Even better, sage is likely to complement the colors in your bathroom.

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Cabinet alternative

Sage green color cabinets kitchen decor

Before the start of 2018, most designers predicted the end of the classic, traditional, all-white kitchen. So say goodbye to stark white and hello to sage green. Decorating with sage green is great for those who want to make a subtle change. A great place to add color to your previously white kitchen is in the cabinets. The earthy, leafy color will look great with pre-existing hues and materials that are already in your space. A soft sage shade subtly complements various wood tones. Stainless steel and other mixed metals, as well as stones such as quartz and granite.

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