Guide To Home Storage

Built-in bookcase bench

Storage is an essential part of any home. While interior design looks like it’s all about the things you can see, it’s just as much about the things you can’t see. Great storage ideas can highlight and showcase the things you love or hide the essentials of everyday life. Whether you opt for ready-made storage or you go for a custom design, storage is an important element in the design of your home.

Ready-made storage solutions

When it comes to organizing your home’s built-in storage space, options are numerous, from storage bins to decorative boxes. While it may seem functional, storage can actually become part of the design. A trunk can serve as a coffee table and storage space for blankets or games. In the kitchen, an island can become the focal point of the design and offers sufficient storage space and seating. When space is tight, consider replacing the kitchen table with a storage-filled island with seating in the bar. And don’t forget the little things: decorative trays, dishes, and other catchalls can help fight tiny items like paper clips, coins, and keys and add personality to the room.

When choosing plastic containers or boxes, be sure to measure the space you plan to place them, e.g. B. under the bed or a closet. When space is tight, you can choose flexible containers like textured soft boxes that slide in and out easily. See-through storage bins make the contents easier to see, while side compartments can be labeled to reduce searching.

Cabinet storage

Closets are known for their organizational needs. If you give yourself the right storage solutions from the start it will make things a lot easier to organize. A closet can also benefit greatly from custom storage. Closets are not uniform and few people have the same types of wardrobes. A custom closet allows you to maximize the type of storage you need and remove the ones you don’t. A person with a large collection of shoes or ties may want to customize their closet design to hold them all.

Garage storage

The garage has a tendency to become a panacea for exercise equipment, tools, and extra supplies, but they are rarely well organized. A garage storage solution is to create zones within the space for each purpose. Add lockers or cubes near the front door to create a dirt room for family members to store their sports gear. A storage cabinet, bench, and breadboard can keep tools ready to use and easy to find. And finally, shelves and see-through containers can expand the pantry.

Custom storage solutions

With custom storage, you can make the most of your storage space – down to the millimeter. It can also improve the look of a room. Custom cabinets can hide appliances like washing machines and microwaves and give the space a more uniform look, while built-in bookcases can house a library or display valuable objects or works of art. Above all, custom storage allows you to adapt your house or apartment to suit your lifestyle and collections.

Design of storage at home with decor aid

Organizing your home can often feel like a daunting task, which is why closets, garages, and other spaces often become cluttered. However, it’s easy to prepare for business success or get back on track with the help of Decor Aid. Decor Aid’s talented interior designers offer nifty ways to make the most of your space, whether you’re choosing storage accessories to enhance your decor or designing a custom closet top-down. For complicated projects like furnishing an entire closet or room, it pays to bring in a Decor Aid expert to help manage the design and installation. The company can also help you find the right handyman to finish the job so you can relax and think about what to add to that new dream closet.

Laundry room cabinetry

Storage solutions for custom furniture

Clever, bespoke closets keep a home’s washer and dryer out of sight in this wonderfully minimal laundry room. Plus, the custom features are a great way to keep unsightly laundry room products out of sight.

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Custom black bookcase

Black Custom Bookshelf Storage

Choosing a matte black or darker bookcase will make it easier for you to highlight what it contains while adding depth and drama to any room.

Built-in storage solution

Custom bookshelf storage design

When it comes to smart storage solutions, there’s nothing like built-in add-ons – especially if they allow you to make the most of otherwise wasted space, e.g. B. under stairs or over the back of a door.

Mudroom storage ideas

Custom mudroom storage design

Keep things tidy and tidy on a regular basis with shelves and mud flaps storage that have areas dedicated to each person in the household. This in turn makes it easier to prepare for the day ahead.

Shoe cabinet organization

Modern custom cabinet design

We’ve all taken inspiration from Hollywood closet solutions at some point, but who can say you can’t replicate your own without spending a small fortune?

As with all low-cost storage solutions, it only takes a little creativity. So think about how you can upgrade your closet so that it looks and feels all the more refined and organized.

Storage solutions for small spaces

Custom storage idea

Make the most of the space that almost every home wastes, and think about areas in your home that can serve as convenient storage areas.