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Diy Shabby Chic Bedside Table

Diy Shabby Chic Bedside Table

Shabby chic bedside tables are a style of furniture that is absolutely stunning. Not only does it look good and high but at the same time it is extremely easy to do. Many people are under the impression that shabby chic furniture is very costly. Unfortunately, they are incorrect. You can transform your bedside tables into your favorite shabby chic style directly by simply following these steps:


It is important to prepare your wood in advance. Remove any previous finishing to make sure the wood is ready for its new makeover.


Painting without primer is a bad idea. You should remember to apply an aqueous acrylic primer after cleaning the wood.


A layer of color is never enough. You will undoubtedly need to apply two layers of color. Make sure the first one is completely dry before applying the other.

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If you want to keep it simple, you can stick to a color. But if you want an emergency look for your furry, stylish nightstand you need two shades of color. Just to note this time is to rub off the second layer of paint after it dries up. This will reveal the first layer and give you a naturally fuzzy look.

The best part about shabby, chic bedside tables is that even if you are horrible when it comes to painting, you will still be fine. It's a sturdy look that doesn't judge too hard.