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Best Bathroom Renovation Trends

Best Bathroom Renovation Trends

Luxurious bathroom renovation trends

Whether you are building a new home or planning to renovate your existing bathroom, it is helpful to keep up with the latest bathroom trends. For most of us, a bathroom is a personal haven, a place where we start our mornings each day.

To inspire you, our designers share their views on the top 10 best bathroom renovation trends for 2018 and share tips on the trends in bathroom remodeling to avoid having to renovate or upgrade your bathroom in style.

A dedicated material room

Trends in the remodeling of marble bathrooms

One of the most popular bathroom trends from the eighties that is making a comeback this year is the use of one material throughout the room. When done well, this bathroom renovation trend can make your bathroom an impactful and special place in your home. As the name suggests, this bathroom trend uses only one material for everything from floor to ceiling, including the walls.

While tile is the most common material for these bathroom renovation trends, you can use just about any material that inspires you, such as tile. B. plaster of paris and concrete. If you’re feeling particularly brave about considering these latest bathroom renovation trends for your bathroom remodeling, consider graphic patterns for unexpected visual play.

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Bathroom mirror that decorates trends

While the use of mirrors is a standard must in a bathroom, the use of statement mirrors is a bathroom trend that you can easily incorporate into any remodeling project. Since most bathrooms are designed with a continuous series of straight lines, hanging a statement mirror in an unusual shape and design is one of the most playful, achievable, and affordable bathroom renovation trends that can give your space a fresh new look without breaking your budget.

Rounded and interestingly shaped mirrors are still one of the most popular bathroom trends our designer is referring to, and we expect mirrors with personality in lively shapes to be seen as strong bathroom trends in 2018 and beyond.

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Material ideas for bathtub renovation

Using marble for your bathroom is a luxurious, perennial trend that will continue to be one of the most popular bathroom renovation trends until the end of time or until marble runs out around the world. However, this year we’ve seen dramatic uses of the material among renovation professionals using larger one-piece marble slabs from floor to ceiling. It might not be the most cost-effective option, but this lifelong bathroom trend will make your bathroom stand out and add to the value of your property.

Marble is also a durable material that will last forever. However, avoid too great differences in color and pattern. When asked what trends to avoid in bathroom remodeling, our designers advise against using too many variations of tiles. Aside from the fact that they are no longer among the latest bathroom renovation trends, creating too large variations will mess the space up. Go monochrome – it’s that simple.

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Intelligent bathroom renovation trends

Updating bathroom tile is often one of the most popular bathroom remodeling trends. Using uniquely shaped tiles is one of the latest top bathroom trends. With the advent of technology, tile makers can now make tiles of different designs and shapes without having to involve artisans to work by hand. For this latest bathroom renovation trend, the use of hexagonal or diamond-shaped tiles creates a harmonious, geometric look.

Stylish tiles with a chevron pattern are also one of the latest bathroom trends. These eye-catching tiles can be installed as a bathroom floor and back splash. If you’re looking for an easier way to liven up the look of your bathroom, this is one of the latest bathroom trends to consider for your projects.

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Wood bathroom remodeling ideas

One of the bathroom renovation trends that are becoming increasingly popular this year is the use of wooden vanities. More and more homeowners are choosing wooden vanities to create a natural feeling of calm in their bathroom. The most recommended furniture design for this element of bathroom trends for 2018 is a freestanding wooden vanity unit that evokes the charm of an old and beloved family heirloom.

If you want to add a welcoming touch to your bathroom, this is one of the most practical bathroom remodeling trends right now as they often come with rows of drawers for ample storage space. According to our designers, it can also be visually appealing to paint washbasins in mild or light tones. This will bring out the natural character of the wood and give your bathroom a lively, rustic look, as bathrooms with elements of nature are among the latest bathroom trends this year.

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Structured bathroom renovation trends

The latest bathroom trends are not just limited to the use of color. Our designers found an endless variety of fascinating textures for bathroom trends in 2018. Again, the use of wood accents and terracotta tiles can add a quaint feel of old world charm to a bathroom.

These bathroom renovation trends create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your room, which gives your bathroom a homely, homely feeling.

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Trends in bathroom technology

Underfloor heating systems and built-under appliances are also among the smartest bathroom trends that need to be invested in. These latest bathroom trends not only make your bathroom space more comfortable, but can also add value to your property. While these bathroom refurbishment trends call for a larger budget, they are well worth an investment that will pay off over time.

In addition to concealed underfloor heating and devices under the counter, one of the high-tech trends in bathroom renovation is the integration of intelligent controls to operate a shower at a preset temperature at the push of a button.

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Freestanding tubs

Bathtub style trends

Freestanding bathtubs that have an old world feel are among the most popular bathroom renovation trends. Perhaps this is because of the popularity of walk-in showers, where homeowners crave a relaxing soak in the tub, and in part because people respond to the visual appeal of sculptural shapes.

Either way, a freestanding bathtub is one of the latest bathroom trends and well worth the investment.

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Inspiration for the lighting of the bathroom

When it comes to bathroom renovation trends, lighting brings it all together and can change the energy and feel. The installation of LED lights is one of the latest bathroom trends that is gaining popularity not only for its ability to create a calming, bright glow, but also for its sustainability.

These lights use less energy and often last longer than conventional light bulbs. Applying these trends to bathroom renovation results in a brighter, fresher looking bathroom space.

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Variations on shower cubicles

One of the latest bathroom trends for shower enclosures is the variety of design options. Shower stalls and enclosures have advanced in style and functionality and are now available in a variety of configurations, sizes, designs and hardware choices. Updating a bathroom with shower stalls in black matte or paintwork is one of the most timeless and luxurious trends in bathroom remodeling. There are also shower stalls with unique glass patterns that you can incorporate into your bathroom remodeling project. Glass shower stalls make a nifty addition of color, texture, and beautiful craftsmanship to your bathroom.

What stands out most when looking at the latest popular bathroom trends is the freedom and variety of choices that homeowners need to break away from expectations and be unique in their bathroom style. The common thread that runs through the current bathroom remodeling design trends is that homeowners rely on the importance of taking advantage of the latest technological advancements, as well as bold accents and interesting, meaningful tile designs.

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