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Outdoor Garden Ideas

Outdoor Garden Ideas

the best outdoor garden ideas

To get you inspired by fresh outdoor gardening ideas, we reached out to our general contractors and landscape experts to create the ultimate list of top outdoor gardening trends so you can improve your outdoor space over the years.

From modern monochrome approaches that bring minimalism to the outdoors, to fun and bold additions, interesting furniture ideas, and refreshing approaches to classic approaches that feel new this time around. Here is everything you need to know to get the most out of your outdoor garden design in style.

Contrasting fences

Outdoor Garden Ideas fences

If you had to create extra privacy with an imposing outdoor garden fence, there’s no reason it should look normal or boring. You can easily address its mildness by painting it in a contrasting color or pattern like dark blue and gray stripes, or you can make the room look bigger by painting everything white. You can use your fence to your advantage by decorating it with hanging plants, beautiful exterior mirrors, lights, and even ornately hung garden tools for outdoor use.

It will highlight, contrast and complement your garden, adding extra visual impact, texture and the perfect finishing touch. Don’t let fencing stop you from using it to your advantage and use color to make an impact. A brilliant creative outdoor garden idea to make the most of a fence.

And when you’re starting a new one, our general contractors loved the idea of ​​spending a little extra money and time creating a layered look with contrasting types of fence at different heights. This immediately gives any home the appeal it needs, while giving it a much richer and more defined look than a typical fence line would not. Just like the garden shown above, tiled fence ideas will make your garden look all the more dramatic and exciting when you want to stroll through it.

Iron furniture

Garden garden ideas furniture

We are finding more and more frequently that the high-gloss metallic trends not only stay indoors, but also find their way into outdoor garden trends. And for good reason, wire furniture immediately gives a modern twist and cool appeal, adding an unexpected twist to what can ultimately be a practical and masculine space that is neutral.

Traditional wire furniture also looks forever stylish in cool shades of gray, black, green, blue and best of all in metallic silver. High-gloss outdoor furniture gives your space a polished sophistication that is convincing and at the same time adds a reflective point of contact to spark the light throughout the region. In addition, you can easily paint outdoor metal furniture, as trends are cheap.

Take the one inside outside

Outdoor Garden Ideas 2019 trends

If you have the space, creating an intimate space environment in your outdoor garden becomes an endlessly enjoyable idea. A separate area that gives the feeling of a complete living space is certainly the perfect entertainment space for guests and ensures that everyone feels comfortable and at home.

Create dedicated entertainment areas under an oversized umbrella or tent structure, a living area with a low coffee table surrounded by a relaxing sofa and chairs, and a dining area with a stylized table and chairs. And if you need to invest extra money, adding a pre-built structure like a gazebo can only add value to your home.

Tropical twist

outdoor tropical garden ideas

If you want to add a glamorous tropical touch anywhere in your home, then surely it should be in your garden? Tropical colors instantly add an exciting shot of inflammatory energy to your outdoor space. Pinks, purples, and oranges brighten the area and add brilliant vibrancy.

A few festive poufs, throw pillows, and decorative accessories like sculptures and tableware just add to the impact here, making it a great alternative for outdoor gardening ideas on a budget as they won’t break the bank if resources are sourced.


Outdoor Garden Ideas iron furniture

Consider a minimal monochromatic color scheme as the perfect starting point to conjure up the subtle sense of everyday Art Deco-era glamor in your outdoor garden.

White, gray, neutral, and symmetrical geometric lines and patterns will make your garden feel cool and effortlessly elegant, and help make the area feel more expansive than it really is. Gray garden furniture also looks stunning, accompanied by soft, neutral furniture, a parasol and outdoor accessories. The key here is to keep the furniture frames and achieve a solid matte black for an extra dramatic effect.


contemporary outdoor garden ideas

If you love to entertain and create a useful focal point in your outdoor garden, how about a modern fire pit? Fire pits are great for long days when you had a barbecue with friends and drank a few bottles of wine – it gets a little cooler as the evening progresses and then the fire pit comes into its own. Outdoor essential.

Not only do they look beautiful, they also keep you extremely warm – how about practical outdoor gardening trends? There are also some really stylish fire pit designs available at various promising prices. We love the quiet drama that the cleverly designed fire pit upstairs offers – and is great for an especially chic, rustic setting.

Nautical theme

outdoor nautical garden ideas

Who doesn’t love a nautical theme when it comes to evoking the spirit of nature? And where better to play with this theme than in your outdoor garden? When it comes to outdoor gardening ideas, decoration is key. So think about the details and the best ways to apply your theme and color scheme with a reduced hand throughout the exterior.

All of the white patio furniture accented with deep blue cushions slightly suggests a coastal feel. Add some rope details here and there or a round mirror to keep it as simple as possible. This way you avoid going too far into a trend that may seem out of date and misjudged. To be safe, think of old-school Hollywood elegance and stick with solid patterns and updated silhouettes.


Fire Pit Outdoor Garden Ideas

Fire pits are wonderful, but they can take up a lot of space. If you’re looking for garden ideas for small outdoor spaces, a fire pit won’t work for you. A chimney is an equally elegant alternative to a fire pit, as it lets out a lot of heat and allows you to entertain your guests late into the evening without having to sit anywhere near a fire pit room while you smoke better push away.

Plus, you can put them out of the way when you’re not using them to make room for something else. And you can take them with you when you move home.

A rural dining experience

Country outdoor garden ideas

In every classic British landscape book or film, the family eventually dines on an enviously beautiful lawn. But don’t miss out on this quintessentially British dining experience – invest in pretty, classic outdoor patio furniture and make this romanticized dream a reality.

Imagine a traditional oversized table and chairs decked out with gingham seat cushions and matching table linen. The table is covered with randomly placed fresh flowers and jugs of homemade drinks – the perfect outdoor garden idea for entertaining in the sun, if there ever was one. And for even more daytime drama, we love how the homeowners upstairs finished off their outdoor table setting with a sleek chandelier pendant light.

Mix and match chairs

Mix and match outdoor garden ideas

Another versatile and fun idea for an outdoor garden is to combine your chairs for an informal and interesting approach to your seating solutions. Pick a color scheme and choose a selection of unique chairs to place next to your garden table for a rich and layered effect.

Opt for some traditionally designed garden chairs, some more modern, and some completely unexpected – whatever works for you. The best part about it is that it will add an attention grabbing element to your garden that is simple and easy to get to. Plus, you will most likely find a full set of mismatched garden chairs at great prices. The trick here, however, is to ground the environment with a large, simple, classic dining table that is timelessly appealing.

Glass lanterns

modern stylish outdoor garden ideas

If you’re looking for a simple trick to instantly upgrade your outdoor garden design without parting with too much money, oversized glass lanterns are a great idea for your outdoor garden. Pick a range of glass lanterns with bold, oversized silhouettes to brighten up your outside space, or choose a few made of clear glass for a non-overly intrusive focal point.

Plugging tea lights into them is a gentle and intimate way to light up your space in the evening, and they still look stunning during the day – how about that for creative outdoor gardening ideas? But we love the strength of symmetry the rugged males display here.

Light accent chairs

colorful outdoor garden ideas

If your outdoor garden is full of lush greenery and you don’t want to take away too much of it, go for some punchy accent chairs or chair covers. Simple chairs that are designed to let the light through and not block your yard are the best garden ideas for that yard.

Combine the colors and choose what works best with your garden to create a focal point in your outdoor garden that doesn’t detract from the stunning foliage you have so carefully managed over time. Another trick you can use to get your garden talking is to get glass-topped tables as they won’t block up valuable space and your outside space will look as large and luxurious as possible.

Swing seat

Swing Patio Deck Chair Outdoor Garden Ideas

What more perfect place to sit in the afternoon breeze and enjoy a good book than on a swing seat or a classic hammock? Swing seats are always one of our favorite outdoor garden trends for good reason. Your outdoor space should be about relaxation, and a swing seat is the epitome of relaxation.

They are available in an endless number of colors and styles, from traditional white to wicker egg shapes to elaborately designed rattan. Our interior designers count cocoon shapes among our clients’ most in demand and often look for interesting mod silhouettes inspired by the 60s to create a truly stunning environment in their outdoor spaces.

A charming bistro patio

Outdoor Garden Ideas modern bistro set

Another great idea if you only have a small outdoor area to work in and want to make the most of it. Easy-to-source, outdoor bistro-inspired tables are the best way to add instant charm and quirk. A bistro terrace in bright colors allows you to create a fun and energetic space in your garden. Choose a stunning color like red, pink, green or blue and surround it with complementary and contrasting garden accessories like lanterns and decorative accessories.

Best of all, bistro tables are timeless in style, inexpensive, just the right size, and easy to pack and store. This essentially makes her a genius for townspeople in small neighborhoods who travel a lot.

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