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On Trend Bathroom Mirrors

On Trend Bathroom Mirrors

Top bathroom mirror trends for 2019

Are you updating your bathroom and keeping an eye out for the top bathroom mirror trends for 2019? To illustrate the endless possibilities, we consider mirror ideas for each bathroom style to inspire your decorating process, from the best types of framed bathroom mirrors to traditional bathroom mirrors to whole walls of bathroom mirrors – here is our perspective on options to keep your bathroom stylish to improve.

Full length mirror

Full length mirror 2019

When it comes to useful bathroom mirrors that are aesthetically pleasing, our interior designers always suggest choosing the largest mirror options that you can incorporate into your space without looking clumsy.

Notice how the bathroom mirror above holds the smaller elements of the room together equally thanks to its oversized scale and matching white frame. As with bathroom mirrors, it’s important that you get the most out of them without taking up a lot of extra space.

A fully mirrored wall

Mirror mirror bathroom mirror 2019

A fully mirrored wall like this one is an elegant alternative to traditional bathroom mirrors and increases the glamor factor exponentially for a great statement. Best of all, wall mirrors for full walled bathrooms don’t take up any floor space. Since mirrors are relatively inexpensive, most of your budget goes into installing them. Depending on the wall surface, this should take less than an hour.

When it comes to bathroom mirror ideas, the more you think outside the box, the more unique your bathroom will look and feel. The only downside to this is that it doesn’t have any storage space. If you cover an entire main wall, you are missing out on the opportunity to add additional storage along that wall.

Repurposed dresser mirror

reused bathroom mirror 2019

Are you looking for unique bathroom mirrors that absolutely no one else will have and that are also inexpensive and easy to get hold of? Repurposed vanity-framed bathroom mirrors do just that, adding a retro-inspired nuance to even the most modern of bathrooms.

And because they’re so easy to find and affordable, you can swap them out for a quick room freshen up. This means that reused cosmetic mirrors that are lifted off dressers can easily add a special touch anywhere in your home.

Ultra-slim bathroom mirror

slim bathroom mirror 2019

If you are looking for bathroom mirrors that take up little space and at the same time leave a subtle impression on the eye, go for an ultra-sleek, minimalist style that always looks timeless and tasteful.

Ultra-slim bathroom wall mirrors also complement the straight and austere lines that are common in modern bathrooms and go well with modern cabinets and hardware. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to install. Just look at how beautifully simple and elegant the surroundings above look for inspiration.

Exotic bathroom mirror

eclectic bathroom mirrors 2019

Another way to make a unique statement with bathroom mirrors is to source pieces that look like they were found on a distant trip in an exotic area, as again no one in town will have anything like it.

Our decorators loved how simple and slim these curved, gold-framed bathroom mirrors are and yet have a tinted, matte-gold frame whose curves are reminiscent of a Moroccan door arch, which adds a chic, eclectic touch. Even better how they were paired as a trio for the ultimate statement. If there were only two, the gesture wouldn’t feel so great. Unique mirrors like this one also go well with just about any design style, from traditional to art deco to transition.

Unique shapes

unique bathroom mirror 2019

The bathroom shown above may be considered classic thanks to its massive claw-foot tub and floating sink, but it’s hard to miss the fact that the unique heart-shaped bathroom mirror is installed at just the right height to add to its appeal.

Though bathroom mirrors are primarily installed for everyday use, they will help you prepare for the day when it comes to clever bathroom mirror ideas that add a unique shape, add charm to even the simplest of spaces, no matter how small Do it in style. If you are looking for some stunning decorative bathroom mirrors, our interior designers suggest a unique shape to bring your vision to life.

Minimal double mirrors

minimal double bathroom mirror 2019

If you have two sinks in your bathroom, our interior designers recommend simple symmetry to keep the look bright. Combine minimalist white sinks with white tile and dark vanity for an unexpected pop. Complete the look with a pair of dark-framed rectangular bathroom mirrors. Rectangular subway tiles, sinks and mirrors create a minimalist, timeless and elegant appearance.

Art deco mirror

Art deco bathroom mirror 2019

Art Deco vanity mirrors are a glamorous and sophisticated addition to any bathroom. You can style them as part of a bathroom with an art deco feel or use them as a feature in a more modern style bathroom. Art Deco mirrors are simple but ornate yet rich in detail, and give you the best of both worlds when contrasted with modern finishes. Even better if you can use an original Art Deco mirror from the 1920s for authenticity.

Antique mirror with gold frame

antique gold-framed bathroom mirror 2019

If you want to add a touch of antique charm and elegance to your bathroom, antique gold-framed bathroom mirrors are an excellent option. They make for beautiful and ornate decorative bathroom mirrors and are sure to become the focus of your bathroom design. The gold warms the feel of your bathroom and goes well with a simple or maximum design. Don’t be afraid to pair an antique mirror like this one with boldly patterned wallpaper and plain white tiles.

Antique mirror with a silver frame

antique silver frame bathroom mirror 2019

If gold is something to your liking, silver might be a great, glamorous alternative. An antique silver-framed mirror is less imposing and obvious than a gold one, but it still looks stunning. This might suit you better if you’re into monochromatic designs and are looking for added elegance and visual interest. Paired with black, gray and white, a mirror like this one will sing and add a royal touch to an otherwise practical space.

Large circular mirror

Large circle bathroom mirror 2019

A circular mirror makes a great contrast to the normally harsh lines of a bathroom as they go a long way in softening up your design. Large, circular, modern bathroom mirrors look dramatic in subtle, minimalist ways (without the hassle of intricate design). A mirror like this one won’t interfere with the rest of your design, but it will certainly help.

Window mirror

Farmhouse window pane bathroom mirror 2019

A mirror that looks like a window pane is the perfect way to add unexpected interest to a bathroom design. It opens up your bathroom and makes it look like you have an extra window. It’s also a stunning and eye-catching idea, perfect when you want something different from traditional framed bathroom mirrors.

Port Hole Mirror

Porthole bathroom mirror 2019

Porthole bathroom wall mirrors are perfect for highlighting a nautical theme that is so popular for bathrooms. You will feel like you are on a ship instead of standing in your bathroom at home. A mirror like this one will add fun to your bathroom while looking stylish at the same time. You can combine it with a white trim to create an airy feeling on the beach.

Dark framed mirror

dark framed bathroom mirror 2019

If you have a white or light-colored bathroom, a dark-framed bathroom mirror is a great way to add a touch of drama and depth to your bathroom. Take a step towards the dark side with an ebony-framed mirror and a thin or thick frame, depending on how imposing you want your mirror to be.

Mirrored gallery wall

Mirror gallery wall bathroom mirror 2019

A gallery wall doesn’t have to be limited to art in your living room or hallway. You can use exactly the same principles to create a stunning gallery wall from mirrors. Experiment with mirrors of different shapes, sizes, and designs to create a mirrored gallery wall with lots of personality and your bathroom mirror ideas will be well worth the effort.  

Small hanging mirror

small hanging bathroom mirror 2019

Small hanging bathroom mirrors are bucking the trend of large mirrors in bathrooms. They look much more industrial and pair well with subway tiles, an industrial pool, and lighting for a stylish nod to 1960s mod style.  

Rustic hanging mirror

hanging bathroom mirror 2019

A wooden-framed mirror suspended from hooks on a rope makes a beautiful rustic addition to your bathroom. Combine this bathroom mirror with a rustic wooden vanity and lots of blueprints so that it feels more like wandering the Amazon than brushing your teeth in the suburbs.

Black hanging mirror

black hanging bathroom mirror 2019

A gold hanging mirror will make your bathroom the envy of everyone who walks in it. Hanging mirrors are dramatic and daring (not to mention their beauty). A gold mirror suspended from gold faucets is perfect for a sleek and more traditional home, and is perfect for grand master bathroom mirror ideas. Suspended mirrors are also great if you want to have your mirror in front of a window in your bathroom to make the most of the natural light.

Built-in mirror

Built-in bathroom mirror 2019

If you have a recess in your bathroom, make the most of it by filling it with a mirror. Not only does this make your room bigger, but it almost feels like an extra window in your bathroom. And who doesn’t like the idea of ​​a giant mirror when it comes to bathroom mirrors?

Industrial mirror

hanging industrial bathroom mirror 2019

If you want to give your bathroom an industrial chic look, use a bathroom mirror that is hung on chains. Combine modern bathroom mirrors like this one with subway tiles and an atmospheric and masculine color scheme for an impactful bathroom design.

Split mirror shelf

Bathroom mirror 2019 with shelves

If you want to improve your overall bathroom design while keeping it clean and minimal, a mirror with a cutting shelf is for you. It’s something different and a striking alternative to traditional bathroom mirrors.

Mix and match mirrors

Combine bathroom mirror 2019

If you have room for two or more mirrors, you can combine your bathroom wall mirrors with different designs or shapes. You could keep the overall design of the mirrors the same and just pick a few different shapes, or you could go wild and go for completely different designs and styles of mirrors for something a little more versatile.

Hand mirror collage

Hand mirror bathroom mirror 2019

If you want something unique in your bathroom, you can make a collage from a collection of vintage hand mirrors. This is something else and no one else is going to have anything like your decorative bathroom mirror. You will enjoy the challenge of sourcing various mirrors and arranging them on your bathroom wall. Arrange them upside down, on their sides, and right side up to create an interesting arrangement.

Mirrored tiles

modern mirror tiles bathroom mirror 2019

Tile a wall entirely in the mirror for an interesting feature in your bathroom and for an added sense of everyday glamor. Mirror tiles come in all shapes and sizes, from small mosaic tiles to subway tiles to large square tiles. Personally, we think the hexagonal ones are the best as they are unusual and wonderfully geometric; Improve the game in the world of bathroom mirrors.

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