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Interior Design Styleart Deco Interior Design

Interior Design Styleart Deco Interior Design

best inspiration for art deco interior design

If your tastes are more ornate and jewel-like, this 1920s design style throwback might be your best option. Art Deco interior design immediately evokes opulence; elegant, glamorous and elegant, this style was popularized as the epitome of chic in the 1920s.

The bold and sweeping statements on geometry, symmetry and metallic are reminiscent of visions of Great Gatsby-esque design, with a sleek and shiny patina offering the most exuberant excess. And today’s version of the updated Art Deco style is downright playful and modern for a standout look. For inspiration, we’ve created a handy guide with everything you need to know to master our decorators look.

Opulent materials

Materials for interior decoration in art deco style

The materials used in the art deco interior design are smooth and reflective for everyday household glamor. A lot of metallics are present in this style. from gold to silver, stainless steel and chrome. They give an elegant and luxurious feel to any room and can be used anywhere. Imagine a modern Art Deco living room with a gold coffee table with a glass top, chrome lamps, and a bold geometric patterned carpet in black, gold, and white. Glass is also a commonly used material in Art Deco design. Whether through mirrors, tables with glass tops, sculptural elements or an Art Deco vase or lamp – glass contributes to the elegant ambience of an Art Deco room.

When you look at this style, you may not immediately think that wood is a commonly used material, but rare and dark woods like ebony have been widely used for furniture and flooring. Inlaid wood furniture was used to celebrate traditional Art Deco patterns that are characteristic of the movement. Deluxe materials like marble are also widely used in rooms of this style. Don’t forget, this era was all about high extravagance and materials used in your room design were a perfect way to show off prestige.

Art deco themes

Art deco interior design themes

Natural and geometric themes play an important role in Art Deco interior design ideas. Modern Art Deco interior design should be filled with designs that feature laurels of leaves, twigs, and feathers along stylized animal elements, whether it’s a bird sculpture or a chinoiserie fish. White or cream wallpaper with a black feather print would look stunning in an Art Deco living room, and a tiger or zebra print rug wouldn’t look out of place in an Art Deco bedroom. These are both bold statements, and this style is about making a statement and pushing boundaries.

Geometry is abundant in Art Deco design too. In 1920 production increased and geometric shapes represented the changing times. Geometric shapes, trapezoids, chevrons, and zigzags should fill your space. appear obviously and discreetly in your design. Sunbursts are an elegant and bold addition to an Art Deco space, and you will see lots of jagged and pointed edges – Art Deco fan-shaped mirrors are a perfect example of this and the symmetry they offer is clear.

Use of color

Art deco interior design color

When you think of classic Great Gatsby style Art Deco looks, the black, white, silver and gold color themes can immediately be thought of. Bold and deep jewel tones also have a place in modern Art Deco interior design. They’re rich and soothing (key to Art Deco decorating ideas), and those deep hues make for perfect upholstered furniture, as opposed to the black and white you think of first.

Think bright and deep yellows, reds, blues, greens, pinks, and purples, accompanied by softer creams and beiges to soften up your Art Deco look. Softer colors are perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms and will allow you to use all of the pieces in these colors that you already have if you are using Art Deco decorations on a budget.

Fabulous fabrics

Art Deco interior design textiles

Plain or geometric fabrics are the most commonly used textiles in modern Art Deco interior design. All of your upholstered furniture should be bold – opt for a sofa that is upholstered in a bold block color and decorate it with cushions with geometric prints, or vice versa.

Black and white and gold fan patterns are also great options for home decoration, or a diamond pattern with pink or red accents. Frame windows with glamorous curtains made of a mixture of gold, bronze and silk give every room a touch of luxury.

Brave furniture

Art Deco interior design furniture

As with everything in Art Deco interior design, the furniture of the 1920s was unique. The parts were large in size. So don’t be surprised to see imposing ebony sideboards and parts that really take up space.

Curvaceous furniture with smooth lines is also common. Pink velvet armchairs in a scalloped design would look fascinating alongside your Art Deco furnishing ideas. Wood furniture with inlaid wood Art Deco design, classic geometric and symmetrical designs, and Greek key patterns are also required Art Deco features.


Art deco interior design flooring

No Art Deco home is complete without a beautiful set of black and white Art Deco tiles – these would look stunning in a hallway, bathroom, or even an Art Deco kitchen. High-gloss lacquered floors are the perfect complement to Art Deco interior design, and high-gloss polished dark wood parquet floors look stunning and themed too.

If you don’t have the option of replacing Art Deco style floors, cover your floor with large carpets in geometric patterns to spice it up a bit.

Accessories and lighting

Art deco interior design lighting

Accessories complete an Art Deco space – small elements like furnishings also make a big difference. You can get great replica lights, door handles, switch panels and all kinds of furniture online. This is ideal if you are on a budget and can’t indulge in real gems from the Art Deco era.

Mirrors look great in an Art Deco style home, and Art Deco style options are relatively inexpensive to find. Ornate mirrors make any room look polished and even bigger. Make a statement with one. And make Art Deco style prints and art for your walls along with personal finds like vases and figurines for the finishing touches.

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