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Interior Design Trends To Transform Your Home

Interior Design Trends To Transform Your Home

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What is your favorite source of interior design inspiration? If you’re not on board already, we encourage you to take note of the power of Pinterest for new ideas with lush, inspirational spaces and furniture to get your creative juices flowing. To get you started, we’ve highlighted our favorite interior design trends, curated by Pinterest users, so you can easily remodel your home for now.

According to their latest analysis of the Home Report, these are the top interior design trends that users have saved and searched for – and we believe they are up to something …

Dark blue color scheme

Moody, and often soothing, dark, saturated blues are practically an interior option that most interior designers have not yet explored. If you’re thinking of a similarly dark shade, we recommend lighter-colored flooring to make your space look light and airy.

Image via Idolza

Hunter Green color scheme

Going green hasn’t looked this appealing since the last time it was a shade of choice for interior designers around the world in the early to mid-1990s. Less naive than retro-inspired avocado and lime green, hunter green comes with authority, strength, and good luck.

Image via Brooklyn Berry

Black kitchen sinks

Who knows why it took so long for black sinks to gain traction? For starters, they’re easier to keep clean, won’t overwhelm your budget, go well with stainless steel, and look unexpected and completely modern.

Image via Robin Suites

Gold accents

The key to gold is and will remain an easy hand. Metallic gold accessories and furniture reflect light day and night, are classics that never go out of style and are available almost everywhere for every budget.

Image via Southern Living

Concrete floor

While this is honestly not the most convenient option, there is something to be said about the calm beauty of concrete floors in minimalist spaces, as they give clean design an almost raw, natural feel.

Image via Meg Turner

Botanical prints & tropical wallpapers

No, we are not considering relapsing into the Golden Maiden’s house. Even more, the retro camp coolness of the infamous Beverly Hill’s Hotel and the legendary New York restaurant Indochine with both addresses with oversized, lush botanical wallpapers.

To update the look, we recommend including small references to botanical prints and inventions like an accent wall here and a number of framed prints there.

Image via DigsDigs

Fringed furniture

With the fashion world still passionate about the decorative games, a nifty fringe trim can add to almost anything. No wonder the interior design world has taken notice. A look through the portfolio of Italian furniture and extras by designer Lorenza Bozzoli impressed us.

Seriously, how cool are the stools shown above given their size and the fact that they’re just plain everyday stools?

Lorenza Bozzoli image via Casa Facile

Heavenly lighting

Awe-inspiring and forward-looking, a beautifully rendered starburst pendant or heavenly chandelier adds a touch of whimsy and coolness to even the most traditional homes and is guaranteed to instant conversation starters.

Image of a redesign of the family home by Décor Aid

Block prints

Beautiful but thoroughly gender-neutral geometric block prints add a sense of polished elegance to any room thanks to their clean lines, symmetry, and repetitive patterns.

This is a movement that you can easily master with throws and pillows to full-fledged wall coverings and accessories.

Image via Anna Siqueira

Geometric accent tables

Who doesn’t love nesting tables? Small geometric tables are easy to move around, usually much cheaper than larger furniture and chalk full of visual interests. They convey a feeling for the abstract and are available in different colors in all imaginable colors.

Image via WSJ

Velvet furniture

Often associated with dark, brooding club décor for men and Victoriana, velvet cushions have not been popular since the early 1960s for many good reasons. What makes it seem so feasible today is a combination of modern silhouettes and hues like the much discussed millennial pink and hunter green – not to mention the durable properties of manufacture.

Image via Lulu + Georgia

Statement carpets

While the room pictured above has an enviable collection of meaningful furniture, note how Paul Smith’s flooring for The Rug Company not only ties it all together, it also adds a wild swirl of color to the space.

If you’re just as tired of seeing rooms with a now generic geometric rug in white and black as we are, you should look for rugs that are unexpected in tones and shapes.

Image via Pinterest


After the popularity of the Swedish design style Hygge, Lagom is one of the most prolific interior design trends of 2018. A subtle decoration technique, Logom is about finding the perfect balance between old and new, savings and shifts. Think simple yet beautiful, live in well-curated spaces, depending on your taste and the personality of your home.

This Scandinavian style strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and maximalism, resulting in a sparse, calming space that stays warm and comfortable. Simple steps to bring movement into your home include bringing outdoor elements into indoor spaces, using soothing hues, using small corners with decorative details, and removing an item from each room to create just the right balance.

Image about my domain

Mission statement via Casa Facile