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Kidzone Nursery Decor Ideas

Kidzone Nursery Decor Ideas

Teepee nursery

We see more and more contemporary maternity and kids fashion magazines and brands and we love them. With print publications like La Petite Mag and Milk Magazine to online hubs like MOTHRS and The Glow, design-centric pregnancies and parenting are finally coming into vogue as another element of a well-rounded lifestyle (just like affordable interior design). And well-designed interiors for toddlers are becoming more and more the standard for new families.

Although clowns and zoo animals still have a place in the nursery, they can be spread out between high-fashion decor, eye-catching walls, and often plenty of white space. Among trendy tipis and faux taxidermy there are very solid designs that are suitable for a person who is fully trained. We have compiled our currently most popular inspiration examples below.

Image of a Stockholm kindergarten via Milk Magazine

Bright white children’s room

white teepee nursery design

Jenni Kayne’s nursery design via The Neotraditionalist and The Glow with whitewashed bunk beds and crisp white walls.

Paper lantern nursery

Paper lanterns nursery design

Chamber of Constance Brown – The Socialite Family with a collection of paper lanterns and wallpaper by Pierre Frey.

Moroccan rug nursery decor

Moroccan carpet nursery design

James De Ruiter’s children’s room with a Moroccan rug and a paper lantern from rip + tan

Statement wallpaper kindergarten design

Statement wallpaper vintage bamboo nativity scene

Le Boulicant via Tahn Scoon with statement wallpaper and a vintage nativity scene.

Sophisticated kindergarten design

Globe Beach Ball Nursery Decor

Vasco Frey’s kindergarten with a globe and a scenic oil painting from the 18th century about The Socialite Family

Gallery wall nursery

Gallery wall nursery room design

Curated gallery walls and contemporary lighting are highlighted in this casual-chic industrial kindergarten by Estee Stanley

Bohemian green nursery

bohemian children's room with green walls

A bohemian-chic nursery from Reath and the Animal Shop. Additional shots show a delightful wooden bench.

Parisian nursery decor

Mirrored letter wall decal nursery

A Moroccan rug gives a Parisian child’s room sophistication and depth through Milk Decoration

All white children’s rooms

all white nursery crib

Framed clown illustrations above a neat crib in Smallable Christmas Magazine

Modern children’s bed decor for children’s beds

modern white crib animal print

Neutral circus with Jonathan Adler wall lamps and a zebra rug. Designed by Sissy + Marley

Black Wall nursery

black wall wood crib nursery

Gender-neutral kindergarten “Baby Seal Black” via Chezerby (for a little girl!)