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Throw Rug Design Ideas

Throw Rug Design Ideas

A carpet can change the interior of a room. And it is a simple and affordable way to get warmth and color in your house. We help you choose the most suitable throw rugs for your home. Walk through our list, take ideas and be inspired for your home.

Queens heat

Throwing carpets is an effective decorative element. They dress every room with elegance, convey the feeling of warmth, heat insulation and are also a solution for narrow spaces. In the living room, they can help you separate the living room from the dining room.

Natural or synthetic

It depends on what usage you want to give them and the budget you have. Those woven with natural fibers are more classic and valuable, making them a perfect complement to providing an exclusive look to any space. But acrylic mats, nylon or propylene are cheaper.

Wool rugs: A classic

They provide texture, durability and comfort. The most valuable are the hand knitted: each piece is unique. They are very original and provide a more modern air.

Cotton: Practical and cool

Comfortable and functional cotton rugs fit perfectly into informal settings and in rooms such as the child's bedroom, the bathroom or the dressing room. In addition, they are very fresh, they are ideal for the summer months. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that their light weight requires them to be placed under a durable base.


Spot resistant, they are good for parts of the house like the kitchen. They are also ideal for outdoor use; Do not rinse it with exposure to sun or rain. You can also choose from many colors and shapes. Choose carpets according to your wishes and wishes!