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Best Home Office Ideas

Best Home Office Ideas

Small home office design

Whether it’s your primary business area or a place to work on the side or have a hobby, a home office should encourage creativity and productivity. Thanks to these practical home office ideas from Decor Aid, creating a functional home office is anything but easy.

Setting up your home office

Define the layout

When you start designing your home office, think about how the space will be used. Is it primarily your workplace or is it used by other family members for homework and surfing the internet? If this is your place of business, do you need space for customer meetings or for collaboration with other professionals? The answers to these questions will help you find the best layout for your home office.

Next, consider your workflow and the factors that make you most productive. You may need lots of desk space to distribute documents, easy access to a printer, or a comfortable chair to read. Add art and objects that inspire creativity. A large bulletin board can keep important memories in view and provide a place to post nice pictures and encouraging quotes. Wall color can have a big impact in a home office.

Pick a color

Pick a color that gets you in the mood to work, be it a bright orange or a relaxing pastel blue. Gray wall paint is a popular interior design trend in both the home office and the rest of the house.


Another important home office is light. You should make sure that your work area is well lit to avoid eye strain, especially when working outside of business hours such as evening or late night. A desk lamp or ceiling pendant will work well in most rooms. If you have a built-in desk, save space by installing lights under cabinets or shelves.

Home office furniture

One of the advantages of a home office is that your work area doesn’t have to look like a sterile cubicle. Choose furniture that suits your taste and, above all, is comfortable and functional.

writing desk

The main piece of furniture for the home office is the desk. If you’re working your home office out of a corner (or even a closet), you can save space by building the desk into the wall. A business that requires paperwork may need a home office desk with lots of storage space, while a web-based business may opt for a more minimalist design.


You will be spending a lot of time in your office chair, so choosing one that is comfortable is important. You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional office chairs either. As long as they offer enough support, a side chair or armchair are stylish alternatives to the traditional adjustable office chair. The last essential office design (besides a computer) is storage.


Keeping reference materials and files in bookcases and filing cabinets will save you time in the long run. And don’t forget to invest in solutions to keep electronics under control, such as built-in power strips or cable organizers.

Multipurpose home offices

Not every house has the space for a special home office. If you are confining yourself to a corner of the living room or kitchen for a small home office, it is important to create a space that is only suitable for work. A screen or sliding door can hide your desk when you’re not on the clock. Another small office idea is a closet that can function as a stand-alone work area.

A home office may also have to serve a dual purpose. Add a day bed or install a wall bed to create a space that can serve as a guest room.

Design your home office with Decor Aid

Decor Aid’s talented team of interior designers are office professionals. (To see evidence, tour their own fancy office space.) The company’s interior designers have years of training and experience and can help with projects of any size, whether you have a space for starting your business or a small space for Pay bills and need letters. E. Mail. Let Decor Aid interior designers bring you the best ideas for the home office and handle everything from buying furniture to testing color samples to designing a custom built-in warehouse. With the help of Decor Aid, your home office becomes a functional space that reflects your style and makes working a pleasure.

Office inspiration board

Contemporary home office with inspiration board

A large pin board gives this chic home office personality. Via designmeetstyle.com

Male gray office walls

Gray male head office

Dining room office desk

Traditional black and white home office

Regal Small office space

Small home office design

Custom Office Storage

Small home office with custom cabinets

Rustic modern home office

Rustic modern home office