Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

You are probably aware that you can practice your decorations and talents in more than just your bedroom and living room. The bathroom is where you are rejuvenated after a long tiring day, therefore must be elegant and modern. One way to get your bathroom in class is by decorating your vanities. Bathroom cabinets are a crucial point of contact for many modern bathrooms. There are plenty of cabinet ideas to implement for your vanities, from the antique designs to the rustic designs, just the way you want. Here are some highlights on ideas for decorating your bathroom compartments.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are very practical, especially for medium to small bathrooms. Mirrors reflect light which gives your space an illusion of being roomy. You can choose to decorate your vanity with side mirrors. If your vanity areas are not large enough, you can choose to mount your mirrors on walls next to your vanities.

Change of handle and knobs

You can have your vanity door handle replaced to something charming and elegant. A good choice of type of handle is gold colored handles. This color matches well with a white bathroom theme. You can also choose silver-coated handles and knobs instead of gold.

Use antiques

If you have a traditional bathroom theme you can place some of your favorite antiques on the wall just above your vanity tops. The antique designs should match your overall bathroom theme for a perfect blend.

accent lighting

Using accent lighting on your vanity tops to mark your perfumes is also an excellent idea. A better light source is the LED lights because they provide quiet and strong light with minimal heat emission.