Wednesday , 13 September 2023
Home Improvement Ideas

Home Improvement Ideas

Whether it’s New Year or New Season, there are plenty of inspiring home improvement ideas out there that will help you get the most out of your space without spending a small fortune.

To prepare you for the year ahead, we asked Décor Aid’s interior designers to share their views on best practices and routes to make your everyday life worthwhile.

Go for an energy refreshment

Update room home improvement ideas

Anytime you want to start with a decor update, our interior designers recommend doing an overview of what you think works and what doesn’t, from room to room, while keeping the spirit of each area in mind.

Use these pointers to edit, eliminate, and bring in what is really needed to revive the energy of each room for a more positive charge as you think about your home and how it makes you feel.

Update hardware

Reshaping kitchen accessories ideas

Affordable and easy enough for almost everyone to update drawer and cabinet handles for those that are more contemporary yet timeless.

By updating the hardware, you can give older devices a second life while making them up-to-date and all the more attractive.

Rethink tabletop and shelf decor

Table and shelf ideas for do-it-yourselfers

One of the best free and fun styling tricks at home is restoring the placement of table and shelf decor.

That way you feel fresh and can highlight accessories, books and artwork that have been seen less before.

Rethink your daily routine

Cleaning tips for DIY ideas

Whether you are a morning person or not, think about your daily routine and how you can improve it for the benefit of your home.

From preparing your bed every day to tidying it up, adding just about 10 minutes to your home every day can dramatically cut cleaning and maintenance time in the long run. And you make sure you step into a clean and calming home every time you return.

Toggle things

Furniture placement ideas for home improvement

If you’ve looked at the same layouts and furniture placements year after year, why not consider restarting in style to make everything feel new?

Scan your home and think about what could work better elsewhere in a different area for a quick room freshener that will also revitalize the look of your home. Plus, you’re sure to come across a few: “Why haven’t I thought about it before?” Moments that motivate you to follow suit every few seasons.

Think about what to throw and what to update

DIY ideas

Take a short walk around your home and see what you and don’t do from room to room to relax and make more space for what matters.

From tired linens to outdated technology to expired toiletries and books that you no longer need, you’ll be amazed at how many superfluous items you come across that you just can’t hold on to.

Bring more storage space

Small bedroom storage ideas

As furniture designers come up with ingenious solutions for concealed storage year after year, we encourage you to explore new options that will hardly affect your current decor.

If you have valuable pieces and things that you just can’t let go of for one reason or another, why not save them as best you can?

Go modular

Children's room shelves home improvement ideas

If you’re looking for extra space to display collectibles, artwork, and books, but you’re limited on space, consider room-to-room areas where you can inexpensively install modular shelving to free up floor space and keep everything up to organize.

From kids rooms to extra kitchen shelves, few can make the difference here and there when it comes to maintaining a clean, organized home.

Clean or replace the pillow

new pillow home improvement ideas

Often neglected, if you don’t clean your pillows regularly, our interior designers recommend replacing them at least once a year.

Although pillows can last up to three years if properly cared for, they’re magnets for dust mites and allergens. But when you’ve routinely cleaned them up, fold them in half to see if it’s time for a replacement, as if they aren’t rebounding. They will no longer be of any use to your back.

Bring in plants

Interior design wellness plants

Regardless of whether you have a green thumb or not, plants not only bring a room to life, but they can also serve as beautiful air purifiers.

It’s easy to get hold of and affordable. There are many plants to discover that are a lot easier to care for than you think. Also, thanks to your efforts, you are sure to enjoy seeing something that changes organically.

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