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Shower Ideas

Shower Ideas

breathtaking shower ideas

When considering a bathroom remodel, it is important that you research the best shower ideas that will benefit you and your space with practicality, comfort, and great style. And when it comes to space-saving options, a walk-in shower is a great option. The absence of obstacles ensures a seamless transition from your shower area to the rest of your bathroom, while remaining airy, unlike an enclosed shower stall.

Also, a walk-in shower is safer and especially recommended for those who have young children as well as the elderly at home. To help you decide which shower ideas are best for you, we reached out to Décor Aid’s home renovation experts to share clever shower ideas for your home.

Niches and eaves

Niche shower ideas

If you have a small bathroom, there’s a good chance your shower has some awkward dimensions and layouts. But you shouldn’t consider these unwanted eaves and niches a problem.

Instead, our designers suggest using them to your advantage. For example, one of the most effective ideas for small showers is to build your walk-in shower in a niche.

Blue gray

gray shower ideas

When it comes to a modern shower, blue and gray are timeless color options. The best way to incorporate these bathroom shower ideas is to combine them with simple white bathroom fixtures.

You can have a white vanity, sink, and toilet. Or paint the ceiling white. The shade of white will help lighten the look of a modern blue-gray shower.

Blue-green shower tiles

Shower ideas

Create a subtle geometric effect in your shower by adding gorgeous teal ceramic tiles on the walls. This modern shower design gives your entire bathroom an elegant and fresh look. You can also opt for jade green tiles with light blue tiles.

Built-in memory

Storage shower ideas

Vanity units and furniture can sometimes unintentionally clutter your bathroom. So look for a good storage alternative such as built-in storage units or shelves.

This look is applicable if you have a small space in your bathroom and are looking for smart and effective ideas for small showers. In addition to a built-in shelf, you can also add a tiled bench for storage that shouldn’t take up much space.

Gray brick walls

gray brick shower ideas

Installing gorgeous gray brick walls in your shower is a great way to create a mix of rustic and modern style in your bathroom. This shower design is also a great idea if you want to add a touch of retro or industrial look to your shower.

Compact corner showers

compact shower ideas

When it comes to small shower ideas, a compact corner shower is a great way to save space. Corner showers are compact and practical and offer plenty of space for more fittings and furniture in your bathroom.

Metal frame

Shower ideas with a metal frame

One of the most unique bathroom shower ideas is celebrating the addition of a metal frame. This is actually an economical alternative to the usual shower door.

It’s also perfect for creating a chic and state-of-the-art shower in your bathroom. For this unique shower design, consider a bare concrete floor.

Compact washbasins

Vanity ideas

Using built-in storage solutions and compact vanities are some of the most effective shower ideas for small bathrooms.

They’re space-saving and won’t dwarf the rest of the areas in the room. Just make sure the furniture is positioned so that it doesn’t steal the spotlight from your gorgeous walk-in shower.

Creative tile patterns

Ideas for tiled showers

Getting creative with your tile patterns is another way to make your walk-in shower unique to you. It’s also a great way to get the eye to create more visual space. This idea can also apply to small showers in small spaces.

For example, you can lay the tiles in a vertical brick or block pattern on the shower wall to lengthen the space and make the room seem bigger than it really is.

Elegant shower trays

contemporary shower ideas

A shower tray may just be an accessory for your walk-in shower, but it can also change or change the overall look of your bathroom. Indeed, investing in a sleek shower tray is an effective way to create a luxurious modern shower design.

Avoid large square trays and choose smaller and longer trays to save space.

Glass shower doors

Glass stall doors shower ideas

Natural light can instantly make a small shower room appear more spacious. When it comes to small shower ideas, installing glass doors is a great way to provide a see-through barrier in the bathroom that allows the natural flow of light where it’s needed most.

Marble shower

Marble shower ideas

Marble is the top choice for homeowners looking for a property that promotes modern shower design. Instead of the usual light marble, make your bathroom unique by opting for a black natural stone marble for your shower screen.

Minimal use of color

minimal shower ideas

Clean and simple interiors are best for small shower ideas. Minimal use of paint can make your bathroom look more spacious.

White rooms, for example, can make a bathroom appear light and airy and at the same time offer numerous possibilities to furnish them with different colors and textures.

Shiplap shower tiles

Shiplap shower ideas

Shiplap shower tiles are one of the most popular shower design ideas. You can also make your bathroom stand out by opting for a Corian sheet that is similar to Shiplap.

Perfect for a beach inspired theme, these bathroom shower ideas add a modern touch to any bathroom by laying gray hexagonal tiles on the floor.

Open & Airy

open shower ideas

A modern shower design should be light, open and airy. This is also one of those bathroom shower ideas that you can follow if you are limited in space in your bathroom. The idea here is to let in lots of natural light.

In addition to installing large windows, keep the room clear of furniture and furnishings.

Walled shower partition

Design ideas for walled showers

If you have a small bathroom, you can benefit from using partitions that help keep water from splashing into areas and crevices. This shower design also gives you the privacy you need while keeping your bathroom space open and bright.

Instruction tiles

Statement tile shower ideas

Statement tiles are suitable for any type of bathroom. In fact, these tiles can make even the smallest bathroom stand out. The key is to use tiles sparingly and to coordinate bold patterns and colors.

When done well, statement tiles can work wonders by drawing attention to key areas of the shower room.

Small stones

Penny tile shower cubicle ideas

A clever way to create a warm and cozy feeling in your shower area is to put small penny tiles on the walls. You can also use natural stone, although it’s best to glue with stone tile or slab and choose non-slip tiles for shower floors.

The only catch is that the stones need to be sealed regularly and they can sometimes be difficult to clean, especially if they are heavily textured.

Taupe tile

beige shower ideas

A modern shower design looks great in soothing, lighter shades like a taupe subway tile. While you can use several other bright colors, taupe is one shade that is generally attractive in resale value when you are considering a modern shower.

Thanks to its neutral lightness, bathroom fittings made of wood and marble can be well coordinated.

Dig the tub

tubeless shower ideas

For small shower ideas, removing the tub may be the best approach. Not only do you save valuable space, but you also have more space to play when it comes to equipping your walk-in bathroom shower.

Extending the shower area to the entire back wall of your bathroom will make the shower experience bigger than usual without taking up too much space in your bathroom.

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