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Small Space Decoration

Small Space Decoration

small bedroom

As a company based in New York City, we often face the challenge of designing for small spaces. If you have a corner or nook or an inexplicable appendix in the layout of your home, you may be wondering how to get the most of it. But no fear. Follow our guide to get the most out of the small spaces in your home.

Light walls

white tile kitchen backsplash

If your small space isn’t getting a lot of natural light, creating a dark and cavernous space can be easy. The kitchen in this New York apartment was facing exactly that problem. To counteract the lack of natural light, we painted the walls white, procured a white backsplash with tiles and installed high-gloss cabinets. With a few lights under the counter, this room felt from underground to light and airy.

Low profile furniture

how to decorate a hallway

One of the basic rules of design is to get furniture that is right for your space. So if you’re trying to decorate a tight space or compact corner, go for sleek, flat furniture. In the hallway of this family home on the Upper West Side, we’ve sourced flat consoles and stools to keep the area from feeling cramped or crowded.


Lucite bedside tables

When decorating a room with limited space, try to make it as symmetrical as possible. A symmetrical design makes the eye read a room as wider and more spacious than it actually is. In this Upper East Side apartment remodel, we selected matching bedside tables with lucite tops to make this master bedroom feel more expansive.

Turn your small room into a home office

Home office small room

If you have a strange corner in your home, you can turn this room into a home office with a few simple steps. It’s a great way to get your small spaces to work a little harder for you. In this luxury San Francisco apartment, we installed a small shelf and pulled up a chair to create a sleek, space-saving home office.

mirror Mirror on the wall

Bedroom mirror

If you are just about to decorate a small room, you may find it difficult to get wall art. Too little jewelry and your space will look bare; too much, and the space can feel tight. To get the best of both worlds, consider hanging a mirror on the wall. In this Pied-a-Terre we placed a mirror with a chrome frame over the bed so that the walls don’t feel bare and the room feels spacious.

Storage solutions

under the bed storage

One of the easiest ways for your small space to feel bigger is by eliminating interference. And if you don’t want to throw away all of your tangible possessions, look for space-saving solutions. When decorating a small space, consider sourcing furniture that can serve as storage solutions. In this bright, spacious studio for a young professional, we procured a bed frame with storage space under the bed and selected stools that also serve as storage compartments.